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The Cavalry Arrives; See Midmonths
Topic Started: May 18 2011, 06:37 PM (11,545 Views)
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((Raymond Dawson continued from Monsters))

The group was almost too late to make their escape from the island, though Ray, fresh from grieving, had barely noticed. He had been nearly numb after leaving behind the bodies of two more


classmates and friends, as much as the rest of the group had tried to help. Felicia was still grappling with her own grief. Ray didn't know Allen all too well, and Andrea was still mostly the girl he sold drugs too all that time ago. Even though she had given him some kind words during the burial process.

Isabel had done what she could, and Ray could remember feeling grateful to her. She'd given him a kiss on the cheek; an amazing occurrence if what his first attempt to make physical contact with her was par for the course.

Still, he felt hollow. Even with escape imminent. He didn't even feel like he was part of the group he was heading to the boat with.

When he was close to the ship, the vessel of escape, he stopped. For a brief, cold-gut second, he considered turning around, staying behind. Annaliese's killer was still loose on the island, a monster left unchecked. He could do something about it, find a real weapon, destroy Alex White. For a minute Ray turned over his shoulder, looked back to the island, longing for a chance at justice.

But he couldn't. He remembered what Annaliese had said.

A finger, streaked with blood, on his cheek. "Shhh." A gentle smile, despite pain, despite death. "I understand...It's all ok."

Ray turned back to the boat. He forced himself to continue walking.

"You still got a sister left."

B056, Raymond Dawson: ELIMINATED
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