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Topic Started: Jun 11 2011, 07:15 PM (3,747 Views)
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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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(GM permitted by Renard.)

Kitty blanked out. She could clearly remember the sharp pain in the back of the head. Everything after that was hard to piece together.

When she came to she was trapped.

Kitty froze. Complete darkness. Small walls.

She pressed her shoulders against the walls and made a loud moan.

"Wh-Where the fuck..."

She heaved. She clawed at the walls.

Oh god. Oh god oh god where was she?

The darkness was choking her. She kept clawing at the walls.

And there, in the darkness, alone and defenseless, Kitty started to sob. Her tears rolled back into her mouth, tasted of metal.

She was so confused. Where was she? Was that the darkness pressing against her shoulder? Was she going to die?

Oh no, she wasn't supposed to die here, she was supposed to live! She was supposed to go home!

Wait. There was a sudden voice. She could hear what it was saying, but she knew it was someone. Kitty gasped. The walls were closing in on her. Was this the guy who put her in here? She didn't know.

She didn't know.

But she had to try.

"Please! Someone! Help!"

Kitty screamed at the top of her lungs, clawing at the door with all of her strength.

"For the love of god, someone, help! I don't wanna die!"

Tears flowed from her eyes, she coughed loudly.

"Please for the love of christ! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I-I'll do whatever you want. I-I'll give you everything that I have! I just don't wanna die!"

She hit the wall with her head, sobbing into the sleeve of her shirt.

"I wanna live, I just wanna live, I don't wanna die don't wanna- "

The door opened quickly, and Kitty turned to face the opening

The monster that stood in front of her loomed in the darkness. It's red eyes burrowed it's way into her chest. Teeth stained with blood. Panting. Hungry.

Kitty found herself completely out of breath.

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Garry could hear the noises coming from inside the fridge. The girl he'd shoved inside sounded like she was panicking and desperate to get out, and a few times she did manage to pry the door open a fraction of an inch, only for him to lean back and slam it shut again. 'How pathetic,' Garry heatedly thought. 'It's perfectly fine for her to back this wolf into a corner, but when I do it to her, she breaks down straight away. Pah, she can dish it out but she can't take it herself.'

She was begging now, muffled apologies and bargaining reaching his ears. If anything, that only served to piss Garry off anymore. He quickly stood up and forcefully yanked the fridge door open, dragging the wretched girl out onto the ground in front of him. She was crying, her shoulders bucking up and down as she sobbed heavily. For roughly half a second, Garry genuinely felt sorry for her.

Then he remembered that just some minutes earlier, this girl had tried to kill him.

She'd opened fire on him without provocation, chased him into the building with murder on her agenda. Not to mention she'd already blown Sunil up on the dock. One innocent life brutally wiped out by the bitch currently bawling at his feet. All traces of sympathy instantly vanished from his mind. She didn't deserve it, she didn't even deserve to be crying.

"You're sorry...?" he hissed, and then erupted into a mighty rage once more. "YOU'RE SORRY?!" he snarled, tightly gripping the wooden stake in his hand, feeling the splinters painfully dig into his palms and fingers. But he ignored it. "SORRY ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH! SORRY ISN'T GOING TO MAKE UP FOR YOU TRYING TO KILL ME! SORRY ISN'T GOING TO BRING SUNIL BACK AFTER WHAT YOU DID TO HIM!"

In the suffocating darkness, Garry couldn't see the girl's face clearly, all he could see was a faint outline of her features. In his mind thought, the girl was Clio. He could see her along with the aftermath of her rampage at the cliffs, like he was standing there once more. Luke lying dead with his brain splattered over the grass, Clio sitting there with the twisted evil grin on her face.

"You don't want to die?!" he continued, baring his teeth. "Sunil didn't want to die, but YOU STILL. FUCKING. KILLED HIM!"

He remembered how he felt back of the cliffs, the immense rage at the senseless murder, and that he'd very nearly killed Clio. He let her go, only for her to get the upper hand and brush him off like he was a mere cub. He wasn't going to make the same mistake this time, oh no. He was going to finish it. Right here. Right now.

"YOU DON'T GET A CHOICE ANYMORE, NOT AFTER WHAT YOU DID!" Garry screamed at her, his voice becoming hoarse from the shouting. His fingers squeezed the wooden stake and he raised it up. This was it. No turning back. 'End it, NOW!'

He dropped down onto his knees and hammered the stake down on Kitty's body.


It pierced the girl's clothing and skin easier that he'd imagined, considering his weapon was really only a broken piece of wood. An extremely sharp piece of wood, mind you. He'd stabbed her just above her right breast and brought the stake back out, the tip smeared with and dripping her blood. Her crying had transformed into shrill screams of agony, so loud they were almost deafening. He ignored it.


He plunged it down again, missing Kitty's chest entirely due to her vigorous squirming, but he still stabbed her between her collarbones, puncturing her trachea. At once he could hear a sickening gurgling as the girl struggled to breathe, blood spraying into Garry's face from the wound as she breathed out, or attempted to at least. A metallic taste filled his mouth. He ignored it.


He managed to get her chest again the third time, the piece of the wood striking a rib and a large splinter snapping off, lodging itself in the tissue between her bones. He brought the remaining piece out and continued to stab, over and over again, striking Kitty's chest and stomach, as well as her hands and arms when she weakly tried to defend herself. His hands were coated in blood, blood that wasn't his own. Though he ignored it.

Soon enough, the struggling slowed to a stop, the wheezing and bubbling from her windpipe died down with her respiration and heartbeat, as did Garry's attacks. Finished, he panted heavily and hurled the bloody piece of wood away. It clattered against the wall, dropping to floor some meters away from him. Garry himself collapsed backwards, his chest rising and falling rapidly. He sniffled, inhaling the foul stench of fresh bodily fluids. He tried to ignore it.

'Sunil, buddy... I... I got her back...'
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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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The door was open but Kitty was still trapped. The monster snarled at her. She couldn't make out anything it was saying, except for one phrase. One phrase that stabbed her in the heart.

Sunil didn't want to die.

Kitty mentally nodded. Oh, that made lots of sense. The monster was mad over the death of this one person Sunil. Kitty only had two questions.

Who the hell was Sunil?

What the hell did this have to do with her?

Wait. Did he think she killed this person?

Kitty was flattered, really. This boy thought she was scum, real scum. Normally she would have smirked and told him different. This Sunil must have been weak. Must have had a target on their back. Must have been a real idiot, the kind that didn't deserve to live. Like Roland. Like the goth girl with the shovel.

And like Kitty.

Maybe that was why she was so fucked up. She had always blamed her parents for the way she turned out. Now she knew the truth.

She was just fucking stupid, just like Roland, just like the people she killed, just like her mom, just like her dad, just like her teachers, just like her classmates, just like Zach Jamis, everyone in the world was fucking retarded. She had always assumed she was the exception but as it turns out she was just denying the obvious like a fool. She was always a fucking retard, especially now, and she was just fucking fooling herself.

She was just as much of a sacrificed sheep as everyone else on this hell hole.

That's why she was so insulted by the tone this monster was giving her. Under normal circumstances she would break his face open, just as she did with that boy who called her crazy. She wasn't crazy. Everyone else was crazy. Or maybe she was fooling herself again into thinking she really wasn't crazy. Even so, she could let it talk to her like that. She'd kill him -

But she remembered the circumstances it was different. She couldn't push this boy around because he was so close and the plank was stabbing her so roughly. She would have to be polite but stern.

"Dude, I don't know what you're talking about."

"I didn't kill him! You have the wrong person!"

"I'm telling you the truth!"

"I would," fingers crossed behind her back, "never hurt anyone."

Of course she couldn't say that. It was impossible.

The only thing she could manage was a very soft whine.

Other than that, Kitty found it impossible.

No screams, no pleas, no cries for help.

Just one long deep whine in the pit of chest,

a whine of pain, of desperation, of sadness.

How ironic. So many sins committed and the one she was being punished for was the one that she never committed.

She didn't kill him.

She was sure he didn't kill him...

Even though Kitty couldn't remember the names of the people she killed,

she knew she didn't kill his friend.

Just close the curtains Kitty.

Was Sunil the boy she beat to death?

Or was it the girl she shot?

She wanted to find the answer, despite her position.

It wasn't because she was dying for answers.

She had just heard a setup to a joke, and she just wanted to hear the punchline.

This was all a damn joke being played on her.

What a laugh. What a joke. Kitty would be laughing her ass off if she weren't being horribly killed right now.

The numb nonsense started to flow into her body like water flows into a stream.

Fast. Everywhere at once.

She could have fought it. After all it was only nonsense. She could live. She had to live.

She didn't care.

When she collapsed on the floor, she was so sure that the collision broke her nose like a twig.

She didn't care. Couldn't care. Wouldn't care.

Close the curtains Kitty.

You've done all you could.

You tried your hardest to live and you were scared, and that doesn't excuse the atrocities that you committed but at least you could rest knowing you weren't a coward hiding in a hole.

Close the curtains.

Kitty almost smiled. She put her true self on the line in the biggest fixed game ever and she thought she was going to win. Was so certain. How sad.

Kitty's last word were only a mumble,

she could mouth them,

one last tear

down her


"... Katherine, I

I'm sorry..."

And the devil watched closely as the last breath came, an ode to a life well wasted.

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Garry laid on the floor for what seemed like several hours. A sticky warmth penetrated his jeans, Kitty's blood soaking into the black denim. "I did it... Sunil," he mumbled under his breath, addressing his dearly departed friend. It was over, the deed was done. All the rage and anger, the thirst for vengeance, it all evaporated away, leaving him exhausted and panting for breath. "I got her back... I... I..."

It also left him with several completely different emotions swirling through his head, all starting to eat away at him.

'You killed her, Garry...'

Remorse. Regret. Guilt.

'You killed her, she was begging you to stop and you killed her anyway.'

Garry stared blankly at the ceiling as the realization sank in. Just some hours earlier he'd convinced himself that he couldn't bring himself to murder anyone. And now he had. He'd actually, purposefully, killed someone during his fit of rage. It was nothing like when Jake had died. It had been a complete accident, something he didn't intend to happen.

This was no accident.


Garry's eyes darted towards the door at hearing Saul's voice. A dim light shone in through the opening, getting brighter as his friend approached the building. "Garry?! Garry?! Are you okay? I came as soon as I could!" he yelled. "Oh God, please be alive," he added on, speaking quieter to himself, though Garry could still him.

"I... I'm alive," Garry feebly responded, uncaring if Saul could hear him. Sure, he was alive, still breathing and blood pumping through his veins, but right there and then, he wished he was dead. Maybe he deserved it after what he did.

Saul had apparently heard him, and so bounded into the darkened shack, shining his flashlight all around to try and locate his friend. "Oh my god, Garry are yo-" He paused mid-sentence as the beam of light landed on Kitty's body, laying sprawled on the floor in front of the refrigerator. He just froze, his mouth hanging agape in shock at the grisly sight that beheld him.

Garry slowly sat up and saw the damage inflicted on the girl for himself. Her torso was a ragged bloody mess, clothing and skin ripped apart like an animal had savaged her. Her eyes stared lifelessly off to one side, a dark trail trickling down from her mouth. Garry didn't know what was worse, the state of the body or the fact he was the one who'd caused those fatal injuries. He didn't want to look at it any longer.

"Switch it off..." he finally spoke, looking round to Saul, who was still frozen in place like a statue. "I said switch it off!" he repeated, louder. Angrier.

"What the fucking hell happened?!" Saul asked, instead shining the torch on Garry. "Jesus Christ!" he immediately yelped as he saw him clearly in the light, jumping back.

Garry's face and his wolf shirt were both heavily splattered in blood, while his lower right arm and hand were completely coated in the red stuff. It was everywhere. Saul's eyes went back and forth between Garry and Kitty, the boy putting two and two together, one of his worst fears being realized. "N-no... no... y-you couldn't... you didn't!"

But there was no escaping from the truth. His best friend had just murdered someone. It wasn't accidental this time round. Garry was covered in blood and it looked like someone had clawed the girl's chest and stomach open, how the hell could he pass it off as an accident? The simple answer to that was he couldn't.

And so Saul did the only thing he could think of doing; he slowly backed out, turned tail and fled.

"Saul!" Garry yelled, jumping to his feet and running out of the door after him. His muscles ached, but he forced himself forwards, nearly stumbling over the broken wood and sand. "Saul, let me explain!"

"Explain? How the hell can you explain what you did to her?!" Saul angrily replied, stopping in his tracks and facing Garry. "The girl in there, you practically gutted her. You killed her!"

"She was trying to kill me! You heard the gunshots, didn't you?!" He then pointed to what remained of the dock. "She was the one who blew up my friend!"

"So that makes it alright, huh?" Saul asked. "She kills a friend of yours, so you see it fine and dandy to kill her, is that how it is?"

"No... no, I-I don't know what came over me," Garry explained. "She'd killed Sunil, badmouthed him, told me he was in Hell, and that she was going to send me there next." There was a pause, Garry sniffing. "I... I just got so angry with her, angry that she could just take someone's life without any conscience. Angry that she wanted to kill me when I hadn't even done anything to her. I-I... I just lost it."

Saul watched in silence as Garry collapsed to his knees and fell on all fours, visibly shaking. Sand clung to his blood-covered arm.

"Look, Saul, I know I did a terrible thing, a truly horrible thing," he continued, "but... but I didn't have much of a choice. If I left her alone and backed off, she'd still have come after me anyway, and then I'd be the one lying dead in that shack. She'd... she'd have killed me if I didn't do anything."

Saul stood there, thoughts buzzing through his head at a hundred miles an hour. Yes, Garry had committed a murder, and by all rights, he should've just run as far away from him as physically possible. But the person crouched on the floor wasn't a monster. It was Garry, his friend, the werewolf fan who looked like he'd been to Hell and back over the past week. With so many conflicting thoughts and emotions running through his mind, Saul found himself facing a dilemma. 'He killed someone. Do I stay, or do I go? If I stay, I'm practically condoning the girl's murder. But if I go... I'm on my own again and I'm just going to be picked off over the next few days, or... or I'd have to...'

He'd have to kill someone else so he wouldn't die.

The realization was hammered home into his skull. It was the entire objective of this deadly game. Kill or be killed. All the time he'd been trying to avoid any altercations, hoping to ride through the whole thing without having to kill anyone. But now, now he'd seen it for himself, he realized that it was an impossibility. At one point, be it over the next hour, during the next day or right at the very end, he'd have to kill at least one person.

'Murder is wrong, though. Killing is wrong, it's what we've always been taught. How could I justify taking another person's life? If someone was threatening mine...?

Self defense. Realistically the only way it could be justified.

Something that Garry had apparently done. His life was in danger, he acted accordingly.

"Garry, promise me one thing," he finally said, kneeling down in front of the hunched figure. "Promise me that you will never, ever kill someone in cold blood. If you do, I swear..." He trailed off, letting the message sink into his friend's head.

Garry looked up to Saul, showing that he'd started to cry while hunched on the sand and that tears were running down his face. "I... w-what do you mean by that?" he asked.

"This whole thing has made me realize just what kind of situation we're in, and... as much as I hate to say it, we're going to need to... you know... to defend ourselves." He sighed deeply and sat down next to Garry, putting an arm round his shoulders. "I know how bad it sounds, but there are some truly fucked up people on this island."

"Like that Maxwell bastard?" Garry put forward. "Fuckwad killed Dougal and Marco."

"Yeah, gotta be several others as well," Saul said, nodding slowly. "But... you're not as bad as them." He gently patted Garry's shoulder, who moved into a sitting position next to him, both facing the sea. "Sorry for laying into you just now, it's just... you're my best friend, Garry, and I was scared that you'd started to turn into one of those psycho killers."

Garry shook his head. "No, I wouldn't kill anyone just for no reason, you don't have to worry about that," he said, putting his arm round Saul's shoulders in turn. There was a slight pause. "Saul?"


"Thank you," he quietly spoke.


(will edit this part when I have time: Garry and Saul pick up their bags, take Kitty's weapons with them and leave the area)

((Garry Villette and Saul Fetteralf continued in Mistaken Identity))
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