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You Are On a Rock Floating Through Space; [morning, day viii]
Topic Started: Apr 6 2011, 01:12 PM (4,270 Views)
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Lets play hide and Seaking!
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Their walk back to Saul was awkwardly silent to Jojo, so he was glad when she finally spoke up.

"Yeah, I don't think it'd be a problem if we went to the beach. Saul and I are looking for people anyways so it wouldn't do us any good to stay in one spot for too long," he replied. Before they could continue speaking on the matter they reached Saul and Jojo reached out and shook him little to wake up. "Saul, wake up we've got a travelling companion." As the other boy woke up, Jojo got together his bags and picked up his sledgehammer. Now more than ever, I need to be ready for a fight. When it was just Saul and I we could probably run from any trouble. Sarah looks like she'd be too tired to run after a bit.

Remembering how she was crying when they had met, Jojo got out one of his bottles of water and handed it to her. "Here, you'll need this more than I will. Oh, and Sarah this Saul our esteemed man behind the school mascot and Saul this is Sarah. She wants to head to the beach and since we need to look for Garry and Jay still, it sounds like a good idea to me. Lets cover as much land as we can today and camp out tonight. We should easily get there by tomorrow then."

Jojo finally picked up his own two bags and while he was strained under the weight of three bags and the sledgehammer, he refused to show any signs of weakness. When his two classmates finally were ready, he lead the way, towards the beach and hopefully towards their friends.

((Joss Joiner continued elsewhere.))
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(This is a placeholder post, and will be edited when I have more time)

Saul was roughly woken up by Jojo and agreed with his plan of heading to the beach. He grabbed his bag and followed Jojo out of the area, hoping Garry would be around there.

((Saul Fetteralf continued elsewhere))
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((& so continues my abuse of placeholders; expect an edit within the next few hours, but a certain little lady here needs to get the fuck outta dodge. Thanks so much for your patience, guys!))

Trent heard the girl come up the stairs. Trent crawled over and creeped on her from a gap in the higher set of stairs. Stuff happened. ~*Deep*~ introspective narrative occurred. Finally, Josie left. Trent threw on his clothes, grabbed his shit, & creeped along after her. This has been a post.

((Josie Vernon continued in this topic contains serious koch))
((Trent Savage continuted elsewhere. I'm not even going to bother fixing that typo because this is getting edited soon anyway! Whoo!))
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The faceless fear
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Sarah grinned and walked off, pleased to note that everyone had taken her advice.

((Sarah continued elsewhere. Also a placeholder.))
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