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V5 Concepts Thread; Let 'em loose here
Topic Started: May 8 2011, 04:08 PM (28,699 Views)
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I'm not normally one for "planning ahead." I tend to play fast and loose with my audience's expectations, and mostly just go the way that feels natural. That being said, have a brief V5 character idea.

So I think I want to play a character more true to me. I obviously can't do a self-insert, because I'm just not interesting enough to be a good character. And also I think aspects of my real life would be unsuitable for insertion into SoTF; for example, I'm neurotic enough that I actively train with weapons, just in case it could come in handy some day. Which obviously just screams "pre-made player!"

That being said, I think my first character, but probably not the only one I make, will be a slight mix between some of the better aspects of all of my previous characters. Robert's characteristics will probably be completely buried, as well as Kayla's (and not just because it's been months since I did anything with them and I've completely forgotten everything about them), while Janet and Kyle will mix together some of their better aspects. I liked writing Janet because her aloofness and fascination with human nature, combined with her fracturing facade of uncaring bitchiness, was probably the most like my public face. Kyle, on the other hand, was kind of an image of my private face, with his kinda derpy nature, and his faux badassness, and the fact that his entire character arc was mostly based around his (unfortunately failed) quest to get laid.

So when I activate my Ectobiology machine to make this new guy, my vague plan for him is for him to be very aloof when you first get to know him, kinda like myself, though he reveals some of his derpy nature all along, again kinda like myself. I'm not going to give him any major mental illnesses like I did with Kyle, because I think I proved to everyone that I really suck at writing people with OCD. I certainly proved it to myself. This guy, who I'm probably going to name Chris as an nominal attachment to myself (my middle name is Christopher), will almost certainly be a very open nerd, not in the Star Trek/MMORPG sort of way, but more of the computer programming and math sort of way. He'll probably have an avid interest in weapons, and may even study how to use them, but will have little to no practical experience. If he starts with/gets a girlfriend while in pre-game, interactions between them will almost certainly show the cracks in his facade of aloofness. I haven't decided if he'll have any sort of tragic past. He might be like me, and feel like his past is tragic even though he's obviously blowing it all out of proportion. He'll probably have fairly low self-esteem, and may deprecate himself in order to make people feel like complimenting him. Which I've definitely not done at all in this post. *cough*

Appearance-wise, he'll probably be average height, a little skinny, and not very heavily muscled. He'll probably be decently good looking, though he may himself downplay himself because of that same self-deprecation. (Which is another thing that I've definitely never done. *cough*) Beyond that, I don't know much. He'll probably be a dirty blond, or a brunette. He'll definitely be white, and probably in the stereotypical nerdboy way.

Everything else... well, it's still stuck in the miasma of my brain, and probably won't get itself fully sorted out until I actually write a proper profile for him. Also, I need to think of a last name....
V5 Character(s)
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