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Our Last Days As Children; Day 6 - Morning - OPEN
Topic Started: Feb 17 2011, 10:06 PM (2,130 Views)
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((Apologies for any confusion here. Alex went terminally inactive shortly before nowave's last post. Said post was in part the result of a miscommunication.))

They were off to search for Jay, then. Jasper had agreed, and this new fellow seemed pleasant enough. His impassioned speech from before meant he was on the same page as Jasper and Alex, and he didn't seem particularly unstable or kill-happy.

That was good. Alex's sudden certainty as to his fate had him somewhat worried. He hoped that they'd be able to carry on if anything happened to him. He'd done his best to be a good leader. He'd tried damn hard. There had been setbacks and issues, poor choices and unreliable companions. Jarocki had been a mistake. His instability had cost Alex his arm. Hayley... he still thought she might be salvageable. Maybe.

Thinking of Jarocki and his arm made him notice the burning sensation along the wound. They'd sterilized it as best they could, but it was still a field surgery performed inexpertly. He couldn't even be sure that the gangrene had been entirely neutralized.

It was a terrifying thought.

He'd have to keep up a good facade, though, for the others.

He followed quickly after Jasper.

((Alexander Campbell continued in Inevitability))
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