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Requiem for a Rock Star; Semi-Private (PM First)
Topic Started: Feb 16 2011, 02:48 PM (1,458 Views)
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The Fiorious One
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It was a day that was more or less just like any other.

Marty walked to school all on his own, passing by his fellow classmates without taking particularly much notice of them. He attended the first couple of lessons whilst saying as very little as possible. At lunch, he ate all on his own on a round table, occasionally taking the odd sidewise glance in the direction of Charlene Norris or whoever attractive looking girl happened to be near at the time. It was, in all respects, a perfectly average day.

It wasn't until he sat alone in the library, reading the copy of Watchmen he had for the fifth time in a row, that something out of the ordinary happened.

Someone tried to speak with him.

"Dude! Is that Watchmen you're reading?"

Marty turned to the newcomer, a confused look on his face. Was somebody actually trying to talk to HIM for once? Apparently so... A tall wannabe-be stoner from the looks of things as well.

Unsure as to how to reply, Marty stammered for a moment before answering the tall boy's question.

"Um... Yeah."

"Oh, cool. Its an awesome comic, isn't it?"

"Uh, yeah, I suppose..."

"Yeah. But you're, like, the first guy I've seen around here who seems to feel the same way. Well, you an' Vaughan, but he was the guy who introduced it to me in the first place so he doesn't count..."

"I see....."

Marty wasn't entirely sure how he feel about the situation he suddenly found himself in. On the one hand, part of him wanted this guy who bug off and leave him in peace. On the other though, he couldn't help but enjoy actually being able to talk to someone for once about his favourite graphic novel for once...

"...Uh, anyway, sorry if i'm botherin' you or anything. If you want, I'll uh....."

"Nono, its fine. You're not bothering me at all. I've already read this, like, five times already..."

"Oh... Really? Man, i've only read it, like, three times tops."

There was a slight pause as the two boys figured out what to say next, neither of them having much of an idea as to how to continue the conversation any further. Surprisingly, in the end, Marty was the one who broke the silence...

"...So, you read much of Alan Moore's stuff?"

"Alan who?"

"Alan Moore. You know, the guy who wrote Watchmen?"

"Uh, let me think... Um, you mind naming some of his stuff?"

"Sure, uh, lets see... V for Vendetta"

"Oh yeah, read that. Saw the movie as well."

"Cool. Uh... From Hell?"

"Nope, never heard of it."

"Okay, um..... The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?"

"...Theres a comic of that?"

"Uh, yeah?"

"...AWESOME! I totally wanna read that at some point! I mean, if its anywhere near as kickass as the movie was, then it must be one helluva sweet comic!"

At this point, Marty couldn't help but burst out laughing. Not at Joshua though, at least, not intentionally. Just at the idea of the movie adaptation of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen being considered to be anywhere near as good as the comics where. After his sudden outburst ended, the small boy couldn't help but feel embarrassed at how he'd laughed after Joshua shared his thoughts on the movie. Oh crap, I hope I didn't offend him...

Thankfully though, Joshua seemed to have been laughing alongside him. A fact which Marty found more relieving then he really thought it would be...

"Hahaheheh... I, uh, don't get it."

"Nevermind, it doesn't matter..." Marty replied with a smile on his face. For some reason, there was something about this guy that Marty couldn't help but like. Maybe it was his carefree attitude. Maybe it was his warm and innocent smile. Or maybe it was just the fact that he reminded Marty of those surfer dudes you found in movies from the early nineties... Either way, the fact remained that for some reason or another, Marty happened to like this guy a lot more then anyone else he'd met at this school.

Just then, the school bell went off, signalling the start of their next lessons.

"Well, I guess thats my cue. Seeya around, uh..."


"...Marty! As in, Mcfly, right?"

"Hehe, yeah I guess..."

"Cool. Nice to meet you Marty. Oh, uh, mine's Joshua by the way."

On that note, Joshua put his hand out and offered to shake Marty's, an offer the small boy slowly but surely took up on.

"...Well, nice to meet you Joshua."

And from that point on, the two boys went on to form a seemingly unbreakable friendship. One which they both believe would last far beyond their years at Bayview. One that they both knew would never be broken, no matter what troubles lay ahead..........................................................................................................................


((Marty J. Lovett continued from Later, Buddy))

Joshua was dead.

No matter how many times Marty told himself that fact in his head, he just couldn't get over the fact that his best friend in the entire world was now gone...

Shot in the head.....

Never to come back........

And it was all because of him.

All because Joshua had been protecting Marty from danger.

All because Quincy Jones had decided to act all gangster and interrogate them for information which they didn't have.

All because Danya had chosen THEIR school to be the one to abduct.

All because Marty had run away like a filthy coward.....

No, don't think that! He TOLD you to run, remember? Thats why he died! He died in order to save your life! Because you're so pathetic, that other people have to die in order for you to live! You fucking asshole! First Carol dies because you're too pitiful to shift your ass, now Joshua's dead because you couldn't be man up in time! Whose next, huh? Natalie? You gonna let her die now, huh? HUH?!?

No no, stop it Marty!

Everyone you know and care about is going to die Marty! EVERYONE!



Eventually, the small boy made his way back to the wooden shack by the mines, just as Joshua had promised to. There, he found the corpse of Michelle lying on the floor in a heap, and a few dozen metres or so away Richard Han's corpse lay broken and bloodied after it had fallen from such a high height.

And yet, for some reason, Aston and Anna weren't there.

...Fuck. Well, so much for waiting for us to return. Now what? I've got nowhere else to go... No one else to go to... I'm back to square one again. Back to being reduced to fucking hiding like a goddamn coward!

The young boy fell to his knees, and looked at the jutte he'd taken along with him when he'd ran away. The only item he now had to remind him of Joshua. He could almost see his face in the reflection of the metal, smiling back at him with that same goofy grin he always had on.

A single tear drop splashed onto the edge of the blunt weapon. Followed by another, and another, until before Marty knew it he was emptying his heart out. Tears flowing down his cheeks like a roaring waterfall.

And so, he just stayed there for a while, crying alone and unloved on an island full of people who didn't care.

In more ways then one, he really was back to square one all over again.
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Confused Writer
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Kevin scowled as he slogged through the forests. He was a lot of things right now: Thirsty, angry, utterly exhausted.... and undoubtedly screwed. He couldn't do anything right. All he had done was watch and hide and cower in fear. He had survived that long hiding in the shadows, which was something he detested. Right now, he was on the cusp of giving up entirely and just lying down to die.

Passion could only take him so far, and he was rapidly running out of it. He had known there was a good chance that he would die from the moment that game began, but now he was increasingly certain that somebody was going to finish him. It was practically fate at this point, and he couldn't struggle his way past it.

First goes pride. Then hope. Then my life. I'm down to step three now, and there's no cavalry coming to save the day.

He couldn't even find anything to comfort himself now. There wasn't any memory he could bring up to keep himself from feeling like he wanted to drop dead. Kevin planted his shovel in the ground and leaned on it heavily, gasping like he had just run a marathon. How long had he been walking now? He didn't even know any longer.

His clothes were weighing him down heavily with mud and sweat. He wanted to take them off to ease his burden, but he would just have to lug them around on his stained backpack or hike half-naked with bugs biting him everywhere. This small problem was almost enough to drive him to tears in his tired state.

No more. No more running.

He clutched his face with his dirt covered hands. It was time to sleep. He would sleep until he either died or regained enough strength to continue walking again. Preferably the latter.

With a groan rattling from his parched throat, he pulled his shovel from the ground and continued on. It wasn't long before he came across the mine. The wooden shack nearby was a welcome sight, seeming like a place of rest and shelter. If he had been more conscious of his actions, he would've been more careful. But that wasn't the case here. Kevin opened the door, heedless of the sobs coming from within until he saw the boy.

"What?" His voice came out hoarse and shaky. This was unexpected for him. What the hell was he going to do now? "Uh... you there." Kevin took a step forward, his shovel clattering against the doorframe as he walked. "Stand up."
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The Fiorious One
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Marty's mind was at a complete blank.

Never in his entire life, not even as he sat alone thinking about what it must be like to take part in Survival in the Fittest, did he ever consider what he'd do in the situation he was currently in. He was all alone, stuck in the middle of an island thousands of miles away from home, and to top it off his best friend and the girl he liked were both dead.

And there was absolutely nothing he could have done about it.

In an ideal world, he would have saved Carol from Reiko, kicked Quincy and Tiffany's ass, figured out a way to get off the island and escape with all his friends right beside him. Instead, here he was in some dusty shack, having just abandoned Joshua to die at the hands of a pair of psychopaths after learning that Carol had died without him being able to do a damn thing about it. All he could do now was lie down and wait for someone to come along and finish the job, crying like a baby as he did so. It wasn't as if he expected to be blessed with a dignified death or anything.

And yet.....


.....Jesus, what the hell made that noise?!?

The frightened young boy was quickly brought back to reality has he heard the sound of someone opening the door right behind him, turning his head to find none other then the local jock Kevin Harding staring right back at him, armed with a shovel of all things as he tried to talk to him in a hoarse tone of voice.

Naturally of course, Marty's first instinct was to scream.

OH... SHIT!!!

Marty quickly crawled away from his armed classmate until he found himself backed up against the wall, tears still flowing from his eyes as he watched Kevin linger there in doorway. This was it he told himself. This was how he was going to die, beaten to death by Kevin fucking Harding right after abandoning Joshua to a similarly painful death. He didn't consider for a second the possibility that Kevin might not be playing at all, and he was getting himself worked up over nothing. After all, he was a goddamn jock for crying out loud! Of COURSE he was playing! Why else would he be carrying a shovel around with him like that?

Maybe he's just... SHUT THE FUCK UP, i'm thinking! Jesus hell, there must be a way out of this situation! Maybe I could distract him then jump through a window or something... Nonono, I'll just get myself cut to piece by the glass. Who the hell would honestly try to escape a building by jumping through a pane of fucking glass! Only an idiot would do such a thing... Oh fuck you Kevin! Why did you have to block the only escape route?!?

In all the panic, Marty didn't bother listening to anything Kevin was saying. He could have been singing the lyrics to "Don't Stop Me Now" for all he cared, all Marty knew was that any second now he would charge him and it'd be all over.

Please, oh for the love of god, just make it quick!

And so, terrified beyond recognition, Marty closed his eyes and waited...

....And waited....

......And waited......

........And waited........

..........And waited..........

............Okay, seriously, what gives?

Marty slowly opened his eyes, expecting Kevin to be standing over him with a sadistic grin on his face. But instead, he was surprised to find the jock still standing in the doorway, a shocked expression on his face.

At first Marty couldn't tell what the matter was. He had Marty EXACTLY where he wanted him to be, right? So shouldn't he be taking the opportunity to carve his skull in whilst he still had the chance?

.....It was at that point that Marty noticed the javelin.

The javelin that had impaled Kevin in the back, and pierced right through his chest.

Oh my...

At that point, Kevin fell over onto his side, clutching the javelin poking out of his chest. Rather then looking through the door in order to find out who had thrown the weapon at his supposed assailant, Marty darted underneath the nearest bed and kept silent, praying to god that whoever had killed Kevin hadn't spotted him as well.

At least, he'd assumed Kevin at been killed at first. As he looked towards the injured boy, he couldn't help but notice that he was still very much alive. In a tremendous amount of pain, yes, but still more-or-less alive. He could hear footsteps now. Footsteps heading right for where Kevin was lying. It wasn't long until Marty could see the feet of the man who'd thrown the weapon, a man wearing pants that were once white but were now a murky grey thanks to the layer of ash that had covered them. Whoever it was then preceded to grab onto the the javelin and tug it out of Kevin's back, ignoring the painful noises the jock made as he did so.

Shitshitshit! What now?!? I just survived getting cornered by one psychopath to find myself at the mercy of ANOTHER one!

However, as Marty looked into Kevin's eyes terrified eyes, he realised something. Something he hadn't noticed before... Kevin was scared. Scared just like him. It wasn't until that point that it dawned on Marty that he may have made the same mistake he'd made back at the beach, assuming once again that the first person he'd come across was another killer like Quincy Jones. Or was he? Maybe Marty made the right decision by trying to get as far away from him as possible, and this newcomer did him a favour in showing up... Who the heck was this guy anyway?

Just, the pointed end of the javelin rammed down into the side of Kevin's head, stabbing him in the temple. Whoever had "saved" him obviously wanted to finish off the job, something which was more then enough to convince Marty that this newcomer was not to be trusted. He'd probably do the same to Marty as well if he got the chance to. Damnit, who the hell IS he?!? I've got to find out...

As Marty shifted over slightly so he could get a better look at the guy, being wary not to give away his position, his mouth gaped open as his supposed saviour's identity became all too clear......

...Oh god.

((Maxwell Lombardi continued from Fatal Fury))
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In the few seconds after he opened the door, everything ended for Kevin. The boy, whose face he didn't get a good look at, screamed and backed up against the wall. In response, Kevin shouted something. Even he didn't know what he said in the end, his words drowned out by the infernal noise and the frustration that flooded through his mind. That unknown phrase was the last things he would ever say.

Not a second later, a vicious pain overcame Kevin's senses. Shock was the only thing that registered on his face as his knees buckled. His eyes watered uncontrollably as he clutched at the javelin that had pierced through the chest. Not a single word could be said now, not with a lung punctured like that. He hit the floor, wordlessly cursing his misfortune as he did. The game had ended for him.

Blood and spit were the only things that could come out of his mouth now. Well, that wasn't true. A strangled groan escaped his twitching mouth. This was the end, and nothing could be done. There was no parting he could give to his parents, no words of condolence or resignation that could be expressed. Everything was going dark, just like he thought it would. That was the only thing that he got right about his death.

Unfair.... I... too late...

He didn't want to go. Nobody wanted to go. But he had to now. Humans were humans, after all. He only had one life to live, and that life was now gone. Slowly, painfully, he turned over onto his side. That was it. All power left his body after that last movement. His killer's identity would remain completely unknown to him now. Maybe it was better that way. At least he could spend his last moments thinking about something else.

Sorry. I'm so sorry. Mom... dad... please....

He was far from blameless, as he had acted with the intent of killing somebody earlier. Sure, he didn't actually kill anybody. But was that enough to cut him off from forgiveness? He certainly hoped that it didn't. If there was something for him beyond life and death, being penalized for a moment of utter weakness would be truly horrid. At least.... There was one life he didn't think of taking. His drying green eyes turned to the person he had seen earlier.

Would that boy survive? He didn't know if he would. Even if he did, Kevin couldn't do a single thing about it. That person's fate was beyond his grasp now. He was too tired to feel angry at somebody who was just scared of death like he was. Blaming the kid for distracting him was pointless. But he couldn't find it within himself to wish the kid luck in this game. Chances were that poor student would be snuffed out shortly after him.

The javelin was yanked out of his back, bringing a fresh new wave of pain and screams. This was it. Game over. He was really going to die now. He had never felt so scared before, and never would again. The javelin that pierced through his temple made sure of that. He twitched a few times, then shut down completely. In a way, it was a mercy. His suffering was finally over. By the time the weapon was pulled out of his head, there was nothing left of Kevin.

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It was Maxwell Lombardi.

THAT Maxwell Lombardi. The same Maxwell Lombardi who'd already claimed the lives of more people then Marty could keep track of. The same Maxwell Lombardi who had cemented his name on the island as one of the last people you'd want to be cornered by in a dark allyway.

The same Maxwell Lombardi who would almost certainly kill Marty the second he got the opportunity to do so, just like he'd just done now to Kevin.


The frightened young boy was as silent as humanely possible as he stayed hidden underneath the bed, praying that Maxwell would just turn around and leave rather then decide to look around some more. From the looks of things, the English killer wasn't aware of Marty's presence. At least, Marty assumed that he wasn't aware anyway. From all he knew, Maxwell could just be bullshitting him so that he could take him by surprise, whipping out a Desert Eagle or something at the last possible second and blasting Marty to oblivion from underneath the bed.

Damnit Marty, get a hold of yourself! Just keep quiet and he'll probably just leave without even bother to check underneath the beds. He must have better things to do with his time than checking every single nook and cranny, right? Just stay calm, relax, and whatever you do... Don't PANIC!

Trying not to panic as the top killer on the island searched the shack you were hiding in proved to be easier said then done.

Rather than simply leaving like Marty had hoped, Maxwell removed the javelin from Kevin's skull and preceded to enter the building, taking care not to step on Kevin's corpse as he did so. A part of Marty wanted him to move a little to the right so he could get a better look at what was going on, after all he could only see Maxwell's legs from where he was hiding. At the same time though, he knew doing so would be an insanely stupid thing to do in this situation.

Even so, Marty couldn't help but wonder what Maxwell was doing as he looked about the shack. The only sound he could hear from him were a couple of footseps and what sounded to Marty like... Humming? Was Maxwell Lombardi actually humming a tune to himself right after he'd freaking killed someone?!? As much as it creeped Marty out, there was no denying the fact that Maxwell was humming "Its Not Unusual" by Tom Jones as he looked through the shack that had supposedly belonged to the person he'd just murdered.

Jesus Christ... What the hell kind of guy acts so casually after he'd just murdered someone in cold blood?

...The same kind of guy who'd quite happily do so after already killing a dozen or so people with breaking a sweat, that's what. Holy shit...... Just my luck to share a shack with a fucking mass murderer!

Eventually, Maxwell came to a stop right beside the bed where Joshua had left his and Marty's bag, causing the young boy to almost reveal his location as he heard the sound of the bags being opened one at a time. He just couldn't believe it, Maxwell Lombardi was stealing his and Joshua's stuff right in front of him, and there wasn't a single thing he could do to stop it! He could always try, of course, but it didn't take an idiot to tell that if he was to try anything stupid like that the only result would be his own painful demise. Marty only had two options at this stage: Either he'd stay silent and possibly survive, or he could go for a suicidal attack and almost certainly die.

Naturally, Marty went with the first option.

Unsure of what to do with himself as Maxwell preceded to loot his and Joshua's bag, the young boy briefly turned his attention back to the corpse of Kevin Harding, which still lay barely a metre or so away from him with permanent look of terror in it's frozen eyes. It was only at that point that Marty noticed pool of blood that was slowly spreading out, trickling ever so closely towards where he was hiding. As much as Marty wanted to scream out or budge away, he knew that doing so would undoubtedly reveal his location. All he could do was close his eyes and cry silent tears as he felt Kevin's warm blood soak the left side of his face.

Suddenly, Maxwell stopped humming.

...OH SHIT! Oh fuck, he must of heard me! Oh god, oh no, this is it! He's going to kill me!Oh-

"Oh blast, I forgot to ask about whatshername. Damnit... Oh well, not much I can do about it now, is there?"

...Huh? Whatshername? Who the heck is he talking about? Is... Is Maxwell looking for someone? A girlfriend, maybe? Didn't he go out with Vera Osborne? No, couldn't be her, I could of sworn I heard her name mentioned on the announcements ages ago. Well if its not her, then who the heck is he talking about?

As much as Marty wanted to know the details of Maxwell's search, the young killer didn't reveal any more information as he went back to looting. After that, Maxwell didn't say a word apart from expressing his dislike for coconut as he took a bite out of a Mounds bar he found in Joshua's bag, which he quickly dumped onto the floor with disgust. Once he'd finished looting, he quickly made his way back over to where Kevin was lying and kneeled over so he could loot his bag as well.

It was at that point that Marty finally got a good look at Maxwell's face. Or, the right side of it anyway. He looked so... Unconcerned with the fact that he was looting from a dead person. As if he was already far too used to doing so already by this stage. Whilst that was enough to cause Marty to shudder, what caught his attention the most was the scar running across Maxwell's face right underneath his ear, where his earlobe was supposed to be. Marty wasn't exactly a doctor, but judging from the injury Maxwell had at some point been inches away from being shot right in the face.

Too bad whoever shot at him missed... Jesus, look at how close he is to me! All he'd have to do is glance to his right and BAM! I'm a dead man...

Thankfully though, Maxwell didn't do that. Instead, the young killer stood up, crooked his neck, and made his way through the door without looking back for a second.

((Maxwell Lombardi continued elsewhere...))

Marty lay there for another moment or so, still unsure as to whether or not he should move from his hiding spot. Rather then make any rash decisions, Marty just lay there for another few minutes, with only one firm thought present in his stressed mind......

...What now?
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It must of been a good hour or so before Marty finally mustered up the courage to get out from underneath the bed. Despite the fact that he knew fine well that any sane person wouldn't wait around that long, a part of him was still worried about the possibility that Maxwell was setting up some kind of cruel trap.

Sure enough though, as he looked all around the shack and the surrounding area, there wasn't a soul in sight. The only company he had were the two corpses that were beginning to stink up the place. Once again, he's was all alone. Alone and unloved, trapped in the middle of some godawful island with no chance of escape...

...And to make matters worse, Maxwell had almost stolen nearly all of his and Joshua's rations with the exception of a handful of chocolate bars.

Great... Just fucking great, had to rub it into my face didn't you? Surprised you didn't steal my wallet whilst you were at it, you fucking jerk...

Marty stood there for a moment longer, looking over the scene as the wind outside caused the door to open and slam repeatedly. He looked down at Kevin's corpse, grimacing as he noticed how the boy was still in the same fetal position he'd been in when he died. The young boy was shocked at how used he'd become to the sight of dead bodies over the past few days, considering how giddy he used to become around them in the past. Now though, Marty was surprised whenever he DIDN'T come across a corpse as he travelled from place to place....

Shit..... Everywhere I go, theres death. Whenever I hear the announcements, all I hear about is whose died next and who killed them. Hell, I ended up becoming one of those killers myself! God, i'm such a fucking hypocrite... Jesus christ, what the hell's the point anymore? I'm not gonna make it, am I? I'm a dead man. I always was, ever since I first got here. I don't know why the hell I even bothered running away and hiding all the time.

Marty felt the left side of his cheek, flinching when he realised that it was coated in dried blood. Kevin's dried blood to be specific. He felt something if his throat, and for a second Marty thought he was about to throw up. In the end though, he managed to keep it in. Not that it helped much. He still felt like the single most pointless human being on the entire planet. It didn't change the fact that several people were now dead because of his cowardice. Joshua. Carol. Hell, even KEVIN died because he was too much of a chickenshit to do anything about it! He didn't even have the balls to try to think of a way he could somehow stop Maxwell from being able to kill more people. God knows how many more people he'd kill before someone finally managed to put a bullet between his eyes...

Until then, what next? Should he just try to find some place to hide again like the last time he found himself all alone? Or should he just give up and pull his collar right there and then, save some asshole the trouble of killing him.

After standing about aimlessly for what felt like a good couple of minutes, the young boy turned his head back to Kevin to find himself staring at the shovel that had been left on the floor in a heap.

A shovel...

An idea began to form in Marty's head...

He knew what he had to do now...

With a set goal in his mind, Marty grabbed the shovel and headed back into the woods, in the direction where he'd ran off the day before.

The direction which led straight back to where he had led Joshua to his death.

Don't worry buddy, I'll be back soon. You'll see...

((Marty J. Lovett continued elsewhere...))
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