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What Could Have Been; Feel free to share your abandoned ideas
Topic Started: Mar 24 2011, 09:49 AM (7,611 Views)
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Ooh, I like this thread. I had quite a few ideas for my characters actually. Colin is the only one who got to do everything I wanted him to, and honestly I was lucky for that fact.

Chadd and Janet meet up.

I think this one was pretty obvious, especially with the tail end of his death. He was going to find her, present her the ring he had, and ask her to marry him, on camera. From here I was going to go with one of two different options...

The most morbid engaged couple in the world goes Bonnie and Clyde on the island.

Before I took Rekka under my wing, Chadd was my most likely player character, and frankly looking at the plans I had for Jackie, Colin, and Peter, I wasn't going to have one if he didn't carve a path home. I was originally going to turn Chadd into my pseudo-flagship, and try and get him and Janet into the final four.

A marriage. In SotF.

This was a plan I didn't even get to talk to Slamexo about before the game started, where at least the other ones I did. This idea was basically to have Chadd and Janet travel to the Parish, run into Jessie or Imraan, and have a ghetto-rigged ceremony. It may not have been legal, but I'm pretty damn sure that with a tragic death it would have been recorded and honored back in the states. The whole reason that none of these plans came to fruition however was the fact that Slamexo left v4. While I didn't know Vanikoro well, it wasn't anything on him. I had just put so much work into planning their time on the island with Slamexo that when he left, I was extremely discouraged and frankly didn't want to play Chadd anymore.

Rekka believes he's in the 1920's.

The direction I was taking Rekka was obvious. He was snapping to act more like the gangsters he held so dear in the movies. However, I was originally going to have him drop farther and father on the sanity meter, eventually believing that this was actually 1920's America (or at least an island off the coast of America), and the announcements were detailing his hits. So basically everyone who killed after that particular snap would be on Rekka's death list. A player-hunter yes, but an extremely non-traditional one at that.
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