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Best Killer Award
Topic Started: Jul 9 2011, 03:04 AM (3,431 Views)
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the award takes OOC judging & tries to translate it into something IC. that's just objectively a bad way of handling it
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I don't like the idea of giving out an award for best killer. At all.

No offense but I think it would reward people for the wrong sorts of activities. If this were the case, then I can just see more eccentric kills during the game. Obtuse, exaggerated, and melodramatic. And frankly while I like many of the killers in v4, the last thing we need is for there to be more exaggerated kills. I'm not saying that they'd be on the same level as V3's kills were, but I can see people trying to make unique strides just to catch people's attention. Not to say that deaths are sometimes melodramatic but there's a huge difference between the two.

Deaths are supposed to be dramatic. Let's put it like this. A death supposed to close up a specific character's 'movie'. It gives the victim a last hurrah, and are supposed to give this character an ending. They're supposed to be emotional, and lots of good death leaves the dramatics until the very last second. Kills on the other hand are about allowing a character to change. They can be emotional, but we aren't really thinking about the emotions the killer is going through. All most people are going to see is who dies and who kills them and how. Kills are, most of the time, about expanding a character's plot, not ending it. And you can't give a movie a prize until you see the whole thing - well, you COULD. But then if you took my analogy seriously you would think The Village is a great movie.

In short, I think the Best Killer Award would just lessen the quality of writing on the boards and awards people who get kills and punishes most people who have nonviolent characters. Plus, it would mean that the killer characters would have to do their best to wow the audience and I think it would lessen the impact of the deaths. In fact, I would be afraid that the quality of the killers would actual affect the BDAs themselves, so a truly great death could be overshadowed by a really great kill. You might think we might be able to separate the two, but I'm not too sure. 'Sides, I always liked the BDA's because it gives characters that might not be able to cat. I mean, I didn't really pay attention to Tagabasa's Simon or Helen's Helen until they won the BDAs. The Best Killer award would just overshadow that by putting more focus on the killers who have enough attention as it is. Like I said, I like our group of players this round but... even so. We don't need a Best Killer Award. Just my two cents here.

And the idea of another hero/null/swap is just annoying, needlessly so. It just screws with the rolls. Nulls would just lengthen the game for another day at the least. And if we did hero cards, well, it'd be a mess. Remember how we were all hero crazy before, on day 1 and day 2 where we were just throwing them away? History might not repeat itself here. If that's the case, then two things could eventually happen - either people might waste their cards, getting rid of one of their smaller characters and decreasing their chances in winning, or they won't be used at all. I don't like any of these possibilities. The swap card makes a bit of sense in theory but in context it just wouldn't pan out. If we were to be throwing out swap cards then it would encourage making fodder characters, and I liked the fact that in V4 there weren't so many of those. (I am the king of the fodder too so you should know.)

I actually had an idea for a null hero card, where you can only use it on someone else, but I can't really see that catching on. At the end of the day, there's a point why only one card is given out a month.

I think we should just leave everything the way it is. The anonymous voting will no doubt have an effect on who votes for who so there's less of a huge ooc factor. It'll still be based on ooc reasons but less so. I can agree with James, but to be honest I see no reason to get rid of it even if we have to squeeze out IC reasons for ooc decisions.

You can see that I drank coffee because I'm writing ALOT here oh jesus.

TLDR; I like the ideas presented but we shouldn't change things.
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Since we're discussing what awards should/shouldn't encourage, one thing which I think I would like to see encouraged is unrolled kills/deaths. As it stands, there's no incentive beyond narrative to have an unrolled death, no matter how appropriate the death/kill might be. A case in point is when I was getting out of v4, I was told in essence that it would be bad form not to use my Hero card in some form.

Over in TV, I've been building toward a character death for a while, and that build will continue...but in essence, I'm waiting for a cue to use that card with Sean. Honestly, I think there needs to be an incentive for more deaths (particularly early on) that aren't strictly roll-induced and for folks to spend some time setting deaths up (one thing I have noticed is that many deaths end up rushed because of the deadlines, etc.).
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I believe that the discussion was more along the lines of 'You may as well' use the hero card if you're going to kill a character off anyway and you don't have other plans for your card. I see no need for an incentive. If you kill your character off without being rolled then you're eligible for BDA, same as everyone else. We can't exactly go 'We're giving Jason an extra card because he killed off his character at a really appropriate juncture!'
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I guess if you kill your character off without being rolled then you might have a slightly higher chance of winning BDA anyway if you've had more time to prepare and whatnot.

As for BKA, I just don't really get what all the fuss is about. I treat it as an OOC award, and as Aaron said it's then up to the staff to come up with an IC reason why that got picked. I'm pretty sure that you can come up with any excuse for unlikely deaths winning, from cheating in the ballot, to everyone being all over emotional that day because the HQ hamster died, or whatever.
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HQ... Hamster.

Ha, I think you just made this thread worthwhile for me again, Fairy.
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I think unrolled deaths, if pulled off well, are their own reward. Some of the better V4 deaths have been unrolled. Really, the question is, what is your goal? If it's to win, no, unrolled deaths get you nothing. If it's to have the best possible story for your characters, then they can speak for themselves.
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