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Topic Started: May 30 2011, 03:28 AM (1,298 Views)
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((Sudden Bridget Connolly from The Cavalry Arrives))

Bridget released the choke hold the second Sarah lost consciousness, supporting the limp body with her own. It had gone much easier than she'd expected, but then with the way those two were yelling at each other, she probably could have approached them wielding a chainsaw and she still wouldn't have heard her.

"You take care of her." Reiko said to Bridget, preparing to walk away, but a look in the redhead's eye caught her attention. She looked like she had something to say.

A moment passed before Bridget spoke. "Raina Morales. Does that name mean anything to you?"


"What happened?"

Reiko shifted her weight from side to side. She knew eventually she would have to answer for her actions, she just didn't expect it to be so... direct.

"I....." she didn't know how to start. How did you start answering a question like that? Bridget was expecting her to answer, so she was going to answer.

"I kicked her. In the head. It was right after I'd been attacked by another one... Tobias I think his name was. I guess... I was just so caught up in the moment. She... I stabbed him in the neck. After he tackled me. I think she was trying to help him... Not that I cared at the time."

Bridget turned away from Reiko, taking a moment to adjust Sarah so her arms were draped over her shoulders. She felt... well, she didn't feel happy to say the least, but there was a certain peace of mind that came from knowing just how her best friend had died. Even right up to the end, she was just trying to help.

Bridget wanted to say more, but she knew that time was short. She didn't know how long Sarah was going to stay out for, and she wanted to make sure they were at least on the boats before that time. Not to mention the fact that the boats probably wouldn't be sticking around for much longer.

Grabbing Sarah's legs, she hoisted the taller girl onto her shoulders in a piggy back position. Reiko walked over, and planted one last kiss on the cheek of her slumbering girlfriend. And then, she began to walk away, back towards the interior of the island.

"Give 'em hell." Bridget said to the retreating girl's back, who responded with a quick wave of her hand.

Bridget watched Reiko until she couldn't see her anymore, then turned back towards the boats, walking steadily along. She didn't know what she was going to do when Sarah woke up, but at least she knew she would be safe.

((Reiko Ishida continued in Coming Home))
((Bridget Connolly continued in The Cavalry Arrives))
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