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What Could Have Been; Feel free to share your abandoned ideas
Topic Started: Mar 24 2011, 09:49 AM (7,604 Views)
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Maria goes after Omar: Cuz Omar killed her friend and she was really pissed off about it. But sadly Omar died. D:

Maria reunites with Dustin: For the most hilariously awkward reunion ever.

Maria totally does it with Duncan, like, for real

Maria stops being sad and pathetic: At some point Duncan was supposed to visit Maria in her dreams and go "Hey. Cut it out." and she'd be like "Okay." And then she'd still be sad (and occasionally loopy, but more the mentally broken kinda funny but still pretty sad considering the circumstances loopy,) but not the black hole of self-loathing and suffering she turned into.

Maria throws down with evil!Max again: ROUND THREE. FIGHT!

Maria, Sierra and Julian meet at the Sawmill and shit gets REALLY awkward: At one point everyone was converging on the Sawmill like it was made of beer and hookers while Maria was trying to kill herself. So of course, Warren's friend and bandmate, the girlfriend of the guy who killed Warren, and the guy who killed the guy who killed Warren would've ended up in the same place (and as a bonus, the team that the girl who Maria accidentally killed belonged to.)

Maria dropkicks Jimmy Brennan in the ass: Because she said she'd totally do it.

Petrushka gets a violin: But unfortunately Sally ran off with it. What a bitch.
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She wanted those horrible metal balls to stop banging against her legs

But would Celeste even want help from a guy that whips out his pistol without a second thought?
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Ray stays on the island after ensuring the rest of his crew makes it off:

I wanted to leave him on and start a late-game player hunting spree. Rolls dictated that this was a bad idea.
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Joe meets up with Rose again

I have no clue how I was going to handle this, and the realization of it is partly why I decided to swap Rose in for one of the times I got rolled.
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Yes, now I have a reason to post here.

Zach picks up a broken shotgun and goes all passive for real.

Dom's character Courtney threw her shotgun as hard as she could, breaking it in the process. I was going to have Zach pick it up, knowing full well he could never use it.

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Not sure why I haven't done this with Maxwell sooner, seeing as there is a crapload of stuff I never got to do with him, but oh well. Better late than never I guess. :P

Maxwell decides to play almost immediately: I had pretty much always intended on Maxwell becoming a player since his conception. However, I had originally planned on him deciding to play barely minutes after having just woken up. It wasn't until later on that I realised that it didn't really make sense for a guy like Maxwell to give in so easily, so I decided that for a while he'd be something of a jerkass antihero until he finally decides "Fuck it, I'm going to play this thing for real". And this is what I was doing at first, however...

Maxwell decides to play much later one: After I had decided on this new direction, I had originally intended on him turning player at a much MUCH later stage in the game. My plan was that he'd join up with a doomed escape group of some description for a while until it becomes obvious that it isn't going to work, or if something goes terribly wrong and he barely escapes with his life intact (the Liz Polanski fiasco would be a perfect example of what I was thinking of.) After which, he'd then decide that since escape was impossible that he may as well start playing anyway. Why didn't I go through with this idea in the end? Well... To be honest, I kinda got a LITTLE impatient, seeing as I was anxious to start writing him as a player. So in the end, I decided to have him start playing early in the game anyway. Oh well, at least I can comfort myself with the fact that No Rest for the Wicked turned out to be one of his better threads.

Maxwell feels regret for his kills... At first: I'm still not sure whether or not it was a good idea to have Maxwell not feel remorse for all the death he causes, seeing as that tends to be one of the more polarising aspects of his character, if not THE most polarising aspect. Whilst I had always intended on him becoming a heartless bastard, I did actually consider the idea of him feeling guilty for his first couple of kills before he got used to playing. So why did I decide against this in the end? To put it simply, after noticing that most of the early players seemed to be taking the sympathetic antivillain route (Kris and Clio being two names that immediately spring to mind), I felt that it'd be more interesting to have a character who actually feels quite thrilled, and is more horrified by the fact that they actually enjoyed it then the fact that they just killed someone. Not that I don't like villains who're sympathetic or anything, after all some of the best villains in fiction have felt extremely guilty about their actions. It's just that at the same time, I've always felt that for every antivillain there should be a complete monster to compare them to, and for V4 I decided that Maxwell would be that monster. And, in a sense, I guess I kind of succeeded in that regard.

Maxwell as a Magnificent Bastard: Yup. Let that sink in for a moment... I know it's tricky to believe, but I had honestly intended on him being a Magnificent Bastard at first. However, very early on, it became very apparent that this was far from the truth. Whilst he had the look and the style sorted, he was way too smug and slimy to be considered one. Not to mention the fact that he was nowhere NEAR as smart or charming as he thought he was. So in the end, he turned out to be a Smug Snake. A dangerous Smug Snake, mind you, but a Smug Snake nevertheless.

Maxwell and Raidon's rivalry: Whilst I was able to have them meet eventually, and in the end Raidon ended up being the one who killed Maxwell, I had originally intended on the two of them meeting much early on. Grim approached me with the idea of Raidon and Maxwell being bitter rivals more-or-less around the same time that he gave me Simon's deathrights, and whilst i'm glad that we finally managed to have them meet in the end it's a shame that I didn't have a chance to develop their rivalry much earlier on.

Maxwell fights Reiko... Again: Not much to say here apart from the fact that I regret that Maxwell and Reiko never got around to having one last scrap. :P

Maxwell forms an alliance: I was VERY close to actually putting this plan into action, but sadly the rolls killed Maxwell moments before it could happen. Basically, at some point, I wanted Maxwell to form an alliance of some description with one or more fellow players. Preferably with him taking a lead role, seeing as he's got a massive ego and everything. Whilst for the most part this was just a simple thought, I did speak with a couple of handlers on the idea. The first being Inky, where I half-jokingly suggested the idea of Maxwell and Clio teaming up after the events of Out and In. The next was Decoy, who suggested a team-up between Tiffany Chanders and Maxwell, and I was starting to kind of like this idea until Tiffany got rolled. After Decoy, I was then eventually approached by Holly who suggested the idea that Maxwell forms a trio with her and Ema. This idea very nearly came to light, and we actually talked quite a lot about how it was going to turn out, but sadly Maxwell was rolled just as Hayley was about to approach him. Oh well... :(

Maxwell gets killed by Maria Graham: Whilst there were a lot of character who I wouldn't have minded seeing bump Maxwell off (Including Sarah Xu, Reiko Ishida and Ivan Kuznetsov), Maria was by far the most likely candidate, with Raidon being a close second. The idea which I had grown to like for a very long time involved Maxwell fighting Raidon on the edge of a cliff, with a dying/badly injured Maria lying on the sidelines. It would then go more-or-less the same way that his actual death went, the biggest change being that when Maxwell is about to smash Raidon's head in Maria fires her flaregun and hits Maxwell in the back, setting his clothes alight and causing him to stumble over the edge of the cliff into the jagged rocks below. However, Maria died before Maxwell did, so this idea never came to light.

Different variations on Maxwell's death: I came up with many different ideas for how Maxwell's death could play out, nearly all of which centred on the idea of someone deliberately causing him to tumble off the edge of something high (As you might of guessed, I'm a big sucker for the Disney Villain Death trope. I don't care if it's a cliche, damnit!). One idea I toyed with was that rather then the cliff or the mountain, he would fall off the top of an apartment building onto a greenhouse, and spends his last few seconds of life crawling across the floor in total agony. I also considered the idea of having him survive the initial fall off the cliff, only to die slowly as his body lies broken and irreparable on a series of jagged rocks.

Maxwell meets Ivan and Tabi: This got foreshadowed a lot, but nothing ever came to light. Haven't got much else to add apart from the fact that it's a shame that I never got to RP with either character. :(

And... I think I'll stop for now. I might add some more later, but for the most part these were the main things that I never got around to doing with Maxwell.
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Ehhhh, alrighty. What could have been *screen goes wavy*

Ethan Kent as a villain: So I originally pitched the generator plan to the mods a few weeks after I joined around like, July I think. I didn't hear back from them by the time v4 started so I was like "Oh well, I guess they didn't like it. I'll try to make Ethan a villain since I don't know what to do with him." This accounts for why he was such a creeper his first two threads. Eventually the mods said I could go ahead with the generator plan and I had to make him a little less hateable after The Manslut the Cocktease and the Lover. I'm actually sort of pleased that he started as villainous because it made him this unlikable, cocky, pretty morally dark character who ended up saving a bunch of people. Especially because he did it for selfish reasons and doesn't give any fucks about the people he saved.

Rhory Anne and Ethan in The House of the Rising Sun: Okay, so the plan was to have Rhory Anne be Ethan's companion in the ranger station and she was going to be the one to build the generator after he died. That's why Ethan and Rhory had a past together. However, I'd fallen in love with Feo so the plan changed to have both ladies. James went away though and Feo became the sole companion to finish the job.

Isabel is suicidal and tortured: Isabel was supposed to become hopelessly depressed and become suicidal. There's a little of that in the beginning, but the mods recommended I have someone still in on the generator plan after Ethan went KABOOM and she was the best candidate left from my characters so she got sent to the escape plan and there wasn't much time for her to be suicidal. I also thought it might be interesting to see her get tortured at some point because there's just so much you could do with someone afraid of touch, but I never really went anywhere with that.

Nick as a creepy heartless killer: This was just stupid. Glad it didn't happen.

Nick jumps with Jessica in The City on the Edge of Forever: I never imagined Nick would outlive Jessica so I had a plan to kill him that involved her when he was rolled. The problem was that he never was rolled and when she was set to die I wanted him to die with her. He was supposed to die unrolled by jumping with her. A few people who knew my plan talked me out of it, so he's still alive.
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Okay, sweet. I just remembered this thread, and, well, since V4's over now and there's a bunch of stuff I have to share, I figured I'd bump it up again.

Here we go:


*Aaron is a legit protagonist:

This one was abandoned fairly completely by the time V4 had started, but for a while I was going to take Aaron's delusions of grandeur the other way and make him a real good guy, albeit an insufferable and less-than-competent one. Basically, he'd've tried the same sort of stuff except without the edge of malice or the scheming contingencies. The problem was, by the end of pregame, I'd realized just how much of a selfish jerk Aaron was, and making him be decent and altruistic would've been derailing him. Instead, I moved on to:

*Aaron goes paranoid, holes up with guns and tries to outlast people by keeping a low profile:

Basically, Aaron was never supposed to be a leader. At the start of the game, I was gonna have him alienate a bunch of people, try for a weapon, then go off to set up a base camp somewhere. At that point, he'd basically try to scare people out/set himself up a little improvised fortress, and devolve further and further into paranoia as the game went on. In practice, this idea lasted maybe three posts, because Aaron got a group dumped on him who were willing to follow him, and someone (I think Tom?) planted the idea of forming a squad in his head. Again, refusing would've been derailing his character, so I rolled with it and ended up where stuff ended up.

*Aaron captures a player, holds a kangaroo court:

I really, really liked this one and regret it not happening. Basically, Aaron was fairly judgmental about players at several points. I wanted him to get one down, then basically run them through a horribly half-baked faux-legal proceeding before coaxing one of his allies into executing the captive (keeping his own name off the announcements, of course). The problem here was that the group moved slowly, players were popular targets, and we had a bunch of other scenes to get through. I don't think I ever even raised this one with more than a couple of the other handlers of Aaron's group.

*Aaron dies early/unrolled/in some way he didn't:

Aaron was never supposed to live until the final ten. Originally, I'd planned to kill him before the last couple members of his group. I don't know how many people know this, but Aaron's basically my least favorite character I wrote during V4. I kept looking for good times/places to kill him, but didn't end up doing anything for a few reasons.

First off, he had a group, and I really loved working with the handlers in it. His plotline and theirs were intertwined pretty majorly, and I didn't want to screw anyone over by dropping the bottom out of that. I also just liked writing with them, even if I wasn't such a fan of my own stuff. I basically decided to keep Aaron around until he got rolled or it helped someone else in the group's plotline for him to die.

Then, though, the group's plans kept shifting and evolving and Aaron just stubbornly refused to get rolled. I'd already used my cards earlier in the game, too, so I couldn't kill him off in a way that really meant anything or got anywhere satisfactory. I figured maybe when his group got down to one other person, I'd let them take him out.

I was actually discussing killing him, um, the second time Kimberly was rolled. Jonny talked me out of it, though. I think Jonny talked me out of killing Aaron at least four times, and he made the right call in the end, because I was pretty pleased with the ending I actually found him. But yeah, I kept getting frustrated and almost killing Aaron, but it never quite shaped up.

*Aaron goes completely bonkers, believes the island is D&D and he is a wizard or something dumb like that:

This is, um, what I was thinking when I wrote Aaron's profile. He was going to assess strategy in terms of Dungeons and Dragons modifiers and Detect Evil on his classmates and all kids of phenomenally idiotic stuff like that. Thankfully, pregame dragged on for ages and some handlers clubbed some taste into me.


*Jennifer gets shanghaied into being a killer's assistant:

Basically, Jennifer was originally supposed to get bullied into working with a killer, and either helping them or maybe doing the brunt of their dirty work for them. She's not very assertive, so the theory was she'd maybe just go along with it and fall deeper and deeper into things until it was too late to get free. Eventually, she'd either get manipulated into taking a bullet for her ally or would grow a spine just in time to get gunned down for it.

I actually kinda like the concept, still, and was super pleased to see something similar go down with Sarah and Alice. For Jennifer, it got dropped because, by the end of pregame, she hadn't become any more assertive but it had become clear that her personality and coping strategies wouldn't accommodate that sort of thing.

*Jennifer kills to save someone:

This was Jennifer-as-villain plan #2. Basically, the thought was, as the game goes on, one of her friends gets badly injured or falls ill. Giving up hope, she figures the best way to save them is to end the game as quickly as possible, which basically amounts to actually playing. Again, this one was pretty much totally discarded by the time V4 proper rolled around, except as an extremely unlikely possibility.

*Jennifer dies trying to save someone:

One of the deaths I'd thought of for Jennifer involved her basically trying to intervene to save someone from a player. Basically, she'd try to walk up and talk the player down/coax them into letting their intended victim go, almost certainly with fatal consequences. This was one of the two deaths I'd loosely come up with for Jennifer, and would've maybe even worked with the other. I'm not gonna list the other here, 'cause I like it enough to use it someday (in fact, I made a character on Mini specifically to die it, but she went and avoided getting killed too. ><)

*Jennifer stays on the island:

Jennifer was one of my favorite characters to write. I had a ton of fun with her, and, when some handlers pulled the stuff that ended up resulting in the rescue and when the staff figured out that was coming, I decided to toss her in its way. I actually considered leaving her behind pretty seriously, though. In the end, everyone she had to interact with except Maf got rolled in one fell swoop, and I was pretty sure she didn't have the momentum or storyline to go far, and I suspected the rolls were gonna bite me, and I basically just thought she'd be more interesting as a survivor. So... yeah, she ended up on the boats.

Gonna leave it there for now. Had a boatload of stuff for Kimberly, but I think that'll have to wait for another time when I'm more focused.
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Haha, okay.

David Meramac and Peter Pan

Not sure what was up with this, but I totally intended for there to be some kind of recurring Peter Pan motif in David's posts. Instead he just ran around being scared just constantly. I didn't really know what I was doing with him, though, so I guess it's not really too much of a loss.

Simon Grey and Liz Polanski

Simon and Raidon were supposed to both me flagships for me, but somewhere along the way I got really bored with Simon. I really, really wish I hadn't decided to kill him prior to Liz Polanski's rebellion--otherwise it would have been him, not Belle, defending Liz, which would probably have been a way better ending for him. I'm sort of disappointed that all his death really did was provide incentive for Raidon to fight Maxwell.

Mirabelle the Player-killer

This was my original idea for Mirabelle--she was going to start hunting down players, and then come to realize she liked fighting them more than she liked helping others and be troubled by that. But instead she hooked up with Polanski.

Mirabelle and Garret

I was kind of cool with the idea of Belle dying, but the idea of her and Garrett teaming up and having a romance would have been nice. We decided they were friends-turned-enemies sort of off-the-cuff and it turned out to be really awesome. I think we could have had a good thing going if I'd let Belle live, and it was actually really tough to decide whether or not to go through with it after that point.

Raidon joins SotF

This was actually the original idea I had for Raidon. His time on the island was gradually going to deprive of his faith and his morals and ultimately, if he won, leave him shattered and broken, leading him to demand that Danya let him join the crew who make SotF happen so that he had a reason for how his life had fallen apart around him. Two problems with that, of course: 1) Raidon didn't live, and 2) Raidon met up with Julian Avery and Mizore Soryu, who slowly redeemed him as a character so even if he had made it to the end he probably would have tried to kill Danya. Yeah.
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*Resurrected for V5*

Theo kills himself in his first post:
Yeah, really. Not lying! I was tempted. I was really really really flip-floppy on which kids I liked best, so for a time I was tempted to have Theo, the then-unfavorite, kill himself to secure first death because why not. This was obviously not what I decided to do, abd whileI think it would be interesting to see what happened if he hadn't killed two people on Day 1, I am so glad I decided to not waste a character I have so far been somewhat happy.

Theo decides to play without Hansel involved in any way, tries to be smart:
Okay, so for a little bit I was tempted to have Theo go, "I DUN WANNA BE A STATISTIC" and play so he'd be famous or something. He was going to punt someone off a cliff to hide his ownership of a gun, which might've made sense. I changed my mind when Hansel got involved (which was an example of a plan that worked) and ultimately my ideas had changed and I preferred the idea of a freakout to a calculated killer.

I will update again when other plans fall through or whatever, but for now, feel free to post since presumably some plans/ideas for V5 have already been dropped.
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Ah, I had a few that I quickly abandoned, glad there's some kind of outlet for these scrapped ideas!

Jaquilyn ignores Joachim, and remains hidden in her room:
Wow. That would have been boring. I first thought that in her terrified state, she would ignore it, but then figured that she'd been scared enough in my first post, and would probably realize she needed to do something. I considered having her retreat out her window, but then I was leaving another handler with no characters to interact with. So she yelled at him, he pooped in her bathroom, and now they are fabulous allies. So glad I didn't have her ignore him, her relationship with Joachim has been great to toy around with, me and Bik are having a great time, and people seem to be enjoying trying to dissect their relationship.

Cassidy and Gavin go Macbeth and Lady Macbeth:
I had an idea where Gavin, who was a very calm, almost chilling character, would begin playing the game. Cassidy would then become an accessory, and the two would bring hell to the game. Then, right before they have a moral event horizon, if I understand what that meants, Matt Masters shows up. Rolls would determine what would happen next. If Matt was rolled, Gavin would kill Matt, and Cassidy would continue with Gavin. If Gavin was rolled, Matt would kill Gavin, and Cassidy would go back with Matt, forever regretting whatever she might have done. If Cassidy was rolled, she would commit suicide while Matt and Gavin fought, unable to choose a side.

Anyway, it turned out that G.O.R. already had some other, rather specific plans for Gavin, and this had to be abandoned. That was actually more of a relief than anything because this story itself was a stretch. I PM's a few handlers after first rolls to see if anybody would want to establish a similar story with the deaths of their characters, Bik was down for it, but then I decided it just wasn't a good way to go with the character. This later became the accidental death of David.

If it seems like Cassidy abandons Gavin, Ruby, and Amy soon after meeting them, it's because I realized I'd joined a storyline I didn't think my character fit into. I decided that getting her out of it sooner rather than later was better than keeping her in longer and finding a different reason to pull her.

Jaquilyn meets Miranda and they fight:
I quickly realized that emotional stories full of characterization are superior (well, to me at least) to stories only full of action. There was also no easy way to end this scene without killing one of the characters, so the idea was abandoned. This idea was considered before I had Jaq answer the door for Joachim in the first thread, so it wasn't even considered for very long.
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Jul 9 2013, 07:43 PM
He was going to punt someone off a cliff to hide his ownership of a gun
That seems kinda extreme. :P
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So since Nina is dead, I'mma share some stuff I wanted to do with her.

Nina Clarke, Player-hunter:
I probably made this really obvious in her profile, but this was Nina's purpose at the conceptual stage. She was going to make it to Day 2, realize people were playing, and try and hunt down murderers and bring them to justice and by that I mean kill them. This was eventually dropped, though I sort of regret it; I toyed with it for a while but I never really found a place for her to go, "killers must DIE" though there were hints of it with Mara/Finn, and I nodded to it in her death.

Nina Clarke, Escapee:
This was something I considered for a bit. Nina was going to meet up with a certain escape planner, and they'd have fun-time-escape-fun-times. I ended up deciding I didn't want to do a big escape thing, because I thought it'd be easier for a new writer to just do normal stuff i.e. get killed. But it was in the works for a while.

Nina Clarke, self-defense killer:
This was something I thought it'd be fun to do but never had real plans for it. I wanted Nina to be attacked and, in the process of defending herself, kill her assailant. I never really found an opportunity for this, and it just sort of slipped my mind since I already had a major killer going on.

Nina Clarke, someone with an actual fucking plot:
Nina's issue for me was that she had an awesome start and end and the middle was gooey and malformed. I was constantly looking for someone to pair up with, but I always seemed to find that the groups just didn't really work in-character, so Nina always ran and/or walked away. Her interactions with basically everyone who isn't Maddie ended in more or less the same way; she leaves them behind, and it hurt her in a lot of ways, in my opinion.
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So since Theo died I'm going to revive this because I like talking about my ideas that have fallen through.

Theo kills Steven: So initially I offered to Toben for Theo to meet up with and kill Steven, in what would likely have been a similar scene to Steven's actual death. Toben eventually opted to go with KK instead, which I think worked out really well for him anyways.

Theo kills Hansel: Basically ever since Deep Breath Deep Breath AKA Theo and Hansel's start, whoever got rolled first would've been killed by the other. Obviously rolls decided that'd be me.

Theo meets Hansel, fights him and both live: Theo and Hansel's relationship was prettty important as is, but me and Naft really wanted to have them get into multiple confrontations before one died. Sadly we didn't get a chance; I think pre-crash we were going to meet up, but then things came up and we got bogged down and I got rolled.

Theo repents: Yes I know this is a terribly-easy-to-screw-up story arc and I would've probably made a mess of it, but initially after I decided Theo would play, I figured after a bloody Day 1 he'd realize he was a dumbass and try and make up for it. Then Interstice of Time happened and I opted to change his plan back to playing.

Theo watches Alice die: When Alice was rolled, I talked to boogie and we decided that Theo and Alice would meet up, discuss things, then someone (no idea who) would come in and take a shot at Theo but kill her instead. Not sure where this would've led, but it might've been interesting. Then Alice was heroed.

Gwen is fodder and has a camera rant: This was my plan early in pregame when Theo and Nina were my big two and Gwen wasn't established yet and I wasn't sure what I was doing with her yet so she was just there. I was going to have a thread where she went on a long camera rant and jumped off a cliff (this was my plan for so long I wasn't even sure there'd be cliffs to jump from). I even had a rought draft written for it. Then Gwen met Group Nap Time, I realized she was actually my best character and realized I probably shouldn't fodder her.

Gwen throws sharp thing, goes crazy: I initially toyed with the idea of having Gwen get like a knife or axe or something and kill somebody by throwing it at them in terror before snapping and beginning to kill people. Then I decided that would be dumb and threw it out.
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Oh, this looks fun. I really only have stuff for Natali, since Marcus was adopted and is still alive and all.

Natali wakes up in Deep Breath, Deep Breath: Yes, this very nearly happened. I almost had Natali wake up in the clearing while Theo and Hansel were fighting, and hide in the bushes until Theo left, whereupon she would have popped out of the bushes to offer Hansel some first aid. Obviously, this would have changed both her and Hansel's early game pretty drastically and it's still fun to think about.

The many deaths of Natali: I bounced around a lot of ideas before settling on the death I went with when Natali was rolled. One was that she would commit suicide by drowning herself in the Dead Man's Grotto, another was that she would accidentally run into Adam or Maynard's weapon and bleed out (probably Maynard's, since I can't seem to stop traumatizing the poor guy).

Natali takes a weapon and runs: This was just a brief thought, since it didn't really fit with her character, but I considered having Natali try to steal Adam or Maynard's weapon and abandon them. I never pitched the idea to Toben or Sansa, and abandoned it pretty quickly.
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I can't weigh in much yet since Garrett's still alive and Alda's just beginning for me, but I do have some conceptual things that I wrote waaaaaaayyyy back before V5 even started pre-game.

Garrett as legitimately emotionless: This was a big dumb thing that I'm really glad I didn't go with, but instead of having Garrett's emphasis on emotional control be an ethical/philosophical thing, I was going to have Garrett develop a pronounced case of ASD that would essentially render him emotionless. He'd be a much more selfish character, and a lot of his conflict would have resided around genuine confusion over how people felt or why they were acting the way they did.

In short? Really dumb. I'm glad I went a different direction, because this basically strips out everything that makes Garrett Garrett.

Garrett as the Island Shrink: There's a nod to this in Garrett's original profile when it mentions his interest in developmental psychology. That was kind of a hanger-on note that I'm not proud of, though it was part of a bigger picture. At one stage, Garrett became super-into psychology instead of philosophy. This would have accented his analytical side, but also made him a bit more compassionate. This Garrett was genuinely interested in helping everyone instead of the more morally grey Garrett I'm attempting to write now. He never would have ended up in Garrett's current story-line. All in all, I actually really like this concept and hope to refurbish it some version, especially since I'm somewhat unhappy with a lot of Garrett's core aspects.

A snap shot of what this sort of character would have entailed includes hunting down players and hysterical classmates to try and talk them down. A lot of the notes Garrett's taken probably would have been made as well, but with a different tone and with deeper psychological influence. He'd also have stayed with groups more and spent less time on his own. In some respects, he would have been similar to what Imehal ended up doing with Carlon Wheeler, though with the religious overtones replaced with more secular therapeutic ones.

Garrett Who Never Got Help: This concept went on to become a portion of Gabriel Munez. One potential avenue for Garrett's development as a character was to simply leave him angry and unloved. Removing the intervention from his grandfather, Garrett could have grown up to be very impulsive, rebellious, and all around nasty. I wanted to try and write a very mean, angry character whose internal monologue was just as hateful to himself as he was to everyone else. I don't think it would have been executed well, and on reflection he was rather flat. I like that I shelved the idea and let Gabriel grow into it rather than forcing it on Garrett.

Garrett Without An Accident: This one's probably my biggest regret. I toyed with the idea of having Garrett grow into his problems organically, but I got frustrated with the process and I wanted to be done with the profile, so I lazily wrote in what is really a ham-fisted excuse for him to feel negatively about his emotions. Tragedy is a crutch at times, and I think that shines really brightly in his profile. I wish I'd gone for a more natural process that gave him more development, and this regret extends in some ways towards his pre-game relationship with Mirabella as well, since looking back my side of things there is also more than a bit hammy and cliche. Organics is something I've tried to emphasize with the rest of my characters since, to varying degrees of success, but I don't think I'll ever stop regretting taking the easy way out with Garrett. It's a tough lesson to look back on.
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