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V5 Concepts Thread; Let 'em loose here
Topic Started: May 8 2011, 04:08 PM (28,696 Views)
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So I quickly read through the entire thread and here's some of my own:

Name: Hayden Reynolds Miles Strickland
* Tall, Blonde, Student Council Preppy, with a smug look about him. Top of the social ladder at school, because rich and good looking. Father is a lawyer, mother is a college professor. Wants to be a lawyer, from father's encouragement. Overachiever, who is good in school. Also a bit of a cocky and arrogant prick, but very subtle about it to portray the image of a good student/kid in front of people - when really he's a jerk to those who he views are losers. Wears very preppy clothing, often collard polo shirts. Physically fit and is in athletics, but not really dedicated in them. Quite intelligent and he knows it. Teachers love him. Purposely portrays a charming attitude to people. Extremely passive-aggressive to those he doesn't like. Will show his true jerk like tendencies sometimes, when he can. Cool with friends.

(Might possibly go by another name, but for now... :P )
Name: Ricky Owens Junior (Jr.) Kyran Dean

* Male, About 6'1" and physically fit, but not muscular. Light Golden brown hair, cut short, but somewhat shaggy. Light blue eyes, Caucasian skin tone that is sun-dyed tanner due to being in the sun often.
* The Deans are your seemingly perfect, traditional Middle Class Family.
* Charismatic kid, dimple smile, and has distinctive laugh. 'All Around' guy who doesn't conform to any specific clique. Will makes friends with anyone.
* Hobbies and interests vary largely. Always open and interested in trying different things or joining different school sports or activities.
* (Would love to find some former girlfriends for him)
* Don't mind this stuff. He'll be a little different from what I originally had planned. Similar, but not quite.

(We always say, write what you know and the next concept I know quite well, being that I was once a Hawaii teenager. Another for the 0.4% Pacific Islanders!)

Name: F - Lahela Makakila

*An experiment of a blank slate student who'll develop relationships in Pre-game. She's the "New Girl" after all.
* Part Hawaiian girl, whose family moved to Seattle from Hawaii at the very end of the junior year. Possibly has family in Seattle that helped them move there. She'll be new at the school and people are still getting to know her.
* Her interests may vary greatly as I haven't decided on them yet, but she'll likely be pretty open.
* Back in Hawaii, her extended family owned a ranch, so she'll be good with Animals, like horses.
* That's the rough idea for now. I'm open for any help developing her. I'd love to work with someone on a cousin or a sibling of the opposite gender.

M - Chayson Alaka'i Makakila
* Laid Back Hawaiian, very athletic. Loves surfing/beach. Plays Ukulele and guitar, for mere soothing fun.
* Used to talk in a local slang pidgen dialect accent from Hawaii, but now makes an effort to try and talk with a normal American accent.


Quick Brain Stormed Ideas, that I'll pick and choose from including the three above, based on others interest. Whoever isn't used will appear in The Minis::

Name: Patrick Ryan
* Short dorky looking kid of Portuguese descent. Wears glasses, has buck teeth. Bad grooming, with messy hair, barely shaves so has awkward teen facial stubble. Bad complexion as well, with pimples. Has a tremendous ego, because he believes he is super cool and popular and also a ladies man, when he is really categorized as more of a geek. Does not catch on that he isn't those things, very well. Makes weird sounds and voices + screams like a girl. SUPER GOOFY/WACKY. The one reason people actually like having him around due to being entertaining, fueling his ego that he is super cool, making him very cocky. Loves videos games. Follows the bandwagon of trends among the cool kids, quite easily. Highly spirited kid, that does outrageous stuff. School Mascot.

Name: Gavin Baker NOW IN PROGRAM!
* An asshole and bully. Likes to pick/tease/bully others, just cause it's fun. Isn't very big, so picks on kids he thinks he can get away with. Actually a coward. Very immature. Will zone in on any chance or reason to make fun of someone. Smokes. Hates gays. Somewhere in the middle of the high school social ladder. Kiss ass to bigger or more popular kids that he's scared of. A bit of a weasel like boy, with crooked teeth. Might play in school band because parents forced him to.

Name: Noah Stanbury
* Classic athletic bully. Wears Letterman jacket almost all the time. Also a bit of a dick, like Gavin. Mean spirited and inappropriate at the best of times. Not subtle in his picking and teasing as my concept like Hayden. Not a coward like Gavin, actually really tough, being a jock. He's into boxing and trains in it too. Does the picking on losers, because he knows he can. Taking their lunch money, giving wedgies, stuffing them into locker, shoving them in the hallway and such. Cool with people on the same level of the pecking order as himself. Likes to fight. Won't hesitate to kick your nerdy ass. Note - not really a bad kid, if he gets to know someone.

Name: "Big Mike" Michael Gibraltar (Improved on and used in Virtua Mini)
* Called "Big Mike" by his peers due to being a rather large and fat, but strong and muscular guy. Into style. Wears the most stylish clothes. Well groomed, with the most stylish jacket. Chain necklace around the neck. Looks intimidating, but actually a sweet heart who is well liked amongst his peers. Surprisingly smart and articulate, but lazy to school work. Tough and strong, who could probably beat you up if you mess with him. Lives with Doctor Grandfather. Likes romantic vampire fiction. Wants to be a seamstress. Many other guilty pleasures. Might play in school band due to love of classical music instruments.

Name: Luther Blaque
* Educated Middle Class, African American boy. Looks very stern and serious, with glasses, and some facial hair. Very academically oriented. Stern voice to match. Might be valedictorian. Focused on everything with his education. Plans to go to College. Loves science, Computers, economics, business, etc. Can be very friendly, but HATES ignorant black people, who give African Americans a bad name. Very smart. Will likely join school band.

Name: Carlos Jeremy Hunter
* Half Latino guy. SUPER SCHOOL SPIRIT. Pep Rally type person. The guy who does stuff for school spirit occasions, like home coming. Highly energetic and cheery - quite extroverted and hyper. First to volunteer to do stuff when asked for demonstration and other stuff. Athletic guy into sports, for the rush of the sports themselves. Usually wears school T-Shirts and other clothing and apparel to represent their school. Loud at times, when hyped. Loves to win. Likes/comfortable working in groups. Likes socializing alot. Might come off as 'fake' due to the tendancy to leave 'friends for other friends in an instant, but not purposely doing that. He's just constantly on the move. Won't hesitate to help organize stuff. Can often be seen with a baseball cap. Play drums in school band, maybe.

Name: Quinton Alba
* School Newspapers and Yearbook Editor. Loves journalism and writing, but especially loves Photography. Usually the one who takes pictures. Wears contact lenses that appear purple over his blue-grey eyes. Studies alot. Likes to observe people. Audio Visual person. Into filming and also cameras, and computer digital media classes. Possibly join school band.

Name: Scott Wilson
* Tall, on the pudgy size, but not really that fat, boy. He's known as a nerd/dork. Most people don't like him, even those lower on the school's social ladder, due to his B-O. Pale skin, with glasses, and tangly dark brown hair. Some people are scared of him, because he looks like the type who would snap, due to the way he stares off forward randomly, in silence. Actually thinking about videos games, and comics, and anime, and other stereotypically nerdy stuff. Wears purple, with black trench coat, that is smaller than the size meant for someone like him. Hates being told about his B-O and being told to wear deodorant. Knows he's being bullied, and hates people for it. Is extremely nice to those who bother being nice to him. Considers those people friends. Has only a few good friends. Will def play in school band.

Name: "Little Matt" Matthew Fukuda
* Japanese boy, called "Little Matt" by his small stature. It's typically a term of endearment rather than bullying. Loves computers/technology. Japanese nerd. Very smart, but distracted easily by other stuff. Bookworm who likes to RP, cosplay, browse the net, hacky sack and study and other stuff. Of strict, traditional Japanese family. Wears glasses and dresses neatly and professionally, rather than casual. White collard shirts with pocket protectors and black pants, with a pencil in the ear is his usual get up. Girls think he's cute in a 'little puppy' sort of way, rather than attracted. May be picked on by bigger guys who don't like people like him. Likely play in school band. Plays tennis.

Name: Eliza Shaw
* Very vain and conceited girl, with neck length short black hair, styled professionally. Very into, fashion. Favorite color is purple. Comes from a rich family. Wears jewelry very often. Speaks in a very posh style, like a classic movie starlet would. Described as having "bette davis eyes" Loves to gossip a lot. Is in with the other preppy popular girls. Snobby to those she deems beneath her. A trait she gained from her parents.

Name: Selma Slater
* A Big, massive girl. About 5'10" and appears fat, but also muscular. Is part of the wrestling team, and is VERY good at it. Has a reputation about it, around school, for almost reaching the championships. Well respected by much of the in-crowd, although people can be jerks about her behind her back, due to appearance and such. A tough girl who could probably beat up most guys and any girls who want to bother/be bitches to her. Strong. Possibly be part of school band.

Name: Dayna Rabz
* Short, overweight/fat, half Filipino, half Jewish girl. Desperately wants to fit in and be popular, like her pretty sister was before she graduated (sister is now a goth). Has a huge crush on a boy, but has far too little self confidence to do anything about it. Gets depressed often, and seeks comfort in food, making her fat. A bit of a neurotic, with very bad luck, Very clumsy. Somehow got into the cheerleading team, but feels like an outcast on the team. Knows she's fat and hates it. Was prescribed thick framed glasses for eye sight, but barely wears them for fear of what she might look like. Might be picked on/bullied by some. Likes to sing and dance, but is bad at it. Listens to depressing music when sad and alone. Awkward kid. Does have friends, mostly from older sister's reputation.

Name: Carmen Cruise
* Pretty, light skinned Spanish girl. Sweet and academically oriented. Girl next door type. Also loves soccer and volley ball, which she also plays for. Secretly into MMA. While in athletics, put's her hair up into a bun and wears either a sports band or visor. Outside of athletics, you'd never know she's the sporty type, by her wholesomeness.

Name: Erin Bishop
* A hot girl, who sleeps around alot. Family problems might be a cause of this, Parents divorced, no dad around, mom is a bitch who she just doesn't get along with and doesn't seem to care about Erin. Finds school as an escape, and intimate relationships as a form of love/care. Kind of a gold digger/mooch as well. Dates guys to get free stuff. Mooches off at friends houses just to be away from home. A bit of a lazy couch potato, who lacks off at school. Loves cooking.

Name: Trista Runyan
* Spoiled bitch. Kind of one of those types of popular girls. Also a party girl, loves throwing parties at her big house. Family is wealthy and lets her get her way. Flirts alot. Loves to dress stylish. Wears those huge bug eyed sunglasses, like a spoiled princess. The kind who would shun other students she doesn't like.

Name: Delilah Rivers

Name: Monica Davis
* Goth girl. Actually very chill. Naturally strawberry blonde, but died hair black, with maroon/pink streaks. Maroon is her favorite color. Also a bit of dead pan sarcasm and snarkiness. Quick witted. Also naturally pretty, but hidden in goth fashion. Wears dark colors, especially black, some maroon. Wears boots, long pants, fishnet stockings/socks, Always wears gloves, with fishnet going up the arms. Black clothing. Good relationship with family, who is very much the opposite of her, appearance wise. Always friendly banter going on with her typical white wash parents: They're really close. Same goes with her friends. Quiet, Usually only talks, when has something to say. Pretends to be scary gothic witch girl in front of the 'normal people' that she doesn't like, so they go away.

Name: Fiona Gibson

* Female, about 5'5" and thin. Long straight dark brown hair, almost black. Blue eyes. Caucasian. Likes to wear beanies.
* Clothes are typically dark long sleeved shirts with broad stripes, or regular T-Shirts, long pants, long socks with stripes as well and sneakers.
* She hails from a struggling lower-working class family. Financial problems - poor. Family problems, which troubles her, but keeps to herself.
* Quiet, but not shy. Usually only talks when she has something to say. Tends to keep to herself when not with friends.
* She can be quite snarky and sarcastic, but her delivery is usually deadpan, not shifting from how she usually talks.
* Lower of the social totem pole at school. Usually ignoring being picked on. Very nice to people who are nice to her.
* (I will look through the planning threads to figure out some hobbies for her. Any ideas, feel free to send my way)
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Updated the above post with more concepts and wouldn't mind help deciding. Which ones are you guys interested in? :)

Whew, long write. Needed somewhere to put some of my ideas for now (left out the ones that do not match the setting here).
Don't know which ones I'll go with, yet. So far just Ricky Jr, due to the group Little has set up and I'd like to write the coming out story for him in pregame.

Let me know if you have any thoughts/advice on these kids, or any possible plans you may have between these kids and your characters.
I'll do my best to work everything out.
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