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The Cavalry Arrives; See Midmonths
Topic Started: May 18 2011, 06:37 PM (11,542 Views)
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Anonymous Capybara
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((Alex Jackson continued from Monsters))

Alex groaned as she heard a sound system start. She braced herself for another round of mocking, listening again to how far gone some of her classmates were. But the announcement was softer than she expected, not coming from the normal system. Alex concentrated and listened disbelieving to the words. Rescue? She could go home. Home!

She started forward immediately and then stopped after a few feet. Home, would it be home anymore without Roman? She shook her head after a moment. Of course there was home. It wouldn’t be the same but it would have Mom and Dad, and they could figure out what to do together. There was no reason to stay on the island and every reason to get back to where she belonged.

She headed for the beach at a run and stopped at the edge of the beach. It was real; there really was someone here to rescue them. She could see about a dozen of her classmates had already beaten her here. She watched and saw several men in uniform. She selected one at random and walked up to him.

“Hi, I’m Alex…Alex Jackson,” she clarified not wanting to be confused with the Alex who’d just done so much damage. "You're our ride home right?"

G46, Alexandria "Alex" Jackson - ELIMINATED
V5 characters
Kaliska Day
Kathryn Nguyen G61 - deceased Start
Bianca Howard G45 - deceased Start
Logan Cadagon B16 - deceased Start

V4 Characters:
Thea Kairos - G067 - deceased
Alexandria "Alex" Jackson - G046 - rescued
Marion Summers - G074 - deceased
Gracie Wainwright - G081 - deceased
Samaya Boen-Hilstrand - G064-deceased
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