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So Give Me Something to Believe; Open!
Topic Started: May 7 2011, 06:01 PM (2,186 Views)
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((Whoops, I've been busy. Apologies.))

Despite the help, Quincy Jones remains elusive. We've searched nearly everywhere for him, yet an island of less than one hundred people is perhaps one of the best greater better hiding places.

We've searched everywhere, but he's probably on the move. But there was one thing we found.

A spectacular thing.

Alice handed me a key along the journey. Sarah's. She said it opened something, so I agreed we should search the island for whatever this opened. The Warehouses were the obvious choice. We searched, we avoided commotion, we avoided a grissly run-in with two flat classmates. But I found a door that matched the label. Storage. I opened it up, and...

An Uzi. A working, automatic handheld submachine gun. With ammo, with a manual, with everything. 4 clips. 25 bullets to a clip. Theoretically, if they all stood in a line, I could wipe out the entire class. Only theoretically of course. No point unless I hit Quincy first, along with whoever that bitch was that killed Tiffany. She stole it from me, so I'm going to

But we've moved on. We've searched, and we avoided scenes of drama. Needless fucking drama.

We've stopped now.


((Aston Bennett continues from Cracking))

There were several times in her life that Aston got asked ridiculous questions.

These were the top two.

Was Aston just going to walk off the island, without getting her vengeance on the one person who dared take something from her? No. Did Alice spend an entire day with her to mislead her into making such a vague assumption? No. Did she look like someone who could go for the easiest way out, when clearly there was much better things to do?

Aston was so insulted.

She clenched her hand on the gun by her waist. This new arrival, Joe Rios, was an unfactor. A variable. He was not part of her plan. Unless...he really wanted to be? She doubted it. He already seemed to welcome death, so any plan that involved living was probably a no-go. Going to the beach was not her plan. Getting "rescued" was not her plan. Rescue. Did she look like she needed rescuing, honestly? She was perfectly fine.

But still, Aston kept her mind on the target here. Her clenched hand drew the gun out, and casually pointed it at the newest arrival.

"Unless you bring me a certain killer's living head, for me to crush the life out of, I'm not leaving any time soon."

Her choice. Her only choice. According to mister megaphone, they weren't talking two out of three people on this cliffside. While Aston could probably say that she didn't trust Alice with her job once Aston was sipping piña coladas in some far off unknown place. Cause face it, Danya would hunt those fuckers down like dogs for screwing with his perfect game. Aston wasn't gonna live a life of nothing when she could replace it with the possibility of getting back at the one person who got away.

She turned to Alice.

"I'm not going down there. Unless Quincy Jones is on that boat, I have no reason to be there. There's no point, don't you see? This place gives me some sort of purpose, since before this place, I was just existing. Here, I have a mission. I'm going to hunt down the guy who killed my best friend-"


"-and inflict as much pain as humanely possible to the human body until he feels what I felt."


Her hand felt weak, so she stuffed the gun back in her jeans.

"So there you go."

Back to Joe. The new guy was briefed like that. He didn't even want to know, now he did know.

"So you can see why I'm not going down there. But..." Aston pulled herself up from the cliff's edge, and stood to face the Latino giant. Well, he didn't seem like a raging psychopath as those announcements would have had her believe. He certainly wasn't mouth breathing or snorting.

"Are you seriously interested in putting your life at risk for someone you barely know?"
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