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What Could Have Been; Feel free to share your abandoned ideas
Topic Started: Mar 24 2011, 09:49 AM (7,602 Views)
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Mr. Danya
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Well this shouldn't be hard.

Chadd and Janet meet up.

Exactly the same as Trav. I did want the two to get together and go all tears of apology drama of all things bright and beautiful in the game, and I feel incredibly dickish about events that forced me to temporarily vacate V4, especially since I was able to get back eventually and even reclaim Janet. I've already said it to Trav a lot but I'm still so sorry that it went up in smoke this way.

To be more specific and less angsty about it:

Janet debates whether she loves Chadd.

Some hints of this made it into Janet's last few posts but I had been toying with a longer saga in my head of Janet trying to come to terms with whether or not she really cared about Chadd after cheating on him. The Star Crossed Lover thread is undeniably one of my oddest when taken out of context, but had I managed to retain enough love for Janet without Chadd around I would've slowly twisted that dream and its surrounding thoughts into something much more confusing and nasty. Had Chadd actually bothered to propose to Janet, for all I could predict she might've just said yes to keep the poor guy together when everyone around him was dying, or perhaps she would've flat our broken his heart? Wouldn't that have made for a scene.

Ugh, I feel more dickish now.

Amber Whimsy Goes Loony

Whilst Amber was probably my least favourite character in life, after her death I began to appreciate her personality a lot more. Before that though I had already imagined her going quite delusional and becoming V4's local war correspondant with a fake branch microphone and everything. Hell, she'd probably start to piss off the viewers the way she would keep shoving her face in the cameras.

Even though that was a bust, I still could see her becoming a player. She definitly would not be a cold calculating one, but instead a stark raving self obsessed nutty girl. That might've been rather dull to write, but it still could've been in the bag had she lived past the first rolls.

Alice Boucher the Butcher

Most certainly my most player capable character (and definitely written with that intention, whether I realised it or not), Alice didn't exactly need a lot of justification to start slaughtering every student on the island that moved, regardless of my 'attempts' in pre-game to humanise her some more. Thank god that story took over this one and made her way more interesting for it.
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