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I'll Huff and I'll Puff; Evening, Day 6
Topic Started: Feb 25 2011, 02:52 PM (1,758 Views)
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Dustin wasn't keeping up. It wasn't really anything personal, more that following a bunch of unstable people, the most trustworthy of whom was a killer, into a mission to find someone who had wandered off specifically to be alone, someone who had noted very clearly that she would be returning... well, it didn't seem like a bright idea for any number of reasons.

It had been fun. He'd look back fondly on his day dealing with Rena's antics and Sunil's crazy bullshit and the startling near-reliability of Garry. He'd look back on it from somewhere safer and better, maybe somewhere with a lovely lady on his arm, strumming some chords on his guitar and sipping fruity beverages with improbably high alcohol contents and little paper umbrellas.

But right now, he was moving out, before Rena returned with, say, Maxwell Lombardi in hot pursuit.

Dustin took off, heading in a different direction from his erstwhile companions.

((Dustin Royal continued in There's Always Room in the Swamp!))
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