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The Cavalry Arrives; See Midmonths
Topic Started: May 18 2011, 06:37 PM (11,516 Views)
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((Josée Tremley continued from ...Because I Can't Make it On my Own.))

It had been a long trek across the island, but as the noise grew clearer it became quite clear that whatever was waiting for them was the rescue she had hoped for. And as she arrived at the beach, she breathed a sigh of relief at the sight of salvation. She walked alongside Cisco as they approached, trying to make sure that no-one would try to shoot them as they approached, but thankfully the area seemed perfectly secured. Josée was finally going to get home, after so much suffering, she had finally done something right and got an innocent person to safety.

The next thought that Josée thought was possibly the most inconvenient and stupid thought of her life, and it would certainly cost her it. But nonetheless, the thought was thought and Josée listened. It was the thought of Remy. Somewhere, on the island, walking around killing people without a care in the world, was Remy's killer. Remy wasn't the greatest person in the world, but through lack of competition, he was the greatest brother in the world, and Josée suddenly felt that she needed to bring the killer to justice, once and for all. Ericka Bradley must pay.

Cisco was safe now, she had made sure of that, but she knew that she couldn't face her family without Remy, she wouldn't be able to explain how she let him die when she turned a blind eye. Just before Cisco got on board the vehicle, she hugged him and quickly kissed him on the cheek, before saying the last words that she'll ever say to him. "You're safe now Cisco, I promised that I'd keep you safe." And on that note, she pushed backwards through the crowd and back to the island. The name Ericka Bradley rang through her ears, it was the one name that had been lingering in her head ever since she had heard the news. She didn't know how to go about finding her. She faintly remembered a girl by that name, Josée was certain she would recognise her if she found her. IF she found her...

((Josée Trembley in Tempting Fate.))
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