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V5 Concepts Thread; Let 'em loose here
Topic Started: May 8 2011, 04:08 PM (28,773 Views)
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Oh yeah I have concepts now!

Cara-with-a-C Howard is a bottle blonde, thin, fairly athletic girl who, though a little less gullible than her best friend Kara, is not all that bright. Quick to follow Kara onto the cheerleading squad, she's definitely a sheep and just like her best friend, a huge gossip but her intentions are- mostly- good, but she's quick to make judgements, and quick to change her mind based on popular opinion. She loves fashion though and is quick to comment when someone looks awful, though she never really intends to hurt anyone's feelings by it- though feelings do get hurt. She's also incredibly passionate in her devotion to animals, having a number of pets, aspiring to become a vet once she's graduated.

Mike Farrell is a strange combination. He's a big fan of indie music and art films, but can switch from going off on a tangent about how that band totally sold out after their second album to training with the football team at the drop of a hat, which leads to him keeping some presence around a fair few groups in school. He's smart, though, and very good at History, though most of his grades are just average. He's a fairly friendly guy, though as both a hipster and a jock, he has got more than his share of people around school that dislike him.
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