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V4 BKA/BDA Voting: May 2011
Topic Started: May 30 2011, 11:33 PM (3,566 Views)
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Once again, here's this month's BKA/BDA.

This will run through whenever on the 1st the announcement goes up (or later, if there is any delay).

Anyone with an extension is getting bumped to next month's contest so that we stay on schedule. I don't really think there is anyone, unless I'm forgetting, which is quite likely. No one involved in the rescue is going on either of these lists, due to the ambiguous nature of things (and, of course, inability to retrieve BKA weapons).

That said, here you go:

Best Kill:
Liam Brooks for killing Örn “Dutchy” Ayers
Alex White for killing Annaliese Hansen and Rosa Fiametta
Maf Tuigamala for killing Nick Reid
Kitty Glittschall for killing Micheal Raynor
Kris Hartmann for killing Roland Hayes
Hayley Kelly for killing Charlene Norris

Best Death:
Tythanin for the death of Melissa Li
Dom for the death of Dave Morrison
Little Boy for the death of Örn “Dutchy” Ayers
Randomness for the death of Adrian Staib
Super Llama for the death of Maria Graham
Betaknight for the death of Annaliese Hansen
Clubelle for the death of Rosa Fiametta
Rattlesnake for the death of Nick Reid
Hollyquin for the death of Jasper-Declan MacDermott
Solitair for the death of Roland Hayes
Arscapi for the death of Gracie Wainwright
decoy73 for the death of Charlene Norris
xylophonefairy for the death of Helen Wilson
Juliette Sargent drawn by Mimi and Ryuki
Alton Gerow drawn by Mimi
Lavender Ripley drawn by Mimi
Phillip Olivares drawn by Ryuki
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Misty Browder
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Fanatic is Sexy

Alex White for BDA -> Rosa / Anna as this was absolutely sickening and wrong. I think the graphic nature + emotional outburst adds to the scene hugely but not 'over the top' here. Great OOC writing and in game, fucked up as all hell so something danya would approve of, real ratings 'getter'

For BDA Helen Wilson. Xylophone is heavily under-rated here but an amazing writer and she conveyed the emergency self-surgery fantastically. Heartbreaking to know she was so close.
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My post got deleted, so I'm going to make this one quick, but still detailed. Misses all the flavor though, wouldn't you know it...

BKA: Alex White. Hate the guy and hope somebody puts a bullet in his skull, but every so often there's just a kill that manages to freak me out a little. Alex was the one who pulled it off this time. The pinning against the wall, the repeated injuries, the sexual innuendo as he assaulted Rosa... it's enough to just make you stop and go 'brrrr'. And sometimes, that's what I'm looking for.

BDA: Maria Graham. It was a toss-up between a couple deaths here, but Maria barely wins my vote. There are flecks of humor interspersed throughout the thread-long death, which only make her inevitable fate all that more sullen. You know she's going to die due to her injuries, but she's got people caring for her to the end, like it or not. I had a bit more here before, but the post got eaten last time and I can't be arsed to remember it. But there's a lot of meat to this one before the actual death, believe me.
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BKA: Alex White. This isn't a hard decision for me. No offense to the other kills this month, but this is the only kill I could vote for. While Alex's kills definitely took longer, at the same time it was satisfying in the most wrong way. I haven't really read much of this character in the past, but this scene alone has put him on my radar. If he doesn't get the BKA, I will definitely be surprised.

BDA: Annaliese Hansen. Oh god. Betaknight uses so few words during this scene. The idea of Annaliese believing she was only going to sleep made my heart break. I think this just overshadows Rosa's death because, well, Annaliese goes out with a whimper but has as much power as a full-on explosion. Betaknight deserves this.

Honorable mention goes to xylophone, who's death was so tragic that I almost put her down. Honestly I would be voting for her if Annaliese weren't in the picture.
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BKA: Alex White - While there wasn't a whole lot to Alex killing Annaliese, the methodical harassment and torture of Rosa made my skin crawl. The unrepentant glee in Alex's attack was horrifying. If it had been a scene in a movie, it would be one that you watch between your fingers because it's so terrible but you can't look away. Which is what makes for a memorable BKA.

BDA: Maria Graham - Oh, Maria. There's the real world and Maria's world. She's always been crazy and loopy, but she's been battered and broken for so long. But it never seemed to damage her spirits in any way. Her death was really sweet without becoming overly sappy. It was a fitting end for The World According to Maria.
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Jeff Foxworthy

Best Death - Annaliese Hansen

Wow. Just... just wow. Annaliese's death was amazing. Been reading the Rannaliese show for quite a while, and thoroughly enjoying it the entire time, but when it came for one of them to die, they did it with a bang. Quite literally. Annaliese's death was heartbreaking and actually managed to make me tear up a bit. Not often have I wept manly tears, but Annaliese's death?

Many manly tears were wept.

That was one hell of a series finale.

Best Kill - Kitty Glittschall

Reading this kill kind of reminded me of Jimmy's first kill. Not as brutal, not as destructive, but there is the whole out of control aspect of it. Kitty just keeps hitting him, again and again and again and again, not knowing if he was like the red skeletons or not. There wasn't any real reason for her to kill someone, but she did it, and she made sure it stuck. Just another step on her transition from innocent girl to heartless bitch.

If it weren't for that untimely explosion removing Anna Chase, I'd hate to see a second scene between Kitty and Anna. I don't think Anna would survive.
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Best Kill: Alex White
-It got hard for me to read all of what Alex did, but by the end of this month he's cemented his position as the most loathsome, irredeemable character in the game. It may be a bit of cheating to put him here, since it was him almost(?) killing Andrea that really made me hate him, but in retrospect, Rosa and Anna are kills I'll have a hard time forgetting, too.

Best Death: Helen Wilson
-Xylophone took a death concept that sounds utterly preposterous on paper and somehow managed to make it visceral and dramatic. That's really about all I can say.
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Vriska Serket

BKA - Kitty Gischall as written by Ciel

I've had a character that interacted with Kitty way back when she was with Roland, and I'll admit I didn't end up following her like I wish I had. She has evolved so much as a character. The way the death itself is written is good, but it's what comes after that really cinches this for me.

"Stop faking." She growled. She jabbed the body with her bat. The feminine voice in the back of her head was disappointed and Kitty did her best to push it away. She listened for a response. She didn't get one.

"Hey!" She screamed. She lifted the bat and hit the twisted corpse in the back. "Get up. Fight like a man!"

She hit it again. And again.

"Pissant little fuck! Stop playing possum! Get up!"

To me it reads like she wanted a fight, wanted some excuse, some justification for what she had just done, and was just... angry at the corpse for up and dying so fast. Also, to see a first time player evolve this late in the game is something I hadn't seen so far, but I definitely like the idea. You've come so far, been on the island so long... Days away from escape, you just... break. Something inside you snaps. Kitty's kill here is representitive of that possibility in all of us.

BKA - Rosa Fiametta - As written by Lily

It was yet another heartfelt, dramatic death, as we so often here on survival of the fittest. But the writing style is glorious. I think it's a little more representative of death as a whole, the way the flashbacks are handled. I've seen some gorgeous deaths in the past where the flashback is one solid chunk, but here it's scattered memories, woven intricately into the girls final chapter, and the effect is stunningly powerful. Lily managed to take the "ultimate shipping character" and turn her into something so, so much more.
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Foxtrot Echo

BKA-- Kitty G

I like players becoming players this late. I like the kill. I liked what was going on in Kitty's head--frantic, talking, scattered, violence, wordswordswords and suddenly silence. I liked the understatement--one blow to the head, and done. It was unusual, nearly minimalist, striking, efficent, internally consistant, and well-done. Props to Seel.

BDA--Helen W

This one was pure tragedy. Not a murder, not a crime, not a gorefest--just a girl, getting ill, trying desperately to put herself back together, And the fact that it happens right before the escape--stumbling to the boats, and collapsing from bloodloss, dying on the shores--just made it even more incredibly sad.
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Your Mother

BKA: Kitty Glittschall

I almost voted for Alex White on this, but after reading both threads again I'm giving this to Kitty. I love how she expected more. More from her kill, and wanted more. I remember how she was ready to play the game before Alex Rasputin got to her, and I'm glad the intention stayed.

BDA: Xylophonefairy for Helen Wilson

I was a bit skeptical when I was reading this death, but she pulled it off. It was gory, but understated gory . And the conversation she has with herself during the procedure and her final moment is what makes it for me.
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Guesty McGuesterson the II

BKA - Kitty Gittschall

Not many of the people who started the game in v4 who vowed to play, actually got to play to their full extent. Most of them died. Most of them decided against it. Kitty did neither, she's been waiting since Day 1 to play, and the way in which her mind tries to edge her own, tries to get more for her, is a pretty damn good sign of why we've chosen first-time killers for every kill in v4. There's more there, there's way more going on, there's a type of raw-ness inside each first taste of blood that each of these killers get that puts them far ahead of the rest.

BDA - Helen Wilson

Well, we've given out BDA for weirder things in the past, if I recall. Guy who died on waking up, many assisted suicides, accidents upon accidents upon accidents, yet here we have a scene not unlike one Robert Jacob Lowe a few months ago. Similar situation, the appendix, right? Well, she's got the brains to help herself, right? Well, brains aren't enough. What kind of girl thinks she can cut out her own appendix and live? This girl. The way it's written gives it such an extra oomph; skeptics can be turned into believers - I believed that she could make it, I knew she knew what she was doing. But did it pay off? No. That's the punch in the stomach for you. These two posts show the little, understated Helen who was a co-part in this whole escape attempt, and now, for her to get so close to something she helped orchestrate, and just fall short of the line...it tears me up.

So yeah, that's my take on this month, and why they deserve what they should get.
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Some guy

Best Kill Award: Alex White

I'm not going to lie, before reading Monsters I never really took much notice of Alex White. However, after reading his latest kill, he's pretty much established himself as being THE late game player to look out for. And whilst i'm admittedly a tad jealous of all the attention he's getting, seeing as I'm also writing a villainous character myself, I cannot deny that all the hype he's beginning to build up is definitely deserved. And whilst Kitty's brutal dispatching of Michael Raynor was pretty damn BKA-worthy in its own right, it was Alex White's kill that really caught my attention this month. Seriously, its very rare for me that a character does something that genuinely makes me want to see them burn alive in a firestorm of holy retribution... Which is a good thing, mind you.

Best Death Award: Maria Graham

I'll admit, i'm somewhat biased here seeing as Maria was one of my personal favourites, but even so I still think her death deserved another honourable mention. Its just so tragic seeing a character who started out really cheerful and bubbly slowly die of an infection as the world around them falls apart. The fact that the only person she can take comfort in his a hallucination of her dead crush, who even she herself admits isn't actually real at all, just makes the whole thing all the more tragic. : (
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mr. guest

BKA: Kris Hartmann for the killing of Roland Hayes

This month's BKA was a breeze for me. While there were a fair number of good kills, only one exemplified everything I like to see from the month's best kill. Kris' kill was wonderfully executed both in and out of character. It was well written, just flashy enough, and brilliantly planned. It's rare that we see someone playing smart, choosing to engage in a tactical fashion rather than simply get in another gun/melee fight. Kris' use of C4 as a trap was brilliant, and her ability to carry it through really showed her as a force to be reckoned with. This is, in my opinion, not only the best kill of the month, but among the best of the entire version thus far.

BDA: Rattlesnake for the death of Nick Reid

If BKA was easy, BDA was the exact opposite. Even my fifth favorite death this month could give most of our earlier BDA winners a run for their money. That's not at all to say that winners from past months were bad; they were excellent. This month was just the best month for deaths I've seen in a very long time. Anyways, Nick's death wins out for me because it was one of the most emotional and perfectly-fitting deaths I've seen. Throughout it all, Nick feels like Nick, and you can forget all the mistakes he's made, all the people he's killed, and just follow along with his thought process and feelings. It's a beautiful piece of writing, and I hope it will be one of the deaths remembered long after V4 is past.

Finally, a shout out to BetaKnight's Annaliese Hansen, for giving Nick a very good run for his money for my vote, and also to some of our excellent deaths that have not yet received any votes. Specifically, Tythanin's Melissa Li, Little Boy's Dutchy Ayers, and Solitair's Roland Hayes made this a great month. You all should be very proud of your writing.
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BKA I don't feel particularly comfortable doing, because what 'Danya' would theoretically pick is not something I feel is deserving of the award.

BDA, however, is Annaliese hands down. I love Tre's writing in general and she achieves such a soft, delicate feel with this post, making it feel vaguely dreamlike and incredibly peaceful, giving us a real glimpse into the mindset and emotional state of the character. It's a very fitting end to her storyline, and gives a brief moment's respite in a game otherwise filled with gory and frantic, painful deaths. Well played.
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BDA: Annaliese Hansen. Monsters had its flaws, but Annaliese's death was an amazing way to start it off. I already gushed about Tre last time she won BDA, so I'll keep it simple here. Annaliese's death was a pretty dramatic contrast from most of this month's others: it was simple, sudden, & quick. It was only made more impactful because of it. The convoluted, drawn-out deaths can be fun, but we need more deaths like Annaliese's. Tre conveyed exactly the feelings she needed to convey to make this death hit home, & left it at that. The tone was absolutely perfect & the scene did exactly what it set out to do really effectively (which was break my goddamn heart). Fantastic sendoff for two of v4's most artfully concise (& just plain best) writers. I know this'll make Tre's second win this version, but I would give this woman ten nulls if it were up to me.

Also, nods to Nick Reid, Dutchy, &, while the kill bothered me on a personal level, Rosa. We had an insanely good batch of deaths this month, but these three really stood out to me along with Annaliese.
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