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What Could Have Been; Feel free to share your abandoned ideas
Topic Started: Mar 24 2011, 09:49 AM (7,618 Views)
MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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I've only got a couple, since many of my plans actually went off without a hitch.

Craig Hoyle dies before first rolls:
Yep. I was one of THESE people. However, after witnessing first-hand how Remi's death was executed, I decided that it would be a very low-impact situation, and a poor decision for the character.

Ivan and Aaron, sitting in a tree...:
No, not Hughes. Yes, Boismier. Before Aaron had to withdraw his SI due to real-life scheduling issues, Aaron and Ivan were supposed to meet up on the island and become fast companions, defending each other. And, well... Ivan was eventually going to kiss Aaron. It's hard to see looking back, but that was basically my plan for the character.

Brook is delayed a little bit:
Brook was always going to go batshit insane, which I decided about ten days after I made him. I wanted his descent into madness to be a lot slower though, showing over the course of 5 or 6 days without anything happening to Tiffany. Rolls were really dependent on this one. Instead, Tiffany got rolled earlier, and things ended up being a bit more abrupt. We were supposed to have a few more Flowerhead scenes (and some of the usual Brason), but alas.

Ivan and RJ have the best conversation ever:
We were so close to having this one, too, but time works in funny ways of screwing us over. Keep Yourself Alive involved a great setup with Imraan, but if things had gone faster, we might've led the standoff into a slight scene of comic relief where RJ and Ivan meet for a few moments. One of the boys really hates to talk, and the other boy can't, ???, hilarity ensues. Possibly.
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