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V5 Concepts Thread; Let 'em loose here
Topic Started: May 8 2011, 04:08 PM (28,763 Views)
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Dae-Jung "Ernest" Ho

Dae-Jung, Ernest, or Ho-dawg as he likes to be known as with ‘the public’, is leader of Seattle’s most AZN highschool gang. Or, he likes to think so anyway.

He’s a good student, and has had fairly consistently good marks throughout his schooling. He’s friendly and well meaning even if his choice of attire sometimes indicates otherwise. Dae doesn’t take shit from others, but his wit is quicker than his temper, and most confrontations he gets in end before they get physical.

He was bullied in primary school, and turned to music, especially rap and hip-hop, as an escape, an outlet, and eventually a source of defence. Middle school went better for him, his attitudes and interactions with others changing completely with the new environment. He relaxed, he made friends, and he got to know himself a lot better. It was there that he met Jae-Hwa and the two started hanging out together.

Around about this time his father got promoted, his mother went back to work, and he found himself spending less time with them. They both worked later than it took him to get back home, and it wasn’t long before those hours bumming around the house started to feel pretty lonely. He invited Jae to visit after school a few times, and before long it became a regular thing. They talked, listened to music and played games together, and soon became very close friends. And then, after a while, they became more than that.

Leaving middle school, and with Jae’s support behind him, he hit high school with something approximating ambition. The idea of Ho’s gang being called Null Hypothesis had been an in-joke through middle school, but on the transition from middle to high he figured actually doing it might be worth a shot.


This is pretty incomplete, but i think it gives the general Ho-dawg gestalt~

Any thoughts, relationship-formings or critiques would be much appreciated, as always.

Oh, and i'll get some pictures drawn up once i've got his appearance finalised :3
was going to put them up with this buuuut, weeellll, i got busy with other shiz.
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