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The Cavalry Arrives; See Midmonths
Topic Started: May 18 2011, 06:37 PM (11,523 Views)
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They see me walking, they hating
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Bridget watched as Sarah stormed away, Reiko quickly in pursuit. She stayed behind at the boats, for now. She didn't want to act too early, or too late. Plus, she had to allow them to get some distance from the area.

The red haired girl paced back and forth, mentally counting each step as she went. Finally, she deemed that enough time had gone by, and took off in the direction she saw the two go.

((Bridget Connoly continued in Oxidation))
((Bridget Connolly and Sarah Xu continued from Oxidation))

They were finally going home. After eight days of hell, of hearing about loss after loss over those damned announcements, they were going to escape. After listening as, one by one, anyone Bridget had ever cared about died. Everyone, except for the girl who was laying unconscious on her back.

When Bridget got back to the boats, there were significantly more people than when she'd left. It was like they'd all just spawned out of the ground or something. There seemed to be a commotion in one of the boats, and another girl lay unconscious nearby, but they still seemed to be in full swing.

She walked towards the boats, noting the wary expression of the rescue squad. She hoped they weren't going to deny them entry because of Sarah's... little outburst. No one made a move to stop them though, so she guessed everything would be fine. Bridget sighed, repositioning Sarah on her back and walking up to one of the guards.

"Two more to get out of this hellhole." was all she said to them.

G001, Bridget Connolly: ELIMINATED
G003, Hui "Sarah" Xu: ELIMINATED
G068 Chan, Yuan Stephanie
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