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Hatful of Hollow; [Day 10] Closed
Topic Started: Jun 20 2011, 02:56 PM (1,462 Views)
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((Ma'afu Tuigamala continues from Never Take Friendship Personal))

He couldn't believe it.

For not the first time in his life, he couldn't even grasp a word in his mouth.

The announcements seemed so long ago, but the message still rang clear. He'd killed someone, killed Nick Reid. The same boy who he clashed with in the caves all those days ago. In a gap of memory so terrible that it had to be cut away like a browning piece of fruit skin from a perfect apple, he'd taken someone's life. And the announcements didn't stop there. To think that they would just stop there would be laughable and childish. It got worse, and it got to that point where he wasn't even sure if he still had the right to keep on walking around in adequate safety like this.

Jennifer was wrapped up in a long list of names the newest Danya or whoever had taken over his job now had read out in utter boredom. She was last, dead last. Disgustingly fitting how close that adjective was to the reality of what had hit him now.

He'd failed. Maf had never seen Jennifer, and now she got tangled in something he couldn't save her from. She was dead. It was the worst day in existence. Worse than hearing the death cries of his teammates, and his friends, mocked across the island by a fat man in a suit on a stretch of land so far away and detached. The girl he...the girl he knew he was in love with was gone, and he was left to grieve.

Some would call it silly how he realised how much he missed her after she was gone out of his reach. It was all just a high-school thing, it was all it was supposed to be. They'd have something, even if it was such a friendly thing that he could never see the feelings that they really shared, they'd enjoy what they had until graduation, and then they'd go their separate ways in life. That was all.

But after looking for her for so long, they evolved. A longing, he knew that if this was the last day they could ever spend together, he'd have to make it last, he'd have to do something to protect her, help her, anything.

And now there was nothing. Jennifer was gone, and he was left behind.

His mind wasn't sure how to react. He'd only stopped to refill a water bottle from the stream when they came on, after leaving behind his friends much longer ago. Maf had stopped. The bottle fell from his grasp when he heard his own name among the killers, tumbling down the stream almost comically, and his feet stumbled up the ledge behind him, backing away from an invisible assassin who weaved his name into the killers to besmirch him and commit the grandest act of treachery to his name.

Maf had slowly started to walk backwards, as though an entire squadron of his friends were standing knee-deep in the stream staring mouths agap at his name, and he could do nothing but back up against the tree closest and grasp it reflexively with his fingers, digging into the rotting bark and feeling a small colony of displaced ants hurry away in panic across the back of his hands.

But then the announcements ended with that name, and...

It had been hours ago now, it was dark. His body had slid down to the ground somewhere in that timeframe, and rooted there like the tree behind him, as the words were still floating around in his head.

He never even felt the small girl stumble into him as she blindly stumbled around following her map. He could hear a voice, an exclamation, but there was nothing to get him to get up.

God and all his angels couldn't unroot him from the ground.
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I can't sing but I wrote you a song

Wrong notes but the melody's so clear

When I'm lost, I'm still close to gold

cause I found my treasure in you
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Maf never even noticed it.

His mind was running, sure, but there was no oomph behind it, no push. It was running free, watching the world, and not even telling him what it all meant. Not telling him to get up, not telling him he should be regretting something, not telling him to get back to those friends he abandoned. It had been so long ago he heard two names spread across the island that he wasn't even sure he wanted to know what anything meant again.

He could see the stream flowing freely, snaking through the earth. He could see a some small furred animal peek out from the depths of an open knot in a skyward reaching tree, possibly watching the boy who'd been motionless for a rather long once more. Had he seen it before?

That's all he had now, his memories.

But he really should have noticed that something was wrong. The little critter seemed to think so and shrank back into the dark. It saw something.

Not a someone, it didn't say that to him. He knew the stage had changed, but it didn't really tell him that there was an element of danger right next to him. All that occurred to Maf was that there was...danger? But his body wasn't in pain, at least nothing that passed his surprisingly high tolerance for pain, or even matched the wound in his side from his fight with Nick back-

His fight with Nick?



Nick closed the space quicker than Maf could comprehend, and quicker than he could think.

But basic instinct took over him.

This was it.

He was going to die here.

Which was why it didn't fly through his head when the basic instinct of the human body took over. Maf's left hand left the wound, and clenched at the sword as Nick got ever so close again. The dagger was almost close enough to pick at his teeth, and Maf swung the sword in front of him. Instinct.

There was an almighty tear. A knife through a raw steak.

And Maf's hands felt warm.

His head was averted from the sword's impact, whatever it impacted. His breath was heavy, those chestnut eyes had a gaze enwrapped by his arm and the grass behind it. There was nothing to the left, nothing to see to the left, he shouldn't see what happened to the left-

But rather than listen, he turned.


So that was how it happened. They were all there, there on the mountaintop, and Nick wanted him dead. Jennifer wanted it to stop, Maf wanted Nick to stop, but he just wouldn't let up. Maf did everything he could to defend himself, but Jennifer thought he was responsible. If he could have told her he wasn't trying to do what he did, he would have. If he could turn back time and beg her to understand what he was doing, and he wasn't responsible. But she'd never listen.

He'd reached that point where he wasn't even sure if it was him controlling his actions anymore.

So he'd found out what happened.

What now?

Jenn was still gone, his name was mud, worse than mud, and he knew that anyone who wanted an excuse to kill now had him down as a potential.

What on earth was there to go on for? Even if he did make it back, there was no way to get back into society after everything he'd done, everything he'd seen. Even if he spent thousands on therapy to get him through the absolute horror and the memories he'd retain, what about actually facing the family of the one he'd killed? What about the guilt? He'd just told himself he didn't have to do it, so there was no way of getting rid of that, so the question remained whether or not he really even deserved to leave.

Did he want to leave?

Of course.

Was he going to have to go through her?


He turned his head, only slightly, to see who or what was here.

There was definitely someone here, a girl. He didn't know who she was, at least from the first glance, but all he knew was that-

-before he knew it, a hole almost the size of a threepenny ripped through the bridge of his nose and painted the brown bark red and grey.

B108 - Ma'afu Tuigamala: DECEASED


His eyes opened once more...did that implied they were closed once?

It was still night. But the trees were gone, as were any signs of nature. The sky was bright, even though it still seemed like a late hour, but it wasn't from the stars or the moon. No, it seemed like it was from...


This was Saint Paul.


And the smell of Han's Kitchen still fell through the air.

The night came back to Maf just now, he remembered it so clearly. This was almost exactly 25 minutes after prom, Maf's car weaved in between houses and commercial businesses to an old favourite restaurant, the best that served take-away he knew. The owners were nice people, their son was in Maf's grade.

They ordered, he sat with Jennifer and chat as they listened to the pans sizzle, the cooks shout orders in a foreign language and the owners always loaning the best of smiles. They talked about everything they could think of, everything they didn't know about each other. It was a wonderful 15-minute wait. Once their meals were ready for pick-up, they paid, left, then sat in the car for almost another half-hour, still talking. He'd had to leave the window open a crack so their senses weren't engulfed by the Beef Chow Mein.

There was it, standing there almost omnisciently as he watched through the rear window. He remembered this moment. There was a silence in the chatter. It was so brief, some would say it never happened, hell he barely remembered it himself.

He never even got to kiss Jennifer, in all that time together. There was this driving urge to do so, he had that little window of opportunity when the silence hit. But his lips were only met to a small serving of noodles and beef with a little plastic fork.

If there was one moment he regret tonight, it was not kissing Jennifer right then.

He never knew the window of opportunity was bolted shut forever.

The meal finished, the car chugged to a start, and pulled away from the curb. It was pretty late now, and time to turn in. Jason would grill him for everything that happened after prom, and he'd have to tell him in between yokes and jokes.

At least that's how he remembered it.

He stood outside Han's Kitchen, watching the car shrug along down the street.

It turned the corner, and disappeared.

And with that, every light on the street shut down, plunging the world into darkness.
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I can't sing but I wrote you a song

Wrong notes but the melody's so clear

When I'm lost, I'm still close to gold

cause I found my treasure in you
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