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The Cavalry Arrives; See Midmonths
Topic Started: May 18 2011, 06:37 PM (11,537 Views)
MK Kilmarnock
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((Felicia Carmichael, continued from Monsters))

Maybe it hadn't sunk into her head yet, but Felicia thought she would have been a whole lot happier about being rescued. The vision of the boat, here, on THIS island was just so surreal to her. She had watched Survival of the Fittest before, even run a roleplay or two on it, but in reality and fiction things didn't turn out like this. There was just no way that what Ray was leading her towards was real.

Even when she stepped onto the boat itself, her feet were slow to tell the rest of her body just what they felt. Her eyes scanned the surface of the vessel, showing kid after kid without those horrendous collars on. The mark of their sick television slavery had been removed, and they had been granted freedom. She should've been jumping for joy, shouting and crying while holding her friends.

Maybe that was the problem.

Rescue had come far too late for all those she had seen dead or even die in front of her. Too late for Rosa, and just by minutes. How it pained her to know that if they had just been in the right time at the right place, they could have avoided her death and both gotten on this boat. Then... who knows, maybe they could've had some rough escape sex or something fucking stupid like that. Or maybe they'd go to the bow of the boat and do that ridiculous pose from Titanic all the pre-teen girls used to dream about back in '97. Or maybe they would have just cuddled close together as everybody rested, preparing for the long trip home.

Nevertheless, when it was her turn to get the oppressive collar removed from her throat, a flicker of joy welled up from somewhere in her heart. The ending to this little trip may have been bittersweet at its finest, but now she had something to drive her. Felicia had managed to live for her friends who hadn't, and with the ones who had. She'd get through college and law school, she'd become the finest prosecutor this fucking country had ever seen, and she'd headline the case that would put these bastards away for good. She'd see to it.

"H-hey..." Felicia timidly responded when somebody finally attended to her.

"Nice to see you... I've had... heh... I've had one hell of a week."

G082 Felicia Carmichael - ELIMINATED
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