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The Cavalry Arrives; See Midmonths
Topic Started: May 18 2011, 06:37 PM (11,497 Views)
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((Isabel Guerra continued from Monsters))

(GM of the STAR member and Ray Dawson approved by the staff and Outfxod, respectively)

Isabel tromped through the sand, the horrible stuff was getting in her shoes, but she hardly cared. It seemed that she was running purely on anger. The announcement had sounded earlier and she learned that Roland, Dave and Winnie were all dead. Isabel hadn’t said a word since then. It would have behooved her to pick up her feet a little in her angry march because her foot caught and she fell in the sand. She looked back to see what she’d tripped on.


Isabel scrambled over to her body. Her lips trembled while she looked down at the girl. She was absolutely drenched in blood. Isabel put her ear to the girl’s chest. Nothing. Isabel shuddered and put her hand over her mouth to stop from exploding into a scream. Her hand tasted of Helen’s blood.

“No. Nonononono THIS ISN’T FAIR.”

She took a moment to sit in the sand with her friend’s blood smeared on her and dug her nails into her palms. In her mind, she counted to ten and at ten she took a deep breath and stood up.

“Hey boat guy!” she yelled out. It took the last of her self control not to call him something worse.

“Took you long enough,” she mumbled under her breath.

Three days. It had been three god damn days since they’d sent out the message. If she had been in better condition she would have berated them for having taken that long. She swallowed and marched right up to him.

“Recognize me?” she asked. “I’m from the group that sent the coordinates. I’m the only one left,” she growled.

They were all dead. Isabel wanted to kill someone for that. She wanted to grab a gun and fill Raidon so full of holes that they’d need dental records to identify him. He separated them. If it wasn’t for him they might all still be alive.

“I need to talk to you before I get on this thing,” she said trying to keep her voice even. “Number one, take these,” she said as she shoved the letters at the man, “and give them to the parents of Ethan Kent and Feo Smith. They died to get you guys here. Number two, don’t drop me off with the rest of these guys. I never want to go back to St. Paul and I never want to see any of these people again. Drop me off anywhere else, I don’t care. If you’re feeling generous, leave me in America in the south west and DO NOT take me to a hospital."

She'd been stabbed in the arm with a spear and had the blade twisted before it was finally yanked out. It was a bad injury, but she was willing to take a chance and treat it herself when she found supplies rather than risk going to a hospital where someone could identify her.

"List me as dead. You never picked me up. Last, how long are you going to be here with your boat? I need to find my friend Hayley and then bring her-“

The man raised an eyebrow at her. “Hayley Kelly?”


And then he informed her that as a killer, Hayley wouldn’t be allowed on the rescue boat.

Isabel looked blankly at him. “Then I’m not getting on that fucking boat,” she said with a shrug.

Ray tried to reason with her. She was dehydrated, she was tired and she’d lost a lot of blood. She shook her head.

“No. Roland told me to take care of our friends and now they’re all dead. Hayley is still out there and I can’t fail her too!”

The boat guy was getting impatient and time was running short. Ray grabbed Isabel and steered her towards the boat. She fought him, kicking and twisting and screaming but she was in bad shape and in no condition to fight anyone. Ray forced her to the floor of the boat and someone took off her collar while he held her down.

“You’re saving my life,” she breathed out. “And I’ll never forgive you.”

G105, Isabel Guerra: ELIMINATED

((Isabel Guerra continued in Abre Los Ojos ))
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