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What Could Have Been; Feel free to share your abandoned ideas
Topic Started: Mar 24 2011, 09:49 AM (7,272 Views)
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The Fiorious One
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Lets face it, we've ALL had ideas for what our characters could do on the island which we never got around to actually doing. Whether it was because the character in question died too early, or someone else's character died too early, or you decide that the idea in question is actually a lot dumber in hindsight then it seemed at the time. Everyone I think has at least one idea they wanted to try out at some point with their characters, but for whatever reason the idea never came to fruition.

Which is why i've decided to set up THIS thread. Basically, its just for sharing any ideas you had for your characters to do which you never got around to/decided against/completely forgot about/etc... This can include:

Character Development that never came to fruition.

A humourous moment which was later deemed too stupid to actually try out.

A certain interaction with a certain character (Maybe you were given someone's deathrights, only for your character to end up dying first?)

A specific death scene which had to be compromised for time.

An intended Face Heel Turn/Heel Face Turn that never actually happened in the end.


As a note, though, it'd probably be best to only mention ideas for characters who're already dead. After all, you wouldn't want to unintentionally spoil anything about your survivng character(s), would you?

Anyway, I think I'll start it off with my deceased characters:

Marty J. Lovett: Wannabe Vigilante

If Marty hadn't of died so quickly after Joshua's death, he'd of gone on to become something of a 'player hunter' after he mans up and decides to finally try and make a difference in the game. In a way, though, he kind of DID do that in the end... Only to end up getting himself killed in the process. Oh well, back to the old drawing board...

Marty gets chased by a psycho player

A part of me REALLY wanted to write a chase scene at some point between Marty and one of the more deranged players. I was actually tempted at one point to ask Atomic Waffle if it was possible to have Alex Rasputin chase him with a chainsaw. :P

Marty reuinites with Carol

Before she died, I really wanted them to meet up at some point, seeing as she was one of the few characters he actually cared about. That being said, I guess i'm kind of glad that they DIDN'T meet in the end, seeing as her death further served as angst fuel for Marty (The poor depressing bastard...)

Marty VS Jimmy

For some reason, the idea of Marty and Jimmy having some kind of "scrawny guy brawl" just amused me. After all, for once Jimmy would be facing an opponant who he actually stood a chance at beating in a fair fight. However, I decided to go against it after seeing where Jimmy's character development was heading, and in the end I never even got around to asking Little if it was possible.

Joshua Krakowski does an air guitar solo

One of the dumber ideas I came up with. Basically, Joshua at some point would find a camera and decide to put his ipod right next to it, play some rock song and begin to air-guitar to the beat on camera and generally act as though he was on television. Yes, it WAS a very dumb idea.

Joshua confronts Janet Binachi

This one I blame on the rolls. I was planning on asking Dete at some point (Namely when Janet was eventually slated to die) if it would be possible for Joshua and Marty to be involved in her death. The basic idea was that Joshua found himself in a situation where he had Janet as his mercy, only to decide to spare her seeing as he's such a nice guy and everything (Even though Janet killed the first person Joshua met on the island). HOWEVER, when Janet attempts to get him whilst his back is turned, Marty shoots her before she could kill his best friend.

Joshua's oblivious to the game

I originally intended Joshua to be completely oblivious to the horrors that were occurring around him for at LEAST the first couple of threads he was in. As you would guess, that idea was thrown right out the window when he ended up being one of the first guys on the island to see what happens to people who try to remove their collars (Damnit Remi!)

Vera Osborne becomes a psycho player

Alongside Maxwell, Vera was intended to become a player at a later point in the game. Only, unlike Maxwell, with Vera I wanted her to snap and essentially lose her mind to the game and become one of the crazier players (Like a certain Liam Brooks, for example). However, in the end, I decided that it would have been silly for her to snap so easily, considering how cool and level headed she had already proven to be. And, seeing as that was going to be her main character development, that ended up being the main reason why I chose to hero her in the end.

Vera meets Sarah Xu

If anything because she was the only character she really interacted with in pregame, other then Maxwell of course (And we all know how THAT ended...).

And... Thats all for now. Anyone else got any abandoned ideas they'd like to share?
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The Fiorious One
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Not sure why I haven't done this with Maxwell sooner, seeing as there is a crapload of stuff I never got to do with him, but oh well. Better late than never I guess. :P

Maxwell decides to play almost immediately: I had pretty much always intended on Maxwell becoming a player since his conception. However, I had originally planned on him deciding to play barely minutes after having just woken up. It wasn't until later on that I realised that it didn't really make sense for a guy like Maxwell to give in so easily, so I decided that for a while he'd be something of a jerkass antihero until he finally decides "Fuck it, I'm going to play this thing for real". And this is what I was doing at first, however...

Maxwell decides to play much later one: After I had decided on this new direction, I had originally intended on him turning player at a much MUCH later stage in the game. My plan was that he'd join up with a doomed escape group of some description for a while until it becomes obvious that it isn't going to work, or if something goes terribly wrong and he barely escapes with his life intact (the Liz Polanski fiasco would be a perfect example of what I was thinking of.) After which, he'd then decide that since escape was impossible that he may as well start playing anyway. Why didn't I go through with this idea in the end? Well... To be honest, I kinda got a LITTLE impatient, seeing as I was anxious to start writing him as a player. So in the end, I decided to have him start playing early in the game anyway. Oh well, at least I can comfort myself with the fact that No Rest for the Wicked turned out to be one of his better threads.

Maxwell feels regret for his kills... At first: I'm still not sure whether or not it was a good idea to have Maxwell not feel remorse for all the death he causes, seeing as that tends to be one of the more polarising aspects of his character, if not THE most polarising aspect. Whilst I had always intended on him becoming a heartless bastard, I did actually consider the idea of him feeling guilty for his first couple of kills before he got used to playing. So why did I decide against this in the end? To put it simply, after noticing that most of the early players seemed to be taking the sympathetic antivillain route (Kris and Clio being two names that immediately spring to mind), I felt that it'd be more interesting to have a character who actually feels quite thrilled, and is more horrified by the fact that they actually enjoyed it then the fact that they just killed someone. Not that I don't like villains who're sympathetic or anything, after all some of the best villains in fiction have felt extremely guilty about their actions. It's just that at the same time, I've always felt that for every antivillain there should be a complete monster to compare them to, and for V4 I decided that Maxwell would be that monster. And, in a sense, I guess I kind of succeeded in that regard.

Maxwell as a Magnificent Bastard: Yup. Let that sink in for a moment... I know it's tricky to believe, but I had honestly intended on him being a Magnificent Bastard at first. However, very early on, it became very apparent that this was far from the truth. Whilst he had the look and the style sorted, he was way too smug and slimy to be considered one. Not to mention the fact that he was nowhere NEAR as smart or charming as he thought he was. So in the end, he turned out to be a Smug Snake. A dangerous Smug Snake, mind you, but a Smug Snake nevertheless.

Maxwell and Raidon's rivalry: Whilst I was able to have them meet eventually, and in the end Raidon ended up being the one who killed Maxwell, I had originally intended on the two of them meeting much early on. Grim approached me with the idea of Raidon and Maxwell being bitter rivals more-or-less around the same time that he gave me Simon's deathrights, and whilst i'm glad that we finally managed to have them meet in the end it's a shame that I didn't have a chance to develop their rivalry much earlier on.

Maxwell fights Reiko... Again: Not much to say here apart from the fact that I regret that Maxwell and Reiko never got around to having one last scrap. :P

Maxwell forms an alliance: I was VERY close to actually putting this plan into action, but sadly the rolls killed Maxwell moments before it could happen. Basically, at some point, I wanted Maxwell to form an alliance of some description with one or more fellow players. Preferably with him taking a lead role, seeing as he's got a massive ego and everything. Whilst for the most part this was just a simple thought, I did speak with a couple of handlers on the idea. The first being Inky, where I half-jokingly suggested the idea of Maxwell and Clio teaming up after the events of Out and In. The next was Decoy, who suggested a team-up between Tiffany Chanders and Maxwell, and I was starting to kind of like this idea until Tiffany got rolled. After Decoy, I was then eventually approached by Holly who suggested the idea that Maxwell forms a trio with her and Ema. This idea very nearly came to light, and we actually talked quite a lot about how it was going to turn out, but sadly Maxwell was rolled just as Hayley was about to approach him. Oh well... :(

Maxwell gets killed by Maria Graham: Whilst there were a lot of character who I wouldn't have minded seeing bump Maxwell off (Including Sarah Xu, Reiko Ishida and Ivan Kuznetsov), Maria was by far the most likely candidate, with Raidon being a close second. The idea which I had grown to like for a very long time involved Maxwell fighting Raidon on the edge of a cliff, with a dying/badly injured Maria lying on the sidelines. It would then go more-or-less the same way that his actual death went, the biggest change being that when Maxwell is about to smash Raidon's head in Maria fires her flaregun and hits Maxwell in the back, setting his clothes alight and causing him to stumble over the edge of the cliff into the jagged rocks below. However, Maria died before Maxwell did, so this idea never came to light.

Different variations on Maxwell's death: I came up with many different ideas for how Maxwell's death could play out, nearly all of which centred on the idea of someone deliberately causing him to tumble off the edge of something high (As you might of guessed, I'm a big sucker for the Disney Villain Death trope. I don't care if it's a cliche, damnit!). One idea I toyed with was that rather then the cliff or the mountain, he would fall off the top of an apartment building onto a greenhouse, and spends his last few seconds of life crawling across the floor in total agony. I also considered the idea of having him survive the initial fall off the cliff, only to die slowly as his body lies broken and irreparable on a series of jagged rocks.

Maxwell meets Ivan and Tabi: This got foreshadowed a lot, but nothing ever came to light. Haven't got much else to add apart from the fact that it's a shame that I never got to RP with either character. :(

And... I think I'll stop for now. I might add some more later, but for the most part these were the main things that I never got around to doing with Maxwell.
V5 Characters

Brian Zhdanovich - Homestead
Ruby Forrester - Shopping Mall
Jenna Rhodes - Hotel

Deceased V4 Characters
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