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V5 Concepts Thread; Let 'em loose here
Topic Started: May 8 2011, 04:08 PM (28,754 Views)
Jethro McCrazy
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I am also new, but figured I'd post a few ideas.

James "Jamie" Gibson - Jamie, like so many others, had his development shaped greatly by a childhood of being bullied. As a kid, he was a sweetie, but his high levels of energy, combined with his lack of verbal filter got him into trouble, both with his fellow students, and the school faculty. The bullying only got worse as Jamie got older, and he soon became more withdrawn, drawing attention to himself less and less. This is a shame, as the very things that made him a target in grade school, namely a quick wit, sarcasm, and general snarkiness, had the potential to make him somewhat popular in high school. It is only recently that Jamie has begun to come out of his shell, finding that the best deterrent for bullys, rather than self defense techniques, or faculty intervention, was in fact a timely growth spurt.

Despite having turned 18 early in the school year, Jamie lookes much younger. At 5, 10, he isn't tall, but he is much taller and broader than the 14 year old that his face implies. His short, wavy brown hair, and active and often mischievous eyes only add to his youthful appearance. Broad of shoulder, Jack is out of shape, but not fat, merely having no muscle mass to speak of.

Advantages: Genre Savy, good at reading people, adept at moving silently, made a point to learn to defend himself, despite being physically weak.

Disadvantages: Physically weak, winded easily, socially awkward due to inexperience. Has difficulty thinking under stress.

I see Jack as dealing with a higher brain vs lower brain thing. When his higher brain is in the driver's seat, he is smart, funny, and mischievous. But underneath is a guardedness born of a decade of being bullied that makes it difficult for him to make personal connections. On the flip side, when his lower brain is control, it's all about fight/flight/freeze. But while in this self-preservation mode, there will be a part of his brain that he can't shut off that will be making internal side comments.

Thoughts? Comments? there could have been a lot more complexity to this character, but I tried to bring him down to his roots, which is the bullying thing. Got another character, but this is the one I thought about when I first found out about SotF. Yes, clearly based in part on personal experience.
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