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V5 Concepts Thread; Let 'em loose here
Topic Started: May 8 2011, 04:08 PM (28,723 Views)
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Well my two ideas are:

Jackson Narokostavolos: An second generation Greek/French immigrant, Jackson is a member of the football team and is a closeted gay. He has a very short fuse and has been suspended several times for lashing out at people who he sees as being like him and hold a lot of grudges. However, he has had a long term crush on one of his team-mates, which is kind of obvious to everyone except himself.

Leanne "Lele" Berkinson: The sterotypical good Christian girl on the outside, Lele isn't so sweet on the inside. Pushy, judgemental and an all round snob, Lele is obsessed with having things done her way. She is selfish and bitchy, yet she deeply thinks on the inside that she is a good person.
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