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What Could Have Been; Feel free to share your abandoned ideas
Topic Started: Mar 24 2011, 09:49 AM (7,594 Views)
MrMissMrs Random
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Since Rosemary has been eliminated, guess I should share the menagerie of ideas that never came to fruition while she was alive. ^^


The Ophelia: Rosemary breaking down from day one, and pretty much becoming a sniveling mess or a bit touched in the head until she was killed off or rolled. Had no experience with writing insane characters so decided quickly didn't want her to go down this path.

The mad woman in the attic named Bertha: This is tied to Paris, though never brought it up to Ruggahissy. Basically Paris and Rosemary meet early and team up, with her developing into something like his executioner and romanticizing their relationship. Again: can't do crazy, so idea was chucked.

I'm not cool playing Second Banana: If Garrett stayed in the group, considering how she took leadership in later threads I would've expected her and Garrett not to agree, and be an opposing force to his plans in some cases. But then Garrett left the thread without everyone so that plan was gone. XD

I came in like a Wrecking Ball: Rosemary I wanted to develop some sort of feelings for Garrett Wilde that might have led to friction between her and Mirabella later on if they met up. Never shared this with Doc or Sansa so here you go. ^^

Burn the witch!:
If Garrett, Matt, and Bella caught Rosemary, then have her go through a twisted trial. One that would end with her being or almost thrown into a danger zone for what she did to Joey.

Rosemary's Baby 2012: Joachim and Rosemary succeed in having sex and if she won would show her becoming pregnant. Then Doc adopted Joachim from Bikriki and he didn't see Joachim able to do... the do IC and we decided against it. *Insert jokes here*

The Company of Wolves:
Rosemary would join Paris and Joachim's group until rolls or tensions between the three drove them apart. I wish I stuck to this plan instead of having her run off after Schwarze Rosen, but didn't see any alternatives at the time.

This feels like Incest when it shouldn't: Wacky, wacky scene I thought up where Paris tries to manipulate Rosemary and kisses her, but all she can think about is the time they pretended to be brother and sister and is freaking out. Bonus points if Aileen showed up and saw them kissing.

Having a talk with your dead brother and friends while drugged up on Aspirin:
Was going to have Rosemary hallucinate and meet with her friends in a dream sequence while Timothy watched. Then rolls came. Now that I think about it, could've put it in Retrograde, but oh well.

Bang: Wanted to have a showdown of some sort between Rosemary and Katarina when they got rolled at the same time. Plan didn't happen since Katarina got saved and here we are.

Eye Scream: If Rosemary had won, wanted her to attack Tracen Danya and damage one of his eyes. Preferably with a rolled up pamphlet.

Rosemary somehow hotwire a car or bus and find another way to remove the collars, then set out on a road trip across the island trying to destroy as many collars as she could.

Nothing but Ashes: Rosemary decides to give Joey, Becca, and every body in Southern Town a Viking funeral. Was afraid she would be killed instantly so refrained from doing this.

No ones Home:
If she won Rosemary dropped off at her house, but nobody is there to answer since both her mother and father aren't there.

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