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The Cavalry Arrives; See Midmonths
Topic Started: May 18 2011, 06:37 PM (11,540 Views)
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((Jackie Myrie, continued from So Give Me Something to Believe.))

She ran, a beaming smile on her face.

Was it true?

Jackie didn't think to doubt it as she ran down the beach, thorns and assorted shrubbery caught on her everything from her astoundingly brilliant idea of running straight down what amounted to a hill of thornbushes. She stung all over, she was pretty sure there was blood trickling down her legs, but that didn't matter. That was secondary. Jacqueline Myrie was getting off the island. That was her new goal. That one glimmer of hope that she'd stuck to throughout the whole game had finally paid off.

More fool you, other bitches. Jackie never gave up hope. Ever.

That was secondary. Jacqueline Myrie was getting off the island. That was her contribution to the game, then. She was getting out. She wasn't one of the psycho players, not like Reiko or that Liam guy she'd met like twice or the rest of those guys. She was getting out.

Yes, she'd killed- if you could call it that, it was something of an accident, if she remembered right- one person by accident. So at least she'd come down as "justified" on their records or something, hopefully. Not that she'd just outright say that she'd killed someone to them, of course, but she'd tell the truth if she was asked, right? No use trying to hide it and getting shot for not telling them. That just wasn't a smart strategy.

She ran up, a tiny flustered mess, waving her arms around and screaming for anyone there to notice her.

"I'M HERE, I'M HERE!" She screamed, running towards the boat, panting, close to doubling over from exhaustion. But she was safe now, right? She could get the collar off, leave, and go home. She'd won. "I'm... here."

The last one was just for dramatic effect as she approached the boats, hands in the air to show she was unarmed. Was she the first one there? She wasn't entirely sure if she was the first. She also wasn't entirely sure if she cared.

G125, Jacqueline "Jackie" Myrie: ELIMINATED
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