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Topic Started: Jun 12 2011, 11:30 PM (1,833 Views)
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(Celeste Beaumont continued from Lonely American Nights.)

If Celeste had looked ugly back in the swamp a few hours ago, she looked hideous now.

Mud and all sorts of gunk stuck to her body, making her once bright-red shirt a disgusting brown, and her pants and shoes were the same way. Her face was smeared with black-brown mud as well, from when she'd tried to wipe it off her face or dry her tears. Still more cakes her hair, there were a few stray bits of plantlife that had fallen from its original place and settled in her hair and gotten stuck by the mud, a few broken twigs in it...And on top of it all, Celeste was tired. So tired that her posture was terrible--she slouched, shuffled along, panted heavily...

Fuck, I knew I should have worked out more when I had the chance... she thought bitterly. Sex doesn't count!

More than once on their way out of the swamp and towards the sea, the tiny girl found herself wondering if she'd be mistaken for a swamp thing and shot. A tiny part of her actually hoped for it. Another part of her laughed at that part, said it was silly.

Curses never died of gunshot-wounds--it always took ages and ages of ritualistic cleansing and the like.

She turned her tired, bloodshot eyes towards Morgan, eyeing the dead body he carried. The guy had kept talking to it, sounding almost affectionate to Celeste's ears. Maybe the dead girl really was a good luck charm, he was speaking so kindly to it after all. "Where are we going?" she asked him, but her voice was so hoarse, throat so dry that there was no way he could have heard her. She briefly thought back to her water, remembering her adventure in the tunnels, with Pandora.

God that felt like forever ago.

Everything felt like forever ago.

Her partner suddenly stopped, and Celeste nearly bumped into him, falling once again to her knees. Damn it, she thought dully. At least it wasn't muddy and sticky. "Why'd we stop?" she rasped.


"What?" Celeste moved around Morgan, looking past him. A boat. So his plan was to row them away? Excellent, why not leave right now? Then her eyes found the hole...they'd be killed if they tried.

Drowning was a terrible way to go.

Celeste's own blood ran cold as she stared. She'd done it again...without even meaning to, she'd done it. First was John--he was her boyfriend back home (Liar, a tiny voice whispered. She brushed it off), they'd slept together, and then he died on the island. There was her first companion, Kayla...she abandoned her and was probably dead. Pandora was dark already--she was safe. Tim had accepted her and was killed right after...

And now Morgan was accompaning her, and while he hadn't died, the boat he was planning to use was...un-usable.

"I did it again..." Celeste repeated, giggling slightly as her hands went to her head. "F-Fuck, I did it again, ho--how'dya like that?!" Dazedly grinning, she looked at Morgan. "N-N-Now...now what?!" she shrieked.
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Celeste hadn't moved, just staring him down. She was breathing heavier than normal, but that was to be expected, given the current situation. But aside from that, she showed no reaction to having a gun pointed at her. You can't kill me she wanted to say, but the words didn't come out, You can't kill curses with guns. It doesn't work that way. You have to do more than that. No matter how many bullets you fire into me, I'm not gonna die. And then you'll be es-oh-ell, because you wasted all your bullets on Cursed Superman or whatever.

She wanted to say all that, but she didn't. Celeste just stared straight ahead as Morgan walked past her, shouting at someone else--new arrival. Shit. She'd curse them too now!

Celeste only turned around when she heard gunfire. Who was being shot, her, the new person, or Morgan?


I can't do anything... Celeste thought, looking away again and covering her eyes. If I come near you, I'll make it worse! The bullets will....will, I dunno--fucking explode and then you'll die even more painfully! I'm sorry, I can't come near, I can't, I can't I can't--

"Burn the boat!"

"What...?" Celeste mumbled, turning around again, swallowing back tears. Morgan just lay there, adding a "please," and Celeste...just sat there. Stared. She wanted to. She wanted to do what he said, but...Will it be okay? Is it okay for me to touch the boat too?

".....kay..." she whispered, nodding.

And that was it for Morgan. She didn't hear him breathing anymore.

Celeste didn't move for a long time, staring at Morgan's corpse without really seeing it. At least he'd lasted longer than the other guy...Small comfort as it was. She looked up at the new person--a girl--and scooted away a bit. "You should stay away from me," she said flatly. "I killed him."

You'd only be next.

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At Josie's comment, Celeste just nodded, smiling a little bit in relief. So the other girl wasn't going to try and convince her otherwise and she wasn't even going to stick around.

Thank God. She wouldn't bring more misfortune to another person.

"Yeah...yeah you can do that..." she whispered, still not looking at Josie.

Her eyes remained on Morgan's body. She briefly wondered if she was supposed to burn him too, as well as the boat. Maybe he had intended to have a Viking funeral and that was why he wanted it burned. Her mind still wandering elsewhere, anywhere but her own cursed-nature, Celeste asked herself if she could even lift him. A dead person was supposed to heavier, weren't they? Like a sleeping person...

Shaking her head a little to bring herself back to the current situation, Celeste rose to her feet, shuffling forward and bending down to grab Morgan under the arms. She grit her teeth, strained...and nothing. The tiny girl fell back down, cursing softly. Fuck...

Hey...why was she so calm now anyway?

"Wait," she called out, finally looking up at the only other living person there. "Before you go...do you at least have matches on you? I was never a Girl Scout, I don't know how to make fire with two sticks or anything." She paused, wondering if it was safe for Josie to be near just enough to move Morgan's body. No, probably not. After all, look at what happened with Tim. Celeste would have to either just pull a muscle moving his corpse...

...or just leave him there. Maybe burn the body where it lay.

"I won't ask you for anything else but matches. Or a lighter...just throw something over and it will be safe, just give me something."
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