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I'll Huff and I'll Puff; Evening, Day 6
Topic Started: Feb 25 2011, 02:52 PM (1,753 Views)
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[[Dustin Royal continued from Walk On Water Or Drown]]

The best thing that could be about the last couple of days was that they passed quickly.

He stopped listening to the announcements. Of course that shit was easier said and done given that the fucking island seemed to go dead silent as soon as Danya decided to open his mouth, but Dustin retreated to his happy place (which was very, very far away from Survival of the Fittest) and let the man talk. Did it really matter who was dead? It wasn't like he was looking for anyone in particular, and everyone was going to die anyway, so...yeah. Dustin figured this was fantastically good logic. He also figured he was in denial.

Whatever. Fucks not given.

The other good thing that could be said about the last couple of days was the blessed, blessed silence. Rena and Sunil had kindly shut the fuck up since the scene on the mountain, which was good because Dustin really didn't want to kill anyone and he wasn't sure he could hold out forever with these two as company. Garry was quiet too, but that was fine. Not like there was much to talk about? "Yeah, what do you wanna do when we get out of here? Oh...right." Exactly. He could tell from the look on his friend's face that someone he knew- probably someone they knew- was dead. He didn't ask. He didn't want to know.

Where were they going, anyway? They'd been walking real slow- Rena in particular was dragging her heels and for some reason Garry insisted on keeping them all together- so they couldn't have gotten too far from the mountain. Dustin figured Garry didn't have a destination in mind, which was fine with him, as long as they weren't wandering into any gunfights. Eventually he saw a structure in the distance- and thank god for that, Dustin had had enough of sleeping in the fucking woods- and he was about to ask about it when Garry answered his question for him.

"So, I think this is the-oh... oh God."

Dustin's eyes followed Garry's flashlioh fucking hell. It was another body. Dead people apparently loved Dustin Royal given how many he'd been running into lately. He felt his gag reflex react and leaned away from the others (courtesy, he still had it) to puke up most of the bread he'd eaten that day. Awesome. Shit, how do people get used to this?

"I...I can't. I'm sorry...I'm sorry..."

Dustin looked back up. Rena was having some sort of nervous breakdown, which wasn't surprising since that seemed to be Rena's thing.

"I can't do this anymore. I just...can't. I give up. Is that what you wanted? This whole time, is all you ever wanted to beat me, to break me, to watch for your sick amusement? Well you win! You. Win. I give up. I give up!"

He rolled his eyes. This was the highest degree of melodramatic bullshit and he wanted no part in it. He just wanted to get his ass in the hut-thing and go to sleep in a place where this body was not. He opened his mouth to say as much but stopped himself mainly because he knew it would get Garry all mad at him and blahblahblah it was too late for this crap. He kept his mouth shut and raised an eyebrow at Garry. You're the leader, do some peacekeeping bullshit.
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