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The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
Topic Started: Mar 7 2011, 01:30 AM (6,189 Views)
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((Isabel Guerra continued from -.-- -.-- --.. ))

Isabel had been running. She had run for hours and hours. It wasn’t the best use of her limited remaining energy, but it had always calmed her down. It made her feel like she was going towards something, like she had a destination, a purpose. She had been running ever since the attack on the group right after they’d gotten out the island’s location on the trumpet. Then she realized she was lost in the woods and had separated from everyone else. She couldn’t go back, not when there was a chance of running into a psycho with a gun. So she started running again. She was looking for the others, Dave, Helen, Winnie, Kitty, Leila. Roland. Isabel had to make sure they were okay. She was also looking for Hayley. Isabel needed to tell Hayley to stop killing people. She had taken Ethan’s letter and the location of the island, folded them in half and stuck them down her shirt. She could show Hayley how they’d done it. She’d believe her then that they called for help. They were going to be rescued.

Isabel came upon an area of houses. She stumbled forward, dragging her feet as she walked. She hadn’t stopped moving since she had lost the group, always running. The announcements went off overhead again. Her head lolled and she closed her eyes even as she shuffled towards the houses. She couldn’t hear the names really; they were just a buzzing noise slightly outside her realm of consciousness. Her whole body felt like it was being pulled towards the ground.

She hadn’t slept for three days. She hadn’t eaten for two days. She was out of food and water. Her bag hung off of her shoulder as emaciated looking as its owner. All that was left inside was her trumpet, a large shard of jagged mirror from the mirror house, her travel sized toiletries and three empty water bottles.

She had been exerting herself too much. She had pushed too hard without stopping or refueling. It was a problem Isabel often had when exercising; she never knew when she had pushed herself too far.

She lifted her head and walked past a rusty little gate to the backyard of one of the houses.

I’m going to die. I feel like I’m dying. I’m going to die here.

The world tilted under her feet and she fell to her knees in the dirt. She put her hands forward and her fingers dug into the soil. Her head leaned down under the burden of its own weight and her curls hung, almost brushing the ground.

“Someone help me. Oh god, please. Please someone help me,” she whispered.

Weak little girl.

Everything blurred in front of her eyes. She was crying. Sharp stabs of air were sucked down when she opened her mouth. She couldn’t control her breathing.

“I can take it,” she whispered. “I’m not weak. I……I can……..I can take it” she choked out.

She squeezed her eyes shut and little droplets fell near her fingers. Roland had taken out his sword when he saw the intruders. He was only trying to protect them. Isabel desperately hoped that Roland hadn’t died trying to protect them like Feo had. She wanted to see the others so badly it hurt, just to know they were all safe. Or perhaps she was to the point here merely being awake hurt. Despite what she hoped, deep down she knew Roland hadn’t made it out. There was just some feeling that told her so.

“It wasn’t your fault, it was mine. I took responsibility and it was my fault when things went wrong. The whole group, you were good people. Great people. I let you down, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” she said quietly between sobs.

Sitting there in the dirt, nearly dead of exhaustion, she wondered why she was alive. Why had she made it this far when there were people who were much stronger, smarter, more capable who had died? What was she living for? The questions were too complex for her to think about. Time slowed. She couldn’t even remember her name. Isabel’s arms crumpled and she slumped forward. Isabel lay motionless in the middle of the neglected garden.
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I wanted to be with you alone! And talk about the weather. But traditions I can trace against the child in your face-

Isabel rolled over as her alarm went off. She blinked as the streams of light creeping in through the blinds hit her eyes. Squinting, she looked over at the ihome/ alarm clock. The digital numbers blinked 7:30.

"Oh crap!"

She rolled over and hit the floor in a bundle of blankets.

You keep your distance with a system of touch~

Isabel ran into her closet and pulled out an old white button down of her dad's and a black and white mini skirt, stripping her pjs at lightening speed. She pulled her messy hair up into a pony tail after brushing her teeth and grabbing her ipod out of the charging dock and ran to the front door.

"Excuse you!"

She whipped around to see her mother holding a pair of sandals in her hand.

"Mom I really don't have time-"

"Do shoes belong in the living room?!"

Isabel stared at her. Ah the "Where do the shoes belong?" game.

"Nope. You win!" Isabel quipped and ran out the door. She'd catch hell for that when she got home. Oh well.

Isabel walked to school bobbing her head to the song that had woken her up. She was actually about ten minutes early. Maybe she could have taken a shower after all.

The school was bustling. As she walked the tennis team came by, a boy with glasses looked extremely annoyed as a very busty blonde chatted away. They must have just had morning practice, she thought as she made her way to her locker. Isabel spun the dial left and right. At the last second her hand slipped and she passed the right number. Some kind of commotion had distracted her.

Behind her Phil Ward was being scolded while Jimmy Brennan held what looked like an injured eye. Isabel turned back to the lock. Next to her there were two girls talking. The shorter one brushed back the hair of the tall girl covered in scars.

Isabel pulled out her books and closed the locker. She walked over to a small table where a boy looked to be having difficulty getting the straw into a Capri Sun juice drink.

"Come on, Remi, focus," he mumbled

She smiled a bit to herself and zipped her bag. When she looked up she noticed that on the other side of the bench was Simon Fletcher, reading.

"Hey! Simon!" she called.

It took him a moment to figure out who'd called his name but when he saw Isabel he smiled and waved.

"Are you going to the cooking club at lunch?" she asked.

"I dunno. Maybe. Are you?"

"We'll if you do I might. Oh man, I've got to go. I'll see you later."

She slung her bag over her shoulder and waved goodbye. Up ahead she could see a blonde girl about her hight handing out flyers for something. She was shouting about genocide in Africa. Isabel didn't like the prospect of getting stopped and turned down another hall just as a some goth girl ran up to the girl with the fliers talking about how man is borne with the taste of misery in their black souls.

Down the other hall was much less populated. It only looked like Brook and his Australian friend talking. Isabel blushed and tilted her head a bit as she walked past. It seemed that Brook wasn't really paying attention to his friend so much as staring at a pretty girl on the other side of the hallway.

Almost at her class now. Just when she turned the last corner Jay Holland jumped out at her.

"Hey Izz!"

"Er, hi Jay," she said with an awkward smile.

"So a bunch of people are coming over after school, my mom is like, I dunno, doing some parent stuff out of the house and we're gonna you know, relax. You in?"

"Um, I've sort of got a lot of homework tonight," she said shifting her books. "I bet Hayley'd go though. Speaking of, have you seen her? I feel like I really need to talk to her."

"Yeah, I just saw her in there. Well, let me know if you decided to come over."

He ran off. Isabel took a peak inside her class. Allen was sitting by her vacant seat with Rena Peter's writing in a note book on the other side. When he saw her look in he waved to her. She waved back. It looked like the teacher hadn't come in yet.


Isabel decided to go to the room Jay had pointed to. She peaked inside and saw the back of Hayley's head.

"Hayley! Oh thank goodness, I've been looking for you everywhere!"

Hayley turned around. Head to toe she was covered in blood.

Isabel's heart dropped. She dropped her bag and let out a blood curdling scream that seemed to shake the entire room. The room was shaking and she was dizzy and-

And she was being shook awake by some boy.

"D-dave?" Isabel blinked a few times and her vision started to focus again. No. It wasn't Dave. It was someone else trying to get her to wake up. She shook her head slightly and looked up at him. She realized someone had brought her inside. She assumed it was this boy. She also realized that he was without a shirt....and touching her. Isabel gave a small squeak and scrambled backwards away from him on the bed. This wasn't a good idea as she didn't have extra energy to be wasting and put her hand to her head as the room took another spin.

"Where am I?" she said looking around. It was coming back now. She had passed out after running around looking for the group she'd been with. "You-You brought me inside? Thank you. That ummm, that was really decent of you."

There was a girl too. The girl handing out the flyers in her dream. "I'm Isabel."

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"Rage carrier?" Isabel asked. Her mouth pulled up into a half smile. It'd been a long while since she'd smiled. "Like from 28 Days Later? Like one of those really fast zombies? I wish. Then I'd just win this stupid game by messing up whoever I found with my rage-y zombie powers."

Isabel sighed deeply. "No, I'm afraid not."

Even when the girl went back to stand guard, there was still the hint of a smile left over in Isabel's face. It dropped when Ray offered her the bread and water.

"No, I really couldn't," she said looking sideways at the food. "It's your food. You probably don't have much of it left. And you've done so much already. I'd.....well, I'd feel bad. It's my own fault that I ate my food," she said.

"Also my own fault that I gave the last of my food to Liz Polanski but what are you gonna do?" she grumbled.

Isabel looked hesitantly at the food. She couldn't deny she'd never been more hungry in her whole life than she was now. Slowly she took it from him, glancing up at him every so often as if asking if it was really okay. She ripped the bread in half and gave the slightly larger half back. Isabel nibbled on the edge of the piece of bread.

"So....Annaliese and Ray," she said checking to see she had the names down, "how'd you end up here?"
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Isabel took the water and took a sip. However she was so thirsty that sip turned into a gulp and another gulp before she tore the bottle away from herself, panting. Her composure was briefly lost to desperation.

"Sorry," she said passing it back.

Isabel looked over at Annaliese as she left again. Another smile.

"She seems like a good girl. And hey, I'm not going to knock anyone for being too cautious."

Isabel looked between the pair. They weren't anything like the people she had just left, but she liked them. She felt a little bit bad for intruding on the duo. She also had to admit that she had been incredibly lucky that they were the ones to find her. Especially with the letters in her shirt.

Ray started talking about his time on the island. Isabel leaned forward with her chin resting in her hand.

"Really? Gassed and thrown on an island you say? Well that must have been just awful," she said with a spark of good natured sarcasm.

She listened as he recapped over his week spent on the island. It surprised her to know that he and Annaliese hadn't been together that long. She thought for sure they'd been like she and Dave had been.

"Sounds pretty rough. Bobby Barron, Neill Robertson," she repeated trying to see if the names sounded familiar.

"No, sorry. I haven't encountered really very many people at all actually. We were really lucky until yesterday. I woke up in the mirror house with these two guys, Roland and Dave. Dave and I split when there was a..... misunderstanding and we ran through the forest until we found a cheerleader and the three of us fell asleep in some bushes. Then we all walked around for a while until we got to the greens and met errmm.....Helen Wilson and Winnie and we slept. Then the whole group went to the river and that's where we found Liz Polanski right after she melted her collar," she explained.

"We didn't know what she did, just that she was hurt so we helped her but right after we saved her life, Danya came on the announcements and told us what she did and that we'd die if we stayed with her so we split. Personally, I think it was a stupid plan and she executed it poorly and because of her five people are dead and I had I known she cared so little about killing random people I would have considered stabbing her then and there," she said, her voice rising. She took a deep breath and calmed, starting again.

"But there's nothing to be done about that now," she said with a sigh. This next part would be tricky. No doubt the terrorists were listening to what she had to say about the station. "We got to a ranger station with a dead boy out front and we stayed there for a while until it became a danger zone and ran to the swamp. We were sitting around and trying to help this girl who we found, she'd been badly messed up, when Raidon started shooting at us. We all ran and I lost my group," she finished.

"One of the people I was with, Roland, he pretended to be hurt to draw the shooter away so we could have time to escape. He told me to look after the rest of the group but I got lost and I tried to find them but I ended up unconscious on your lawn, right?" she said biting her lip. "It's so weird being without Dave. We were together every minute from when we woke up until I lost sight of him. I'm really bad at this," she said, her voice cracking. "I couldn't even stay with them to make sure they would be okay. I dunno, I didn't use to really get attached too much to people back home but I guess they really got under my skin. And of course I screwed it up and now they could be...." She leaned forward and covered her eyes with a groan.

Mud splashed around her feet and overflowed into her socks and shoes making a disgusting squishing when she stomped through the soggy swamp. They were running away from Raidon who had opened fire on their group. To her left she saw Kitty keeping pace and Roland to her right with his sword at the ready. Suddenly her foot was caught in a gnarled tree root under the mud and she fell forward with her right knee and both arms plunging straight into the muck.

Oh god. I’m THAT girl. The one who falls!

A hand was at her arm in an instant and pulled her up from the mud. It was Roland.

“You, you stopped for me,“ she mumbled in disbelief. He hadn’t seemed to hear her.

"Isabel, we can't get far with them after us like this."

A gunshot rang through the air, close by. Roland's head snapped back and Isabel flinched at the sound. He turned back to her.

"Scatter, try to meet up somewhere later. I'm the only one with a weapon, I'll take off, distract them for awhile. Find the others, make sure they're okay. I know you'll do just fine."

Her eyebrows came up and her mouth parted slightly for a moment before setting firm.

“No. I’m not going to leave you. The other’s can scatter and get somewhere safe and I’ll stay with you and we can-“

“Don’t be stupid, Isabel. Get out of here. You’re gonna fucking die if you stay here. I’ve got this covered. Just go. Keep them safe. I’ll meet up with you all later,” he said sternly.

Her eyes became misty and she closed them, nodding her head curtly.

Isabel ran a few paces forward and then stopped and turned to look back at Roland one last time.

Roland motioned frantically for her to run.

“I’m on your team. Now and always,” she called out. Isabel turned quickly and sprinted away.

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Isabel shook her head and looked down at the floor with her teeth and fists clenched.

"No. If I had known, if someone had come up to me and told me that she'd be the cause of five innocent deaths, I would have done it. One life to save several. It's a no brainer. Sometimes you have to do what you think is right even if people would hate you for it, you know? And..... sometimes the right thing is face stabbing."

She startled herself a little at that. Though perhaps Annaliese would have agreed with that sentiment seeing as she was the one gearing up for the zomb-pocalypse, but she wasn't talking to her. She was talking to Ray, and Ray seemed to be maybe a better person than she was.

"Or maybe you're right and I need to take the intensity down a little," she said. She didn't mean it but it seemed prudent to try and at least seem as normal as possible now that these people saved her from being found by God knows who outside.

"I hope your right, Ray. I hope they're okay. I hope the make it long enough to get out of here."

She looked up suddenly at Ray.

"We're going to be rescued. You don't have to kill anyone. You just have to wait it out. I don't blame people who killed, they had no way to know, but I want you to know. I know it sounds crazy and stupid but you've got to believe me."

Ray reached out and gently put a hand on her shoulder and she twitched like she'd been electrocuted. She sheepishly scooted away from the hand.

"Sorry, I uhhh..... have a thing. I've got a phobia of touching. As you can imagine, I'm a hit with the boys."
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((Quick post before I leave. She's Holly's after this 'til I get back!))

Isabel looked down at her shoes. He didn't believe her, but why should he? Wouldn't she think just like he did if some chick who just woke up from being passed out started telling her that there was someone coming? And to be quite honest, she didn't even know for sure that anyone was coming at all. But their message must have gotten through undetected, or else there'd have been an announcement to hunt her down like they had for Liz. And there had to be someone out there watching who'd recognize morse code. She was still faint, but she hoped beyond hopes that she had been right when she said there was rescue.

"You don't believe me," she said quietly. "That's understandable. You just have to....trust me that I'm right. Which I know is asking a lot since you just met me and all."

Isabel briefly thought about the letters still hidden under her shirt. She couldn't tell them what she'd done. These seemed like nice people and if they knew, they'd be in danger. She couldn't do that to them.

He apologized and she waved it away. "No, no, it's fine. You were just trying to be nice. It's not a big deal."

Isabel noticed that he kept fussing with his hair. Her bag had been brought in as well, she noticed, and she dug inside for the bag of toiletries. Inside were three scrunchies. As she pulled out the brown one for him she heard him compliment her. There was a quick spike of panic, but it only lasted a few seconds, leading into a slight blush.

"Well thanks," she said happily as she handed over the hair tie. "You uh, you aren't bad either," she returned awkwardly.

Isabel stood and walked a few steps until she could see Annaliese again. She was staring out at the yard. Isabel leaned against the door frame and smiled a little.
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((Thanks bunches, Holly!))

Isabel walked over to the musty looking old couch in the room and flopped down, landing with a satisfying "thump" and bouncing just slightly on first impact before settling down again. She closed her eyes and covered them with her left arm. Her sleeve pulled up a little, revealing a few faded, sharpied letters on her arm.

She was still tired and not all the way back up to %100 just yet. But again she couldn't suppress something of a little laugh when Annaliese made her view on raisins known.

I must be tired because that actually makes sense to me.

"I've never thought of it like that before," she said, eyes still closed.

Ray wanted to go to the supermarket and find a shirt. Well, Isabel didn't even have any of her own clothes left. Most of her stuff got left back at the swamp.

"Check up the bedroom maybe. There might be something someone left behind," she said, trying to be helpful.

It was almost surreal. They were all going to go to the market to pick up groceries. Get some dorritos, pick up a frozen pizza, maybe some cokes.

She moved her arm a little bit and opened one eye to look at the girls. These were the sort of people she could have seen herself being friends with if only she'd actually gone out and tried to make friends at school. Isabel certainly got along with them easier than the other group, even if she was silent most of the time.

What did that mean, though? She'd built a bond between the others that was held together with trust and forged through hardships. She could bet everything that Dave and Helen wouldn't try to slit her throat in her sleep. And it would be so terribly hypocritical for her to drop them for new people. Didn't she know what it felt like to be dropped for someone easier and better?

Maybe she could look for them with this group. Become one huge group. She closed her eyes again and rolled onto her side.

"Grocery store. Sounds like a plan," she said to no one in particular.
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"Zombies," she said with a shrug to Alex, echoing Annaliese as if it were obvious.

The smudged letters on her arms reminded her of her old task. She almost was beyond caring about that now. In fact, she was sort of feeling lazy all around. She wasn't sure she was even going to get up if they all decided to go to the grocery store. She was content to just lay on the sofa like a rag doll.

Ray had gone to look for a shirt. Isabel wasn't totally sure of why it was so important to him. She briefly considered offering her own but didn't think anyone would take that suggestion well. Isabel looked down at her stomach and lifted her shirt a little past her navel. There were more names of killers faded into her stomach but that wasn't what seemed to catch her interest. She poked her stomach.

She'd lost weight. A lot of it.

A week ago there had been a slight bump from under her navel just to where the line of her skirt started. Now it was flat. It depressed her. She took a deep breath and the upper corner of her ribs were slightly more defined.

"I think I've lost like, ten pounds," she sighed.
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Isabel sat half way up when Alex recounted what had happened to her. She didn't have siblings, much less someone as close as a twin so she couldn't imagine what it would feel like to lose a person like that. She leaned forward and swept some of her hair behind an ear.

"Wow. That's....really rough. I'm sorry your brother's gone."

It sounded super lame, but it was pretty much the best she could do to comfort her. Comforting had never been one of her strong suits.

But then she said something that happened to be particularly relevant to her. Isabel sat up completely now and wrung her hands together. And according to her report, Hayley's kill count wasn't going to go down any time soon.

"You saw Hayley? Where? Where did you see her? I've been looking for her for days. It's really important that I talk to her, especially-"

Annaliese came bursting back in, sounding quite concerned about a zombie outside. Was there really a zombie out there? Isabel was almost inclined to actually believe her. Be it a real zombie or not, she mentioned it had a shotgun so that was definitely cause for concern.

She looked at Alex for a second and then got up to go look out the window.

"It's.....Jimmy Brennan?" she said, somewhat confused. He looked in a bad way, bloody and ragged. And there was a girl with him. Isabel's face drained of blood.

"....and Rosa."

Silly as it was, she was equally afraid of Rosa as she was of the shotgun totting blood drenched boy.

"Let's just stay in here and-"

And looked back and saw that Ray had already stepped out of the house.


"Oh God damn it," she muttered.

She ran back to her back and pulled out the jagged piece of mirror. It wasn't much, but it was the closest to a weapon she had, not that she wasn't appreciative of all that the trumpet had done for her. Slowly she crawled to the side of the sliding glass door Ray had stepped out of and crouched just out of sight with her improvised weapon.

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Isabel was still crouched down near the sliding glass door with the shard of mirror in her hand. She looked down at her only weapon and her vision turned to water color right in front of her, then back again. She shook her head and almost feel forward on her face. As much as she was a stubborn little fighter, she knew she could never win in her state. A few minutes of rest wasn't enough. She had worn herself down where she needed more than that. Still thirsty, still hungry, ran ragged. There was no chance, especially against a boy with a shot gun.

Isabel steadied herself and gingerly put the shard back in her bag. She walked out to stand with Ray and Annaliese with both of her hands open and at her sides to show she had nothing. So hungry. She was dizy and her head hurt. She looked at Jimmy. He looked like a wild animal. After a brief moment of thinking she realized she must look the same. Dried mud up to her elbows and knees, rips in the skirt, frizzed out greasy hair. They were all like wild animals.

"I was the last one. It's yours, Jimmy. Just don't hurt anyone."

She took a deep breath and looked at the gun. He might really decide to shoot them then and there. Fear ran buzzing like electricity up and down her spine.

And then she heard a familiar voice.

"Oh god, Allen," she whispered. Her blood turned to ice. She had to get Jimmy's attention back just in case he decided to go hunting for the intruder.

"Go on ahead. Check out the place. It's all yours. Nice and safe, good beds, cozy garden." She felt like a real estate agent. It was absurd. And what's more she felt like she could topple over again at any minute. Isabel willed herself to stay upright.

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((Uh, Anna's up I think.))

The people in front of her came in and out of focus. In the distance she could make out the familiar figure of Felicia.

“Impossible,” she mumbled. It boggled her mind that the whole crew from that uncomfortable scene at prom could all assemble as they had.

The ground slid like someone had hit the tilt on a pinball table. It was getting hard for her to breathe again and she felt her chest fall and rise with a significant effort behind it. She glanced down and for a fraction of a second she was in her blue, strapless bubble dress from prom.

Isabel shook her head and it pounded back at her. She looked up at Rosa and her face flickered back into those hungry eyes she’d tried to ignore all those months ago.

No. I’m not going crazy. I’m not.

And then things went right to hell. Jimmy was threatening Annaliese for telling him exactly what she though of his tough guy routine and in a flash Ray was beating the pulp out of him.

“That’s enough, Ray,” she said, dazed.

It was all so much. She felt like she was going to puke. Isabel stumbled over to a tree a few feet away. The smell of blood made her want to gag even more. Her nails hooked into the bark and she leaned against it like it was a loving friend, there to let her rest her head.

I did everything I could and I’m still here. We’re still fighting. Maybe there is no rescue.

You’re just stupid. You’ll go insane and die. Serves you right.

She hunched over and wretched, but without having eaten anything for days all that came out was viscous stomach acid and saliva. Isabel looked up and saw Allen pounding at the front door.
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Someone called her name. Isabel spit and wiped her mouth on the back of her mud caked sleeve. She looked up again and Allen was in front of her.


It felt like she was trying to think through molasses. She blinked and willed her thought process to move faster.

"Raidon, he attacked me. I came here. Jimmy, he did.....shotgun....."

For not sleeping for nearly three days the five minutes of rest she had when she'd passed out in Ray and Annaliese's garden wasn't going to do it. She could feel herself slipping down. There were only a few seconds left but at least this time she could be a little smarter about the fact that she was about to go out of commission.

Isabel reached into her shirt and grabbed the folded papers. She shoved them at Allen.

Five, four

"Whatever you do..."

Three, two

"Don't tell."


((Isabel Guerra continued in Monsters . GM approved for the group to drag her around.))
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