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A Slight Change of Plans; See Midmonths
Topic Started: May 18 2011, 06:37 PM (5,798 Views)
Little Boy
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(( Jay Holland continues from The Stoner Always Dies))

Jay Holland walked down the beach, his posture terrible, his head slumped as if he were a man walking towards his own execution, rather then rescue. He'd given the people on the boats a small wave as he'd cleared the tree line, to signal his intents were harmless. He still couldn't make out who exactly was there, but it was a fair number of people.


Off to his right, laying sprawled in the sand... A girl. He swallowed hard. He'd seen dead bodies before, Maria... The boy at the fair. The David killed by Janet. But this one seemed to hit particularly hard. The girl was so close to salvation- true, she'd probably died earlier on, but still. Just a few days and she'd be on that boat, not laying face down in the sand. That bitter hatred arose in him again. Jay stopped walking, staring at the corpse.

With a hint of hesitance in his steps, Jay walked over towards the body. As he got closer he realized just who it was- Brown hair, beads and colorful jewelry. His heart sank. Sapphire McLeod. They'd shared classes, never ran in the same social groups. Member of that Christian group. A nice plain girl.

"Shit." He whispered, bending down and rolling the girl over. Mercifully, her eyes were closed. Gunshots to the chest. He grimaced as the smell of decay hit him. Jay turned away, unable to look any longer.

What was he even doing? Hayley and Janet were watching- he had a boat to catch. He gave one last look down at the corpse before rising. He'd never been the best with words- he supposed an eulogy or something would be appropriate, but he didn't have the time and he didn't have the willpower.

Something gleamed in the sand. Jay's curiosity peaked, he bent down, snatching it up. A Tamagotchi. Why did she-

Her weapon. The fuckers gave her a joke weapon.

Sadness overwhelmed him. She'd been fucked from the start. Sapphire McLeod hadn't been given a choice.

Jay pocketed the item, shouldered his bag and continued on his way. It was light, and it wasn't too long until he was on the shoreline, looking up at the ship, and the imposing men on it.

"Uh." He began, before craning his neck, looking behind at the others boarding and already aboard the ship. Jeremy Franco. Harun Kemal, another boy, swearing in a language he didn't know.

Pretty decent haul.

It was a terrible joke and he didn't bother to laugh. Jay cleared his throat. He wanted to look back toward the treeline, back towards his friends. He didn't know if they'd already left or were intent on watching him go. He wondered what would be worse. He hoped to see them again. He prayed it would happen- in real life, not on the screen. He'd watch their run. The rest of the world probably saw them as villains, and they'd need some hometown support.

Don't look. Don't look back.

He stared down at his feet, guilt washing over him in tune with the tide.

"I don't suppose I can hitch a ride?"



A short while later, Jay sat in the back corner of the boat, his bag tucked in close. He'd isolated himself from the rest of the passengers, aside from a few greetings he hadn't said a word to anyone. He'd sat down and the others had left him to it.

There wasn't much in his pack. A spare change of clothes, the Tamagotchi, which was dubbed Mimi for some reason. He'd renamed it Cheech and had gotten to work feeding it and cleaning up its poop. The others must have thought he was crazy, and he accepted the idea wholeheartedly with a small grin.

He didn't know what would happen next. The rescuers hadn't been very clear with the next step, but he assumed they had it under control. And if not, well, at least they'd fucked Danya over some.

He wasn't okay with it. Not in the least, but he kept it inside. The others had enough to deal with, angsting wouldn't do any good.

If I just smile, I guess they'll think it's all okay.

It wasn't much, but it was the best plan he'd thought up the entire game. Say some witty things, pull a few jokes, smile and make things easy for everyone. Make things easy. Something ever a brain dead stoner couldn't fuck up, right?

He supposed he should get started. Maybe he should start up a conversation, Franco would probably be more then willing. The kid had never been one to let things like death-games and killing ones friends get him down. Maybe he would make a flag. Hell, if this was their ship, it'd need a flag. And a name.

A stupid name. Something stupid that an idiot stoner would come up with.

The S.S "Dat Ass"

He hoped the others would mind him hoisting up a flag made of red panties.
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