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What Could Have Been; Feel free to share your abandoned ideas
Topic Started: Mar 24 2011, 09:49 AM (7,599 Views)
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Haha, okay.

David Meramac and Peter Pan

Not sure what was up with this, but I totally intended for there to be some kind of recurring Peter Pan motif in David's posts. Instead he just ran around being scared just constantly. I didn't really know what I was doing with him, though, so I guess it's not really too much of a loss.

Simon Grey and Liz Polanski

Simon and Raidon were supposed to both me flagships for me, but somewhere along the way I got really bored with Simon. I really, really wish I hadn't decided to kill him prior to Liz Polanski's rebellion--otherwise it would have been him, not Belle, defending Liz, which would probably have been a way better ending for him. I'm sort of disappointed that all his death really did was provide incentive for Raidon to fight Maxwell.

Mirabelle the Player-killer

This was my original idea for Mirabelle--she was going to start hunting down players, and then come to realize she liked fighting them more than she liked helping others and be troubled by that. But instead she hooked up with Polanski.

Mirabelle and Garret

I was kind of cool with the idea of Belle dying, but the idea of her and Garrett teaming up and having a romance would have been nice. We decided they were friends-turned-enemies sort of off-the-cuff and it turned out to be really awesome. I think we could have had a good thing going if I'd let Belle live, and it was actually really tough to decide whether or not to go through with it after that point.

Raidon joins SotF

This was actually the original idea I had for Raidon. His time on the island was gradually going to deprive of his faith and his morals and ultimately, if he won, leave him shattered and broken, leading him to demand that Danya let him join the crew who make SotF happen so that he had a reason for how his life had fallen apart around him. Two problems with that, of course: 1) Raidon didn't live, and 2) Raidon met up with Julian Avery and Mizore Soryu, who slowly redeemed him as a character so even if he had made it to the end he probably would have tried to kill Danya. Yeah.
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