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Legoland Empire; Minutes before Announcement 6
Topic Started: Mar 3 2011, 08:06 AM (6,441 Views)
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What the fuck had just happened? Quince had spent the last few minutes as if in a dream, as if he hadn't been in control of his own actions. Felicia was here. That changed everything.

He was blushing and stammering like a kid of 12, doing his best to explain what he'd done. She would never understand what had really been going on, the loss of control he'd experienced, the need to take that control back. How killing others gave him the control that he needed. Instead, he tried to connect with her on a level she would understand. That he did it for love. Chicks always dug that stuff.

But it didn't work that way at all. Tiffany tried to protect him (hadn't he supposed to be protecting her?), and it ended up in the two most important girls on this island insulting each other. Sooner or later it would all end in tears. There had to be something he could do to stop that.

Felicia was losing it, and fast. His girl had been through a lot. Probably more than he had. Quince hadn't really experienced any loss yet. Not people he'd seen die except those two fuckers who deserved it. He'd been attacked, he'd dealt with danger, but in many ways he'd been lucky.

The gunshot was unexpected. As soon as he heard it discharge, he brought the rifle into a ready position. But he didn't know where to aim it. It took a few seconds for him to register just what had happened. The gun in 'Licia's hand. The smoking barrel pointing at Tiff. The blood pooling on Tiff's chest as she fell to the floor.


This wasn't happening.

Just when he had everybody sorted out in his head. When he'd been getting somewhere with Tiff, when he had admitted to himself that he was over Felicia. His ex had not just killed his girl in front of him.

"What the fuck did you do, 'Licia?" The question seemed pointless, but it game him time to think. He crouched down, next to Tiff, trying to ignore the fact that she was obviously beyond help now. He just needed to do something for her. Make her comfortable. She deserved more than that useless gesture, but it was all he had.

No. Not all. 'Licia had taken the control away from him again. And he could take it back. He had the bigger gun, the longer reach, and…

He spun round at the crash, a door swinging open. There, there was something he could deal with. He fired a round into the doorway, more as a warning than anything else. Tiff was dead, and now nothing mattered. But somebody would have to pay.
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