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Topic Started: Apr 8 2011, 09:14 PM (1,693 Views)
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((Alan Rickhall continued from Our Last Days as Children.))

Things, it seemed, were finally looking up for Alan, he had found good, innocent, trust-worthy people who shared the same goal as himself. He was going to escape the island, he had to. When Alan thought of it, it seemed stupid that he would actually die. Death was something that your not really supposed to expect, not really something that happens at the hands of a psychopathic murderer. Those things only happen to people in movies and on the news... And to Jimmy. Alan tried to shake the thought away, he didn't want to think about his deceased friend. Thankfully, the sight of his new friend collapsing to the floor took his mind of it.

"Did you see that?" Alan said to Jasper timidly when he saw the boy collapse. He ran over to him behind Jasper.

"Hey... you..."

The boys voice was small but Alan could still hear it. Had someone ambushed him? Did he get shot by some sort of silenced... weapon or something. Alan couldn't see any signs that he had been shot or stabbed, but he did look like he was at death's door. "what's wrong? Are you hurt? Did someone hurt you?" Alan ran off questions as fast as he could. Panicking at what he could do to save him.

"Don't let the game get to you. There's... still a way to beat it. I know there is. Just... everyone has to trust each other, and it... we can beat it."

Something about that last line sounded all too familiar to Alan. "That's it? You're just going to die." Alan was beginning to cry. "You can't leave me already. I don't... I don't even know your name." But it appeared that the boy was already dead. Alan slumped to the floor. It was almost poetic how the boy had just seemed to leave the game. Doing nothing wrong, no-one killing him, no-one else involved, no violence whatsoever. At least, that's what Alan assumed. Just like that, he just fell to the floor, could have had absolutely nothing to do with the game whatsoever, he just died, innocently. Something that Alan could not do, something that Alan could not performed even if he begged the gods to. There was only one way to go, the turned were too powerful to defeat, but perhaps there was one thing that Alan Rickhall could take with his final exit. His dignity. Alan didn't even know he had dignity, but after seeing his classmates turn to ravaging beasts that were clawing each others eyes out with promises of freedom and cake waiting for them at the end. But there was only one way out, Alan could see that now, and Alan would join Jimmy and surrender. Surrender so that he may die as Alan Rickhall.

Alan could see Jasper running away. Alan briefly thought of asking Jasper to kill him. But Alan refused to let someone who was still holding onto his own soul give up their sanity for the sake of him. Without word, Alan ran off in the opposite direction. As he did, he took out the photo of him and Zoey and held it to his chest. He stopped for a brief second and looked up at the nearest camera. "I'm sorry Zoey. But let's be honest. When did you really care about me." Still holding the photo in his pocket he continued running until he was out of the destroyed forest.

((Alan Rickhall continued in To Die Hating Them, That Was Freedom))
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