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Overdose on Adrenaline; Open
Topic Started: Mar 9 2011, 10:28 PM (2,037 Views)
Casey the Undead
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Let's go where eagles dare
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((Rena Peters, continued from I'll Huff and I'll Puff))

Rena stared blankly at the map in front of her, scratching her head. Leaving the Groundskeepers Hut, her plan had seemed foolproof. She was going to find Ridley and Raine's bodies, give them some sort of proper burial or ceremony, and then trek back and try to find Garry and Sunil. Of course, the ridiculously large amount of flaws in this plan starting popping up about ten minutes after she left, when she realized that she wasn't with Ridley and Raine when they died, and she had literally no idea where they had gone.

The only idea she had was to start at the tunnels, which was the last place she'd seen them, but again, the tunnels were large, there were several points of exit and entry, and they still could have gone pretty much anywhere.

There was also the fact that Rena had spent at least half an hour- maybe more, she didn't wear a watch and wasn't particularly good at judging time- wandering around without a map or a compass. When she finally had the bright idea to whip her map out, she realized that she had no idea where she was in relation to the Groundskeepers Hut, and was therefore completely and utterly lost.

Rena sighed, rubbing her temple. A part of her wanted to turn around and go back to Garry and Sunil, but it was impossible. For one, there was that whole "totally lost" thing, and for two, there was that small burst of pride in her chest that made it difficult to want to go back. She figured Dustin would still be there, and if she came back to his smug smirk, his look of I knew you were worthless, then she would probably just yank her own collar until it exploded. Or yank his.

She set out walking again, not really caring if it was aimless. It had been somewhat aimless when she and Ridley had searched for Raine, and yet they'd found the German girl easily enough. Whoever was pulling the strings in this game- God or Danya, she supposed- had not smiled too kindly on her this past week, but it was okay. If they had been nasty to her for a week, maybe they'd cut her a break and let her have this. Just for one day.

It was a strange hope to cling too, but Rena still clung, because it was really all the hope she had left.

Time passed. Again, she wasn't sure how much. At one point Rena stopped and slept, at one point there was an announcement- but it all blurred by in her memory. She was trying hard to forget the announcements, to forget everything else but her goal. Everything smeared together until Rena was half certain she was dreaming.

It was only when a sharp pain snapped through her arm that Rena decided with certainty she was awake. She turned towards the direction of the bullet, shocked. She brought her hand to the wound, and felt the blood coming from it. She had no idea if that was a good thing or a bad thing- it was just a fact right now. A fact she didn't particularly like.

Now the screaming in her head started. A huge part of her wanted to run- it didn't matter where she was going, so long as she was going fast. There was someone with a gun, someone who was shooting, and if she stayed for much longer the chances of her getting hit increased.

But there was a bigger part of Rena. A part that knew better. A part that remembered Dustin's smirk, that remembered the body in the tunnels, that remembered abandoning Ridley and Raine. There was a part that was done running.

She moved in the direction of the shot as cautiously as she could. She saw the scene- two boys were fighting. She couldn't recognize them at this distance, but she saw the fight- and she saw it end.

One boy just stopped moving. There was something sticking out of his neck. Fear hit Rena. Again, the screaming. Again, the option- she could run. She still had the chance.

And yet she was already fiddling with her pack, already pulling out her club- though it was really more of a stick, or a cane, she realized- already putting it out in front of her. Her mind was made up long before she understood that it was made up.

The killer's back was to her. That gave her the advantage, didn't it? She tightened her grip on her weapon, nodding.

Dustin's smirk flickered through her mind again. This was her chance. It was finally time to prove that she wasn't a waste of space.

She walked forward, as quietly as possible. She stood behind the killer, looking down at him as he sat on the floor.

It was time to prove everybody wrong.

She brought the cane down.
It's hard to get ahead when half your friends are dead!

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Casey the Undead
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Let's go where eagles dare
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For a moment there, Rena actually thought she was winning. She'd caught him by surprise, and really, wasn't that all she needed? She'd heard the announcements, knew that tiny figure skater was off killing everybody- if someone that small could kill two people a day, then why couldn't Rena manage to take out someone who really, truly deserved it?

For a moment there, the battle was one sided, and for that glorious moment Rena lived in the delusion that she might actually win. This kid- Alex - he was a killer, and Rena was his karma, come to make him pay. She swung wildly, aiming only to hit him- enough to make him get his horrid blood all over her. But it wasn't terrible. It wasn't like stepping on the boy in the tunnels. This was good- this was proof that Rena wasn't just a waste of space, proof to Dustin and anyone else who looked at her like she was worthless. She was finally doing something.

She was slammed on her back before she'd even realized that he touched her, and the shock was enough to snatch some of the air out of her lungs. She didn't have time to waste- she didn't know what this kid was packing, but he'd already killed someone, and that meant that he wouldn't hesitate again, right? She pushed herself up, ignoring the blood on her clothes, ignoring the burning in her chest. She was focused on him, on the kid on the ground, on making him realize that he'd done the kind of thing you can't come back from.

She lunged forward again, swinging. He fell over, which knocked Rena slightly off her balance too. She hadn't actually made contact, and the follow through to her swing nearly caused her to trip over her own feet. Rena used some of that ballerina grace- I was a ballerina once, wasn't I? - and managed to steady herself, but her positioning was awkward. She was wasting time. She pulled herself back up to a standing position, ready to lunge again, only to discover that she'd lost the offensive position.

Alex lunged at her, and Rena stepped back. He was smirking, that same damn smirk that Dustin had, that same damn smirk that Jake used to have, back when he was her brother and not just some person she'd never see again. That smirk that used to fill Rena with self-loathing but now just filled with her rage and fury unlike anything she'd ever felt before.

He was playing with her, and Rena knew it. She still had a choice- she could run. Was he so far gone that he'd chase her? He'd catch her if he did, and then what? She'd die like an animal, caught by the hunter.

No. If Rena was dying today, she wasn't going to die like she lived. She was going to die strong.

She attacked again, but he was playing defensively. He drew blood. Pain shot threw Rena, and she could feel the damned blood coming from the wound, but she didn't care. She couldn't care. She had to focus, she had to fight. She attacked again, striking him. It wouldn't be long before one of them caved- now it was a waiting game.

And then he said it. He said that damn word, the word that hissed so violently in Rena's ears she thought she was going to go deaf. Rage welled up inside of her and she screamed. Not in fear this time. This scream had more power than any of her other ones. She ran forward, knowing before he even stabbed her that she had lost. She had let him get to her, but for once she didn't care. It didn't matter. He just needed to know the truth about Rena.

Pain shot threw her, each stab tearing up a new patch of it, but Rena didn't scream again. She still had rage, and each stab just multiplied it. Her fingernails curled into the dirt as he stabbed her in the chest. Tears rolled down her cheeks but she wouldn't sob. He pinned her down. His weight dug into her flesh, pushed her closer to the dirt. It was as close to 6 feet under as she'd ever get.

He put his hands around her neck. Rena paused, looking him in the eyes. She used the last of her strength to cough out her words before he put the pressure on her throat, took the burning air out of her lungs- before she faded to black.

"I'm not pathetic. I didn't run away. I'm strong...er...stronger....strong..."

He pushed the air out of her, and her words died in her throat. Everything blurred around her- she couldn't tell if it was her soul leaving her body, or just tears filling in her eyes. She felt sorry, for a moment- sorry for Garry, and Sunil, and Harun, and the people who cared about her, who'd hear her name on the announcements and hurt over it. She felt sorry for her parents, who had to watch their daughter die on live television. But she knew that they'd be proud of her. Proud because she'd done something. Proud because she didn't die a monster.

Everything hurt. Every inch of her screamed in pain, but it didn't matter. She'd fought her battle. She may have lost, but it was her time to lose. She was ready now, wasn't she? Not really. You're never ready. But I guess now is better than before. Better than later. I did all I wanted to do.

A small crossed her lips. She'd proved them wrong. She'd proved them all wrong. Eat your heart out Jake, Dustin...Alex. I win.

It was funny. Of all the ways Rena had pictured this moment, she never once thought she'd die happy.

Girl 114- Rena Peters- Deceased.
It's hard to get ahead when half your friends are dead!

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