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Monsters; Private.
Topic Started: May 3 2011, 06:10 PM (6,254 Views)
Dr. Nic
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How cute.
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[Boy #14 - Alex White. Continued from The Lesson Today is How To Die.

Thread started with permission from the mods.]

Alex was hungry.

That's why he was here. He was hungry. He was hungry and tired and absolutely sick of bread and crackers with water every day. He'd run out of luck when it came to finding food out in the woods, so he was trying his luck in town this time. It had taken him a while to get here, sure, but what was a few hours out here? He'd have plenty of time to find Allen when he had a decent meal in his stomach and maybe even a good night's rest in one of the houses in this part of town. First things first, he was looking for dinner. Lunch. Breakfast. Whatever meal it would end up, he wanted to find food. Even if it was a can of Vienna sausages or spam, it would be better than anything he'd had since he'd woken up on this island.

He wasn't having much luck anywhere, it seemed.

He figured he would at least have some luck here. It was a grocery store after all. He thought finding food here would be easy. Just pop in, grab some food, and pop back out. Simple as that. Unfortunately, it didn't look like it was going to be that easy or that simple. Even here, it was slim pickings. But he had plenty of time to keep looking, sifting through everything in the store, going up and down the aisles. He had plenty of time. Time to search. Time to think. Time to wonder, and worry. Time to regret.

"What's done is done. No use crying over it."

Right... right. No use getting upset over it. He couldn't change what he has done. No one could. That's just the way it was. There was no point in sitting there and sulking. When it came down to it, Alex knew he would have to do it all over again. When he found the people he was looking for, he would have to do it all again. The fighting. The struggling. The killing. No one was left to protect or worry about. No one was left to confide in or trust. They were all dead, dying, or killing, and Alex joined them. It was who he was now, but he wasn't doing it just for the sake of doing it. He wasn't doing it just to follow his friends. No, he made a promise to survive this thing, and he would survive for as long as he could. This was, after all, his game.

He would keep hunting.

His hunt for food would continue as well. It was dark in here without any lights, but he got by with a flashlight. Searching the aisles in the dark. Looking for food, water, supplies. Looking for anything he could use. Hoping no one else had come to take it all yet. Hoping no one else would come along while he was there. Thinking back on Andrea. On Will and Rena. The entire time, thinking and worrying and wondering what he was going to do with Allen when he found him. Remembering how he reacted when he found Andrea, how to treated her, how angry he was. How everything he did was done just to get what he wanted, and it was so close now. Just find Allen and he would have it all. Just find those pills and things would be better. He could think. He could act. He could stay alert and push himself beyond his limits.

He could focus on the game, and win. Just find those pills.

Up and down the aisles, Alex searched.

In the dark, alone... but for how long?
Boy #??? - Joshua Edwards
Hanging out somewhere, playing his heart out.
Writer and local retail slave at the comic book store.

Girl #??? - Viktoriya "Vika" Starikova
Floating in the void, unfinished and half-formed.
Hot headed member of the soft ball team, secretly wishing she could fly.

Those who were
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Dr. Nic
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How cute.
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"You've got company, boy. You know what to do."

Right. Find a place to hide, that was his first order of business. The noises outside weren't random, they were voices. Several of them, to boot. There was a back way out of here somewhere around here, but Alex wasn't about to take off running just yet. This was supposed to be his game, after all. And he was there first, scavenging the grocery store before they ever came along, so why shouldn't he stick around and make sure he got the pick of the harvest?

Alex slipped behind a shelf, and then another. Back further into the store. Against the refrigerated sections, with the glass doors to his back and the faint smell of rotten food. Rotten food with just a hint of old milk. It was dark as all hell back here, and the only windows were up front. Perfect place to hide. Perfect place to sit tight and wait for them.

Also the perfect place to find broken glass.

The remains of the bottle crunched underfoot and Alex froze. He waited. He listened. Then he relaxed. No one heard it. No one was inside yet to hear it. But broken glass was a perfect tool. He'd used it before to great lengths, why not again?

He palmed a piece of glass, and waited.

In the dark.

He waited.
Boy #??? - Joshua Edwards
Hanging out somewhere, playing his heart out.
Writer and local retail slave at the comic book store.

Girl #??? - Viktoriya "Vika" Starikova
Floating in the void, unfinished and half-formed.
Hot headed member of the soft ball team, secretly wishing she could fly.

Those who were
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Dr. Nic
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How cute.
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A shot rang out.

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Dr. Nic
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How cute.
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[I should probably slap a content warning on this. Sooo... ]

Warning: The following scene contains graphic depictions of violence and insinuations of non-consensual interactions.

You have been warned.

More blood on his hands. Not much, but it was there. On his hands, on the gun. Another stain that wouldn't go away. Alex slipped off into the dark after Annaliese, listened for and heard Ray coming. Ray and someone else. Didn't matter. Alex was already stalking off through the dark, between the aisles, wiping the specks of blood off the gun and slipping it into his belt. Too noisy. Too messy. It was a wonderful little tool, but it was a liability now.

In the dark, Alex was alone. He wanted it to stay that way.

In and out of the aisles. Back against the wall. Avoid the glass and the wrappers and the junk. Make no noise, just slip out unnoticed. Slip out and get away and leave this place behind. Yeah, simple as that. Slip out and take down anything that stood in the way. Anything. Anyone.

Someone's outside.

"Ready to go again, boy?"

Alex was ready. He turned the glass over and over again in his hand, barely able to feel it through the bandages. He was ready. Against the wall, around the corner. He waited, watched, listened.

Looks like it was Alex's lucky day. Rosa Fiametta and Felicia Carmichael. The whore of Babylon and friend. Lovely. Everyone knew about Rosa. Everyone knew about her 'conquests'. Rosa was a bike and everyone got to ride. The only thing Rosa had over Liz, in Alex's mind, was that Rosa never fucked a teacher. At least none that he knew of. Liz and Kwong? Hell, everyone could see what was going on there. Rosa just had the male student body to pick from, and she was well versed in the male body.

Rosa and Felicia.

Looks like Alex gets his turn.

From behind the corner, Alex came. Out of the shadows, Alex came. Fast, hard, brutal.

Felicia got it first. Just hard and fast. He picked her up and put her in to the wall as hard as he could. When he let go, she dropped like a rock and didn't move. Now that was no fun, but Alex wasn't in it to have fun with Felicia. No, he had his sights set on Rosa. Rosa fucking Fiametta. Yeah, she got his full attention.

With Felicia torn from her grasp, Rosa looked quite upset. Called out her name and everything. She turned to face Alex, tears still streaming down her face, and had a few choice words to say. More than a few, but she only got out a few.

"You bastard!"

Ooh, so tough, so hard. Rosa almost looked like she was going to run screaming if it weren't for Felicia, looking back and forth between Alex and her unconscious girlfriend. Yeah, she wanted to run. She wanted to run, and scream, and get as far away from Alex as she could, but she was helpless. Torn between self preservation and love for her friend.

That there was a mistake.

Before she could choose between herself and Felicia, Alex was on her. Picking her up and pinning her against the wall, his hand over her mouth. No need to have her screaming now. That little outburst might not have been loud enough to reach the ears of everyone else in the area, but you can be damn sure a bloody scream would. And Alex couldn't have that, no, he couldn't. He kept her quiet. Hand over her mouth and his thumb under her chin, keeping that mouth of hers shut. His weight against her.

She was pinned.

She was helpless.

She was at his mercy.

"Rosa fucking Fiametta."

Alex just grinned as he turned that name around. Here he was with Rosa Fiametta pinned against the wall behind some store. This would have been a dream if he were anyone else, and if they were back at home.

"I heard your sister died. Too bad. She was a looker. I wouldn't have minded a shot at her."

Alex kept that smirk, that sick little grin, just to show Rosa how much he enjoyed this. Oh, he was certain it would make her sick. But he wasn't about to let her do much about it. He just kept her pinned there against the wall, his weight driving the air from her chest. Nice chest too, it's really too bad it went to waste.

It didn't look like Rosa enjoyed his comment, though. She was struggling, that much was certain, but he kept his hand planted firmly over her mouth. He didn't pay much attention to her feet though, or realize how far down the wall she had slipped. But it seemed she'd slipped just far enough to drive her foot down on his. Fuck, that hurt.

"That hurt, you bitch."

Alex pulled her back up, away from the wall, and shoved her hard against it again. It was getting hard to keep her there, but he had something in mind. She wouldn't stay there forever.

"Your brother was on the announcements too, wasn't he? Little pussy finally grew some balls and killed someone, didn't he? I wonder what Senior thinks about that."

Alex pushed against her again, forced a little more air out of her. Kept her pinned. The look on her face was almost priceless, but Alex would have to guess anything on Rosa was only worth about $20. If that. He had to wonder... what would she have to say about now? Time to give her a little room.

Alex pulled his hand from her mouth.

She spat at him when she spoke, but he didn't care. He just wanted to hear what she had to say. And it seemed she had something to say after all. A nice little barb.

"He's five fucking times the man you are and with Ily that ain't saying much you cunt."

Emphasis on the cunt. Good choice, but that was enough for now. Alex put his hand back over her mouth, shoving her jaws closed. If she bit her tongue, all the better, but he didn't care. He just kept her there. Held her there against the wall, his full weight against her. But his arms were getting tired and Rosa wasn't as tiny as she looked. Holding almost 140lbs up against a wall was something Alex could only do for a little while, but he figured it was a good time to change position.

Besides, this next part was so, so much better.

Alex pulled her back and let her drop to the ground, shoving his leg against hers. No more cute shit now. But Rosa wasn't a one trick pony, it seemed. She wasn't afraid to get dirty. Well, everyone knew that, but it seemed she didn't mind fighting dirty either. The moment she had the space, she send her head forward with as much force as she could muster, and Alex could swear he almost heard a crunch when her forehead met his face. That bitch might have broken his nose!

"Oh, you little fuck."

She was making him mad. No more tricks. No more cute shit. Alex spun her round and slammed her against the wall, pinned an arm against her stomach and the other against her back, driving his weight into her back and forcing her against that wall face first.

"This is better. Seem familiar at all, Rosa? Pinned against the wall, boy behind you. Ready to stick you good?"

No screaming from Rosa. Every now and then, he'd shove his shoulder against her back and drive the air from her chest again and again. Make it hard to breath. Make it hard to talk, let alone scream. Keep his arm around her throat, and his hand in position. She makes a noise and he silences her. But it would be no fun if she couldn't talk back, give him a few more of her barbs. He didn't know if he wanted her to speak right now though. But she was going to fight for that right to talk, gasping for breath and forcing out every last syllable, being quite stubborn and refusing to just shut up and take it.

Alex shoved against her again, but she wasn't staying quiet.

"You don't know--"

Another hard shove, driving his shoulder into her back.

"--shit about me--"

Again, right between her shoulder blades.

"--you asshole!"

So stubborn. So restless. Rosa didn't like this, that much was obvious. She really, really didn't like this. Every muscle in her body seemed to resist Alex, but he just kept her pinned, driving an elbow or a shoulder or a knee into her.

"Oh, I know enough. Everyone talks about it. Looks like I'll finally get my chance to give you a poke now. I'll get mine eventually."

Alex turned the glass over in his free hand. Lined up the tip of the blade, if you could call it that, and held it tight.

"But I'll make sure you get yours too, no worry about that."

Rosa was taking it all in stride, it seemed. She even managed to spit out something that could be called laughter, if she could breathe enough to actually laugh. It wasn't much, but it was enough. But Alex knew better. That little laugh was absolutely drenched in despair. He could just hear it. But she was trying. Trying to be derisive. Maybe it was bravado. Maybe.

The touch of cold glass against her skin would get rid of that quick enough. Alex took his time. Dragged the jagged tip across a bit of exposed skin. Dug it into her flesh just enough to draw blood. Dragged it out. Slow, precise little cuts. Each one a little longer. Each one a little slower. His hand clamped over her mouth, and he shoved his weight against her again.

"Yeah, that's good. What do you think?"

He pulled his hand away, just enough. She was stammering. Barely able to get the words out. But she tried. She tried hard. Gasping, every now and then. Sharp, pained gasps. And Alex had to listen hard to make out the little whimpers she tried to keep down. But she was trying. She was trying so hard to keep resisting.

"H-having fun, you s-sick fuck?!"

"You bet, babe."

He clamped his hand over her mouth again.

"Deep breath."

He pressed the jagged tip against her side. Harder and harder. Until it pierced her skin and slipped into the red. But he didn't settle with a cut this time. No, he kept pushing. He thrust the so-called blade once it was in nice and deep. Hard and deep.

But not quick. Never quick.

"That's it."

He kept his hand over her mouth, and held it there tight. Those pained little whimpers and sharp gasps has been replaced but long, drawn out muffled screams. Just this endless whine against his hand. She was crying. He could feel it.

He pulled the glass out, slow. Always slow. Met with another long endless whine as he slipped the blood stained shard from her side.

"Another deep breath."

He picked a new spot and started all over again. She was bleeding plenty already, but he wasn't going to leave anything to chance. Yeah, this is a good spot. Slowly, excruciatingly slowly, he dug the tip into her skin. He cut a little X.

"It marks the spot."

Directly in the center of that X, he began to push. In it went and out came another long muffled scream, another wave of tears, even a little thrashing. But it was over for Rosa. It was over before any of this even began. Alex knew it. Rosa knew it. And if she didn't? Well, he would make sure she did. This was the end of the game for her.

He pulled out. Forced his weight against her. Pushed her into the wall. Kept her helpless. Took away her hope.

"Almost there."

One last spot.

"You ready?"

Alex really should have been paying more attention to her legs. After the cute shit she had pulled earlier, he really should have kept an eye on them. But with what was going on now, he had more important things to focus on. when she started to struggle and he pressed his weight against her, he didn't notice her leg coming up, and by then it was too late. She went for a good low blow, and got Alex pretty good, for what it was worth. His hand wasn't on her mouth anymore, that's for sure. But even as distracted as he was, he wasn't letting her go.

"Go die in a hole you scum."

Brave. Foolish as well, but brave. Alex slammed her back up against the wall, and had her silenced quick enough.

"Bold last words, bitch."

No use going slow this time. It was the finishing touch. The climax. The money shot. Alex found his spot, lined it up, and thrust hard. Hard, fast, brutal and most important of all, deep.

"Seems like I forgot a condom. You don't mind, do you? No, you don't."

With a satisfying snap, the glass shard broke. Alex left a present in Rosa. Left a piece behind. The glass was practically gone when he pulled his hand away, tossed the remainder away. But he wasn't done.

"Make sure it sticks."

With some emphasis on the last word, Alex sent his balled up fist in Rosa's side, right where the glass shard had been. A hard blow. A brutal blow. Another long, drawn out, endless scream. And it was over. That was it for Rosa. Her game was over. There was no fixing that, and Rosa certainly didn't look like she had the strength to even attempt to fix it, even if she could. When all that was left were whimpers and tears, Alex pulled Rosa away from the wall. Threw her away.

Tossed her like trash.

He stood over her. Looked down at her.

Spat on her.

"Was it good for you?"

She barely had any strength left. But she tried. She tried hard. Even now, even after it was all over, she was trying to resist. She raised her arm, as high as she could manage, and balled her fingers. Leaving only one behind.

She flipped him off.

"Goodnight, Rosa."

He left her to die.
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Dr. Nic
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[Scene 3 go.]

Alex was done with Rosa. Left her out back like trash. He'd stained his hands with more blood, but that didn't matter. Just more names and faces he would have to remember. There would be a lot of people to remember by the time this game was over, and Alex knew it. If he wanted to avoid a similar fate, he would have to leave this place behind. They would be out for blood when they found the bodies. His blood. He had to leave, and leave quickly.

Pulling the gun from his belt, he looked at it. Stared at it. Messy, and loud, and stained with blood of its own now. But it was the most intimidating thing that he had. More so than the spear, or the shillelagh. More so than anything that he had made. The only thing that came close were the grenades, and he wasn't about to use them yet. He held the gun tight, and picked up the pace. Soon enough, he was running. Away from Rosa and the back entrance, around the corners of the building. Down the alley. Heading back to the road. Focusing on where he would go from now and what he would do instead of on the ground in front of him.

He didn't see Allen, or Isabel, as he rounded the corner.

He didn't know what happened exactly. All he knew was that he was on the ground, sore, with more scrapes than what he started with. He also knew that staying on the ground was the worst thing to do right now, and scrambled to his feet as quickly as he could. Good, he still had the gun.

He spun around. Spotted Allen. Aimed at him.

Alex, alone with a mostly unarmed Allen and an unconscious Isabel. This wasn't going to end well. Not very well at all.

"Move, and you die. Speak loudly, and you die."

Staring down the sights at Allen. Things started to come back now. What he was looking for, and who had it. Allen. Allen. Fucking Allen. This was perfect. Oh, so perfect. He found a little food, took out a little trash and now to top it all off, he found Allen. The one man he had been hoping to find.

"Oh, this is just perfect."

He cracked a smile, and took a step forward. Moving closer to Allen. Moving closer to Isabel, still on the ground. A twisted little grin. Blood soaked into the bandages on his hands. A loaded weapon.

"Hello, Allen. So nice to see you again."

Not good. Not good at all. At least, for Allen.
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Dr. Nic
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How cute.
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"What do I want? That's a good question. What do I want?"

There wasn't any question as to what Alex wanted. He looked at Allen's bag. Saw the name. Yup, that was it. The bag he was looking for. Andrea's bag.

"I want what's in that bag."

Alex pointed at the bag with the gun.

"I think you know what I mean."

And he took another step forward.

"And I want it now. You try any funny shit."

And he looked down at Isabel.

"And I'll put one in her skull."

It would have been too easy if Allen just handed over the pills right away. Far, far too easy. Alex stood there, gun pointed at Allen. He couldn't keep the gun on Allen and Isabel at the same time... so Alex decided to draw another weapon. Specifically, the spear that was hanging from his back. He slipped it off and held it in his free hand for a moment.

"Better yet, I'll put this in her skull."

He spun the weapon around, and put the blade inches from Isabel's head. And held it there in a white knuckle grip. Red knuckle. And he waited. Waited for Allen to respond. Waited for Allen to give him what he wanted. And he had to do it quick.

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Dr. Nic
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How cute.
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"What happened to me? What happened to all of us? Hell happened, that's what."

Back and forth, Alex turned the gun. This way, then that way, then back this way. Turning it over and over as he would turn the thoughts around in his head. Mulling over the words. Finding exactly what he would say to Allen before making his demand again, and proving to him just how serious he was.

"Some of us tried to stand above it. Tried to protect everyone. Some of us broke down immediately, and began crying and pissing ourselves. Some of us got beat and some of us did the beating. Some killed for fun, some killed for survival. Some for love, some for hate, and some for no reason at all. Some of us couldn't handle the game. Me? I made mistakes. Never stopped making them."

And Alex looked down at Isabel for a moment. Unconscious. Helpless. Looking as if she may have died already. But he knew better. She was breathing. For now. Would that end soon?

"Until now, at least. I'm not going to make any more mistakes. Got no reason to. Most of my friends are dead. The rest became killers. My best friend, my ex-boyfriend, pointed this very gun at my head. See, I made plenty of mistakes trying to do what was right. But I'm not doing that anymore."

And Alex lifted the spear away from Isabel. Almost as if he was having a change of heart. Almost.

"Now I'm not going to tell you again."

He slammed the spear down. Drove the blade into Isabel's arm. Pushed it in hard, and twisted suddenly. For something that didn't quite fit the bill for a spear, the Goedendag worked wonderfully when used as one.

"Give me what I want, or she dies."

That little poke would have woken anyone up, and Alex couldn't have Isabel thrashing and screaming. No, he couldn't have that just yet. He put his foot down.

On her throat.

And put the blade to her head, once again.

"Do you understand yet, Allen? There is no escape. There is only survival, at any cost."
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Dr. Nic
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How cute.
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Oh, that twisted grin.

"Quite happy, thanks for asking."

Swinging the spear back on to his back, the makeshift strap hanging it from his shoulder, Alex knelt down. Kept his foot on Isabel's neck, and the gun trained on Allen. Picked up the pills and pocketed them with nothing but a quick, satisfactory glance at the labels. Exactly what he wanted. Exactly what he needed.

"Now, that wasn't so hard now, was it?"

Alex stood. Still standing on Isabel's throat. Still aiming the gun at Allen. He had what he wanted, but why hadn't he left? Why?

He pressed on Isabel's throat.

"I think you deserve a little lesson, Allen."

Alex slid back the slide, caught what looked like a spent bullet as it flew out, and aimed the gun at Allen. Aimed long, and hard.

And then put the gun to Isabel's head.

"Goodbye, Isabel, Allen."

He pulled the trigger.

Nothing happened.

Not one little thing.

Alex just... laughed. Took his foot off of Isabel's throat. And walked away. Just fucking walked away. Leaving Allen and Isabel in shock.

Just fucking walked away.

...What a bastard.
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Dr. Nic
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Alex never left. Alex just watched.

Behind another building, around another corner, Alex waited and watched. Watched as Ray dug. He changed his bandages as he watched, slipping back into the shadows between the stores, ducking further into alleys. There wasn't a lot to be had in this town, but Alex was going to make the best out of what cover he could find. Staying behind the buildings, out of sight. Lurking in the shadows, again.



Biding his time.

He looked down at his hands. There was no more blood. Just new bandages, keeping his hands covered. Keeping them out of his sight. He didn't need the bandages anymore, but he kept his hands bandaged. Every last bit of skin was kept covered.

He didn't want to see his hands. He still had blood on them. So much blood.

"You killed those girls, you know that."

That's right. He killed both of them.

"In cold blood, no less."

In cold blood. Without reason. He shot that girl, the blonde. He stabbed Rosa, brutalized her. And for no reason other than he could.

"You're going to hell."

A very special hell. One far worse than the hell they all were in.

They were burying those girls now. The holes had been dug, and in they went. And everyone was visibly upset. Everyone who had reason to mourn was mourning. Ray and Felicia among the worst of them. It took a little effort to listen in, but Alex heard Ray. Alex watched, waited, and listened as Ray sung.

As Ray almost broke down.

Alex stared at his hands, and watched as they finished burying those girls. Watched as each one of them started to leave. Listened to the sound of someone on a bull horn in the distance. They shuffled off, and started to disappear, and Alex made his way over to the graves.

Stared down at them.

At Rosa, and Annaliese.

"Ain't no sunshine when she's gone."

Alex left something on Annaliese's grave before he left.

Alex followed them. He hung back, stayed out of sight, but he followed them.

He didn't look back.

[Boy #14 - Alex White. Hunting in The Cavalry Arrives.]
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