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The Cavalry Arrives; See Midmonths
Topic Started: May 18 2011, 06:37 PM (11,533 Views)
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Can you hear me?
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((Anna Chase continued from Sacrifice Sheep To GOD!))

Walking, walking.

Really, again, was she dreaming all this?

As Chase followed the man leading her friend, she couldn't help but wonder. She had found Brendan. And now she was about to escape. Boats! All over the beach, apparently! Collars off! Home!

Was this a dream? She meant that not in a "my mind is having trouble processing all this trauma" or a "this shit is surreal" sort of way, but in a "it's too good to be true" sort of way.

Really, it was indeed too good to be true.

But if it was a dream, it was a weird one for having Brendan get beaten up and for her to lose her shit like that.

It was kind of scary back there. She was genuinely worried that Brendan was going to die, after all. And that freak out... in hindsight, she kind of scared herself with that, now that she'd calmed down. It wasn't normal for her to get that angry, that was for certain.

What if her mental fortitude had been weaker, and it remained permanent? What if that guy didn't jump in? Would she have flat-out killed Kitty, or get killed herself? Was she really that close to a player deep down, and she had the potential to be right next to Lombardi and Ishida?

No, she did the right thing.

Brendan would have died if she hadn't done anything. Despite the yelling and hitting people with shovels, she ultimately helped save him. Her and... whoever this guy was, with his gun and him being a big damn hero that showed up right at the correct time.

In any case, she was here to protect him some more. She wasn't sure who his friend was, but he had been a big help and was able to protect him too. This guy looked vaguely familiar, though. Chase knew he was a classmate of hers, obviously. But it seemed like his name was on the tip of her tongue.

So Brendan's friend went ahead to explain the situation to what appeared to be the leader, or at least some kind of authority figure.

Chase found herself staring at Brendan.

He... didn't look so good, obviously.

Kitty had done quite a number. He was missing teeth and everything. Holy shit. Was he going to die if he stayed here?

Now that the idea of escape was right there, she wasn't sure that being home was such a good idea after all that she been through. Chase knew that after that kind of trauma it was hard readjusting. There was no way that even just returning home would be easy. In fact, in some ways being back home could be worse.

She'd have to live with the knowledge that she was one of the few who escaped, for one. That would mean that she'd have to live with Dawne, Jon, Rekka, Marty, Ben, Michelle, Joshua, and god knew who else dying and not making it home. It would mean that they really were gone, and that she had to live many years without them. She wouldn't watch movies with Jon again, or go to anime conventions with Dawne. She'd never really get to know Joshua, Ben, Michelle, or Marty in a context that didn't involve people dying. She would have to completely face it if she returned home.

And she knew how some people knew it was fake, or even if they knew it was real continued to watch it. Chase wasn't a big fan of SOTF from the start, but what she knew about it she learned from Jon. And one thing was certain; she was going to have to be seen as a "fictional character". So in other words, even right at this moment people were talking about her as such online.

Things like "Anna Chase is such a slut who just kept whining and bitching throughout her time JUST SHOOT HER ALREADY" or "I really think Chase was a moron. Die stupid emo bitch". She knew fandom, she knew fandom very well. And it wouldn't be just her, either: "God damn it, stupid Dawne, stupid slutty Dawne", "Jarocki is such a tool!", "MARTY STOP YELLING YOU STUPID ASS!", and stuff along those lines were things she could only picture what they were saying right at this moment. In some of the more idiotic sides of fandom, the word "slutty" was tossed around like confetti, and there were some people who just bitched and moaned.

And now not only did she have to deal with these people, but now these people had a license to talk shit about not only her, but her dead friends as well. For the rest of her life. There wasn't going to be a break from it.

And speaking of which, she knew that people weren't going to react well once they found out she survived SOTF. Even if she never hurt anyone, it was going to form a large part of who she was and how people had seen her from this point forward. Employers would refuse to give her jobs based on this fact. She'd have trouble getting to know people the minute they learn she was a survivor.

It was part of who she was, now. There was no escaping it.

And she was probably going to be like those guys in the army, who never left the war. She was still worried about becoming like those army guys. Being like an army guy wasn't fun. Of course, not all army guys were wrecks. She had family members who served in the army, and they turned out fine. But things like this wrecked you.

So, needless to say, she had her doubts about whether or not it was a good idea to get on the boat.

Did she really deserve to live? So many people who could have lived, who would have jumped at this opportunity. And they were gone, and she was here. So many of her friends would have been on that boat within seconds. Make no mistake about that. And there were people stronger that her, more resilent, that deserved to make it home.

But then she remembered. This was the only shot at medical help for Brendan right at this moment. And she couldn't just abandon him. He'd.. he'd want her nearby, right? She had to help him. Even if she was a little weakling. She still had the capability to save his life. She already saved it once, even if he was injured by the end. She had to get him on the boat, even if it meant dealing with all the problems that would surface back home. Even if it meant that she would be a PTSD ridden mess the minute she stepped back in America.

Abandoning your friends, that was what cats did. Chase still hated cats. They hissed and yowled and scratched and beat up people with bats just because they went through things everyone else did. Rabbits were much better. She liked rabbits, like Jojo.

Going with him was the rabbit thing to do.

As she glanced at their new friend, he waved back at them, and Chase waved back, smiling.

A genuine smile.

Besides. She had promised herself that she was going to try to live and be a good person for everyone who had died. If she had stayed, she would be back to crying at the camera and trying to rip her collar off. Even if she didn't, staying would be right on par with that.

As they approached, Brendan put his friend into a hug.

She called to the... authority figure.

"YO! You... you... you have to help him! He's wounded and needs help, and I bet you can do something, right? He needs to be in a hospital or some-something!"

Oh, and...?

"I'd like to return home, t-too! I mean, just remove my col... our collars, and we'll go!"

#G010 Anna Chase- ELIMINATED

Oh jesus, was she making a lot of requests.

"Erm, s-sorry if I'm asking too much. I guess I'll ask for a cheeseburger, milkshake and fr... fries?"

Actually, now that she mentioned it, a milkshake sounded good.

Coming to a V7 near you.
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