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Scrolling Quote Suggestion Thread
Topic Started: May 31 2011, 11:45 PM (3,506 Views)
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Fata viam invenient
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One I've always liked is: "Lots of crazy going around these days. Kinda makes you wonder if you'd even notice, y'know? Like if I slipped off the deep end, how the hell would I know?" -Erik Laurin, Burn On
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Some spitballing that occurred to me:

Since it seems like Main staff got the quote randomizer up and running, I thought now could be a good time to bump what was once long-dead and forgotten. I know a few things got pitched at various points (IIRC I dug up the randomizer when Yugi discussed cycling BDA winners so we're not stuck with Michael the eternal again) and I do think a pan-version BDA has some really cool potential (as well as a bunch of quotes already found). I also think there's some potential for featuring something from each of the final ten, to sort of celebrate the final stages of V6, perhaps until Endgame closes.
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Cicada Days
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keep running yoshi
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Yeah, I do think it dilutes the pool/point of BDA a bit too much if it's everyone from V6 like it seems to be now. Limiting it to final ten cycling as the last BDA seems like a good compromise.

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Also, Ty's quote is way too long and borks my phone when I'm browsing.
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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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That's pretty par for the course for Ty. ;)

The current quotes are just tests, we have plans for what to do.
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