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The Cavalry Arrives; See Midmonths
Topic Started: May 18 2011, 06:37 PM (11,498 Views)
Greg The Anti-Viking
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Nathan was still locked in his thoughts. Nearly dying at the hands of his best friend would do that to you. At least, that's what he mused. But now he was alive. Better yet, he would be free. He'd be able to make it home.

But even then, going home felt like a dubious reward. His folks would talk about how they were scared and everything. Scared about losing their prescious Nathan. But after a month, it'd be back to work. He had to keep going down the track career path. Had to beat Geoffrey after all. That was the most important thing.

He talked little, prefering to help lead Maf's body in silence. The beach was in their sights now and Nathan could not help but feel as if something had been litfted off of him. He felt himself surging forwards, Jason had been too. The both of them made haste to the boat that was now in plain sight.

The hustle and bustle of those on the beach had swamped him. He tried to pay attention to the chaos taking place, but found himself unable to do so.

Jason had said something, congratulating him on how they had made it. They were going to survive. Nathan found his head turning away. His body was aching and Jason's words could not be taken as anything but earnest. A pain was growing inside his gut.

When they took Maf off of their shoulders. Nathan bent down and heaved for breath. His hands on his knees. It was as if they were back in a training room lifting weights. Or back on the track after another not 11.00 second run.

He gulped when he saw that behind him, a girl had fallen onto the beach, a bloody trail tailing behind her. It made Nathan queesy just to watch it, but now he could not look away. It had made Jason's words all the more terrible. Jason, Nathan even Maf had made it. But the girl...

"Hey mate, get this thing off me! I have to go back, my mate's still out there."

The hypnosis that Nathan was under had been lifted and he turned to see Jason pointing out into the distance. Nathan's eyes widened and when he turned to the STAR member shaking his head he gulped. Two thoughts came into his head, both terrible. First, was the thought that Jason's kill made him inelligable to join both Maf and Nathan. Second, even if he was free to go...he was going to back and Nathan knew exactly who it was he was trying to save.

No way...

Jason had already stood up and turned his back on the people attending Maf. He was going to go out regardless of what happened. He was actually going to try and save Brook, the guy who kept appearing on announcement after announcement. That was pure suicide. Nathan knew that much already. How could someone accidentally murder person after person? It was impossible.

His gaze turned back to Maf's body. He was in good hands. Nathan knew that much. He couldn't believe that the Fijian would ever go and murder anybody. He just happened to be in the wrong place. He probably witnessed that scene and got caught up in all. Nathan knew that he would be safe to go to...barely.

He closed his eyes. Why was Jason doing this? He had a chance to go home. He just had to explain his case right? They'd believe his story of accidental shooting right? But if he went out there after Brook...

Nathan turned back to Jason and gulped.

He placed a hand on Jason and stoped him.

"You go alone and he's going to kill you..."

Nathan's voice caught himself. He couldn't believe he was doing this.

"Tomorrow morning if we don't see him...we gotta go back..."

Nathan felt the grip on Jason's shoulder tighten. He turned his head back to look at Nathan and he seemed to give a nod of understanding, but he said nothing more.

He let go of his friend and turned back to the person looking through his clip board.

"We'll be back." He said, to no real acknowledgment. Nathan's gaze turned down to the battered body of Maf Tuigamala. "Take care of Maf..."

Nathan had one last urge to stay here. One last urge to fling himself onto the boat and to hell with the collars. But then the thoughts turned back to how he had almost killed Jason. He had to help him...it was the least he could do...

Without another word, he and Jason ran off to find Brook.

Damn it...

((Nathan Choultard and Jason Harris continued elsewhere))
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