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The Cavalry Arrives; See Midmonths
Topic Started: May 18 2011, 06:37 PM (11,530 Views)
The faceless fear
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((Sarah continues from You are on a rock floating in space))

Sarah didn't quite notice the big-boat-that-wasn't-there-yesterday docked at the beach - she was a little too tired to think beyond one thought at a time. As Jojo gave her her bag, she gasped and threw off her shoes, rushing down the sand dunes to the edge of the water and completely ignoring the presence of the boat along the way. She'd deal with that later.

Zipping open her bag, she pulled out her gun and started vigorously dipping it into the water, pushing the gun underneath the surface of the waves until it was completely submerged. She held it there with both hands, watching as the bubbles rose from its interior and pushed up to the surface.

There. Sarah waded into the water until it reached her knees and let go of the gun, watching it sink into the ocean. Now nobody would ever use that horrid weapon of destruction ever again. Sarah had made sure of it. Her promise to Sapphire was satisfied. She straightened herself up and looked around for her companions...

Whom had entirely disappeared...

"Jojo? Saul?" Sarah looked around spinning in circles in the sand, before craning her neck up to look at the boat and its collarless crew... and then she saw the body.

The body of another friend lifeless in the sand.

"Oh... sorry... I didn't see you up there. Uhm... How did you get your collars off? OH! And you're armed!" she declared as she stumbled back from the boat. "Please don't hurt me... I'm not going to do anything bad so please don't shoot me..."

Without the gun and her companions, she suddenly felt quite naked and vunerable.
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The faceless fear
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((GMing approved by GMs.))

Sarah wasn't exactly sure what was going on. There was yelling and a lot of arguing and then the boy with the gun on the boat turned to her and stared. She threw up her arms to shield herself. "Don't kill me please! I'll be good! I'll go back if you want. I'm sorry!"

There was a pause, then the boy spoke

""I'm not going to kill you." the boy looked uncertain for a second, "Are you all right?"

Sarah nodded dumbly, staring up at Jaxon with frightened eyes. She had no idea what the boat was for, or why the other students were on it. Some of them looked sick, and there was the girl that was dead. She glanced over at the dead girl again, then back at the boy. "Why are you here? What are you doing to my friends?"

"We're here to help you off the island," he said. "We've got the means to disable collars, and hopefully to get you back home. The only thing is, you can't have been playing. I know who has, and you aren't on that list. We're saving your friends."

Saving her friends, really? It was almost too good to be true. Sarah looked up at the boy in awe, as if he were lifting her nightmare. "Promise? Really? Is Brendan there? How about Sapphire? Did you see Sapphire? Or Brendan? Are you really gonna take me home? I wanna go home..."

The boy nodded, "I... don't know them. They aren't on my list, so they can get off if they make it here or to the other boat in time. We're going to do our best to get you home."

Sarah smiled wanly, she was tired and she did want to go home, but she wasn't sure. Could she really trust this boy? ASnd where were Brendan and Sapphire? Surely, if this was the only boat off the island they'd be here with her. She looked at him again. There was no way she'd leave her friends on the island. She couldn't imagine surviving when they'd died... killed and died for her sake, "Okay. Can I wait here? For Brendan and Sapphire? I'll go with you. BUt I want to make sure they're here too. So we can go home together."

The boy shrugged, "You can wait if you want, but there's another boat. There's a chance your friends have already found their way there. It'd be... too bad if you were waiting for them here and missed going home because they were on the other side of the island getting rescued themselves."

Sarah nodded and sat down in the sand just next to the boat, "I'll wait here then. Right next to the boat. That way, when you have to go, you can just call me. How about that? Then I can go with you. I just want to be sure that Brendan and Sapphire are coming too."

"If you want. But maybe you could wait up on the boat, in case they turn up and we have to leave in a hurry? And remember, they could be at the other boat. I hope you'll consider coming anyways."

"Okay. You promise we're going home? I'll wait on the boat if you do."

"I promise we'll do our best."

Sarah looked into the boy's eyes. If he intended to kill her, he'd have already done so. Even if this was a trap, she couldn't waste the chance... Or perhaps she shouldn't. All the people she ever travelled with ended up dead. Stacy, Remy... they were all dead and it was her fault. Perhaps she should stay because she needed to die too.

She made up her mind. If Brendan and Sapphire didn't come, she'd jump off the boat and go look for them. If they did come, she'd stay.

She hoped they'd come. It never occured to her that once she was on the boat, the boy and his friends would do everything in their power to keep her on it.

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The faceless fear
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"BRENDAN! You made it!" Sarah squeaked as her friend was carried onto the boat. "Oh no! You're bleeding! What happened..."

The tiny girl sprang up from her seat and ran over to greet Brendan, but the sound of gunshots in the distance distracted her. Sarah whipped around to look and watched as Andrea staggered up to the boat, into the water. The water stained red with her blood.

It was too much for her to take.

Sarah couldn't afford this. She couldn't afford another friend to die in front of her, not without at least trying to help. She couldn't afford for Andrea to be left behind! With a loud cry, she ran to the edge of the boat and tried to jump off, to reach Andrea.

The boy tugged on her shirt, wrapping an arm around her and pulling her back. He didn't need to use much force. Sarah was never a very physical person.

"Let me go!" she yelled, "She needs help! I can still save her! I can! Please!"

But it was too late... Sarah watched in horror as Andrea began to sink into the water.

Old v4 player.
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