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What Could Have Been; Feel free to share your abandoned ideas
Topic Started: Mar 24 2011, 09:49 AM (7,624 Views)
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Maria goes after Omar: Cuz Omar killed her friend and she was really pissed off about it. But sadly Omar died. D:

Maria reunites with Dustin: For the most hilariously awkward reunion ever.

Maria totally does it with Duncan, like, for real

Maria stops being sad and pathetic: At some point Duncan was supposed to visit Maria in her dreams and go "Hey. Cut it out." and she'd be like "Okay." And then she'd still be sad (and occasionally loopy, but more the mentally broken kinda funny but still pretty sad considering the circumstances loopy,) but not the black hole of self-loathing and suffering she turned into.

Maria throws down with evil!Max again: ROUND THREE. FIGHT!

Maria, Sierra and Julian meet at the Sawmill and shit gets REALLY awkward: At one point everyone was converging on the Sawmill like it was made of beer and hookers while Maria was trying to kill herself. So of course, Warren's friend and bandmate, the girlfriend of the guy who killed Warren, and the guy who killed the guy who killed Warren would've ended up in the same place (and as a bonus, the team that the girl who Maria accidentally killed belonged to.)

Maria dropkicks Jimmy Brennan in the ass: Because she said she'd totally do it.

Petrushka gets a violin: But unfortunately Sally ran off with it. What a bitch.
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Enough expository banter! Now we fight like men! And ladies! And ladies who dress like men! For Gilgamesh...it is MORPHIN' TIME!

V5 hopefuls:
Hiro Fukuyama: "N-n-no, I-I'm not scared."
Lucy Rosenberg: "If you're looking for friends, I don't think I can help you with that."
Angus McDonald: "To hell with you! If anyone here deserves to live, it's me!"

The Dead

She wanted those horrible metal balls to stop banging against her legs

But would Celeste even want help from a guy that whips out his pistol without a second thought?
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