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What Could Have Been; Feel free to share your abandoned ideas
Topic Started: Mar 24 2011, 09:49 AM (7,621 Views)
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Ah, I had a few that I quickly abandoned, glad there's some kind of outlet for these scrapped ideas!

Jaquilyn ignores Joachim, and remains hidden in her room:
Wow. That would have been boring. I first thought that in her terrified state, she would ignore it, but then figured that she'd been scared enough in my first post, and would probably realize she needed to do something. I considered having her retreat out her window, but then I was leaving another handler with no characters to interact with. So she yelled at him, he pooped in her bathroom, and now they are fabulous allies. So glad I didn't have her ignore him, her relationship with Joachim has been great to toy around with, me and Bik are having a great time, and people seem to be enjoying trying to dissect their relationship.

Cassidy and Gavin go Macbeth and Lady Macbeth:
I had an idea where Gavin, who was a very calm, almost chilling character, would begin playing the game. Cassidy would then become an accessory, and the two would bring hell to the game. Then, right before they have a moral event horizon, if I understand what that meants, Matt Masters shows up. Rolls would determine what would happen next. If Matt was rolled, Gavin would kill Matt, and Cassidy would continue with Gavin. If Gavin was rolled, Matt would kill Gavin, and Cassidy would go back with Matt, forever regretting whatever she might have done. If Cassidy was rolled, she would commit suicide while Matt and Gavin fought, unable to choose a side.

Anyway, it turned out that G.O.R. already had some other, rather specific plans for Gavin, and this had to be abandoned. That was actually more of a relief than anything because this story itself was a stretch. I PM's a few handlers after first rolls to see if anybody would want to establish a similar story with the deaths of their characters, Bik was down for it, but then I decided it just wasn't a good way to go with the character. This later became the accidental death of David.

If it seems like Cassidy abandons Gavin, Ruby, and Amy soon after meeting them, it's because I realized I'd joined a storyline I didn't think my character fit into. I decided that getting her out of it sooner rather than later was better than keeping her in longer and finding a different reason to pull her.

Jaquilyn meets Miranda and they fight:
I quickly realized that emotional stories full of characterization are superior (well, to me at least) to stories only full of action. There was also no easy way to end this scene without killing one of the characters, so the idea was abandoned. This idea was considered before I had Jaq answer the door for Joachim in the first thread, so it wasn't even considered for very long.
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