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V5 Concepts Thread; Let 'em loose here
Topic Started: May 8 2011, 04:08 PM (28,786 Views)
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Hey guys, I'm new. If you want to know more about me, go check out my first post over in the introductions thread. Anyway, here are the concepts I worked on last night instead of paying attention to an office training meeting. I realize the similarity between Quentin and Dean, but I think they'd be really fun to play for very different reasons. I see Dean as a determined "the show must go on (as long as I'm front and center)" old guard of Broadway, prima donna type, and Quentin as something of a snarky punk for whom the line between movies and reality is dangerously blurry. Emulating action movies in real life is a great (and hilarious!) way to get killed, but maybe he's just crazy enough to make it work.

"Caveman" Clyde Overman - believed by most of his peers to be a big stupid ogre due to his large stature and general quietness, he got the nickname "Caveman Clyde" due to his pronounced brow and jaw. He tends to think out everything before he speaks, which is not often, and when he does, he delivers the words very deliberately. Hit puberty before everyone else and had to start shaving in the 7th grade, and now sports an impressive amount of facial hair for someone who has yet to graduate high school. Endured plenty of ridicule from his classmates growing up, and now keeps to himself because of it. He doesn't really fit in anywhere, but he feels most at home in shop class. He loves to work with his hands and finds it quite fulfilling to, for example, assemble a useless pile of lumber and screws into a bookshelf. His wardrobe consists pretty largely of black band t-shirts and black jeans, regardless of weather or occasion, and he can most often be found hanging around the vocational tech building listening to metal and punk on his MP3 player. Loudly.

Advantages: Naturally big and strong, physically intimidating, good at building and breaking down things.
Disadvantages: Social outcast, ugly appearance, not in good physical shape, tendency to overthink.

Dean Friday - aspirations of ending up on Broadway with a shelf full of Tony awards. Has worn out and repurchased the soundtrack to A Chorus Line no less than 4 times. Has been in the Drama Club since middle school and nabbed the lead role in every school play and musical he could audition for, as well as getting smaller parts in the local Seattle community theatre scene. Is annoyed from time to time that he is not treated more as a celebrity by his classmates. Very much a ham and seeks to steal the spotlight in the most dramatic way possible all the time. Since he acts like his whole life is a stage, he is quite flamboyant in word and deed. Upon realization that he is on SOTF, he would view it as a golden opportunity to become a star and would play to win, constantly mugging for the cameras. And if/when he is killed, you can bet he'll go out with one hell of a soliloquy...

Advantages: Veteran performer who can manipulate people's feelings. Playing to win, and win with panache. Has friends throughout the school. Has the athletic body of a trained dancer.
Disadvantages: Not naturally inclined toward violence, stage fighting skills likely won't translate well to the real thing and may end up getting him killed.

Nell Morning - cub reporter extraordinaire. One of the few staffers at the school newspaper who takes it seriously, she's trying to get into Northwestern and become an award-winning muckraker journalist. Will stop at nothing to get the scoop, to the point of alienating the subjects of her various exposes. Something of an idealist who wants to use her mighty typewriter to change the world for the greater good. Is rarely seen without her mini spiral notebook and pen, scribbling away. Upon arriving at the island, will begin documenting events in a memoiristic fashion, and her actions will be influenced heavily by what would end up making the best story.

Advantages: Intelligent and quick thinker, can use her interview technique to get information from people, determined to get a good story at any cost.
Disadvantages: Has made some enemies in the past, idealist, desire to get the best story may lead her to a near-suicidal attempt to interview the man behind it all--Vanya himself.

Quentin Tallarico - avid cinemaphile and active member of Film Club. Devours anything committed to reel, from the popcorniest summer blockbusters to the indie classics. Wants his boring life to BE a movie, but since that's not possible, will settle for just making them instead. Has made a couple of local access television masterpieces, filmed on location in his parents' basement and the coffee shop on the corner. Pictures every scene of his life through the lens of an imaginary camera, complete with soundtrack. English is actually his second language; his first is Sarcasm. Takes refuge in snark and will seize every opportunity to throw out his favorite movie quotes. When he gets to the island, he sets out to make it the greatest action thriller of all time, written, directed, and starring none other than himself. He will be the embodiment of what a 17 year old thinks an action hero should be: a dual-wielding, shades wearing, one-liner spouting killing machine. In other words, he'll be lucky to last an hour.

Advantages: Near-encyclopedic familiarity with movies grants him trivial knowledge of a vast array of subjects, will attempt even the most outrageous and dangerous stunts in the name of winning the game in the coolest, most badass way imaginable.
Disadvantages: The movies ain't real life, so he's extremely likely to try something that will get him killed. Might piss off the wrong guy with a poorly timed deadpan comment.
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