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Make Your Own Kind of Music
Topic Started: Feb 14 2011, 07:01 PM (5,016 Views)
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(Andrea Raymer continued from Out on a Tether)

It'll be a hatch. Yeah, that's it, it'll be a badass hatch here in the jungle and the Secret Chopper Crew will go down and there'll be a whole big command center set up and then I'll sneak down once they leave and then...

Aarrgh. What the hell was that old expression? Cart before the horse or something? Her dad would've known. Whatever it was, they hadn't even seen the Secret Chopper Crew yet. For all she knew, the chopper had come to toss Mr. Kwong onto the island with a collar for shits and giggles. But bottom line was that this was like serious fucking business now and she couldn't wander off with her rambling thoughts.

Because they were seriously rambling now. Might be all the Wellbutrin she'd downed earlier in lieu of her regular meds. She didn't like doing that, didn't like that she was just experimenting, but she had to string out the good stuff for as long as possible, and if that meant taking these new pills and shipping her cerebrum out to new adventures unknown, them's the breaks, to use another of those expressions, and Jesus argh the song lyrics were actually preferable to this stuff, just do that and--

Everybody's got a hunger, a hunger they can't resist
There's so much that you want, you deserve much more than this
But if dreams came true, oh wouldn't that be nice
But this ain't no dream, we're living through tonight
You want it, you take it, you pay the price

--damnit Bruce that's not particularly subtle and kinda pessimistic but it could help her calm down a bit.

And focus. OK. Where was she?

Ah yes, the Chopper Crew tossing Kwong on the island.

Of course, she'd prefer that to some other possible scenarios. Andrea was the fangirl, remember, and any fangirl worth her salt knew what happened way back in v1 when a helicopter full of terrorists touched down. She hadn't told Allen about that. Wouldn't be wise. But she had to dive into the deep end of the pool at some point. And flinging some terrorists into the game to slaughter kids wholesale didn't make sense given the death rate had shown no sign of dropping. Besides, if they did discover something like that, well, she and Allen were keeping their distance for a reason. Andrea had it all planned out.

After the initial paranoia wore off, it hadn't taken Andrea long to decide she needed to investigate the chopper firsthand. Greedy fantasies being led straight to the generator had invaded her thoughts, and she rationalized that even assuming that was overly optimistic, they could still glean a shitload of potential information from finding out in the flesh what was up. Convincing Allen hadn't been difficult. He seemed to be on board once she'd assured him they'd hang back and never charge blindly in. And he'd also come up with their mission's cover story for the cameras.

They'd been keeping south of the oversized road where, to Andrea's best guess, the helicopter had landed a couple hours ago. So far, their journey hadn't borne any fruit. The copter itself had touched down beyond their sightline, and roared back up and vanished into the wild blue yonder from whence it came not long after. So, since it had to have SOME purpose for being here, and since they hadn't caught sight of any new weapons or rations or mystery boxes, that could only, her superlogic declared, mean they'd dropped one or more unknown persons onto the island. How clever she was.

Andrea and Allen had tracked westward to get to the road, so they were continuing that way for now. She figured whoever came from the chopper was also heading that direction, if for no other reason than because she would've seen them otherwise. Bah, her kingdom for a pair of binoculars; they'd be pretty damn useful right now. Ah well.

She scribbled a couple lines in her notebook, then passed it along to Allen.

-They're probably heading to the woods over there, it's been a DZ 2 days now
-Liz Polanski's prob. there too, makes sense that she'd hide where ppl can't find her

Of course, they couldn't just barge into a dangerzone in search of death and glory. But they could follow. And then wait. And then... well, who knows what they might find out?

"Yeah, the chopper's definitely gone, so, uh... that sucks," she said. "Guess it wasn't the Marines after all."

Verbalizing any of those thoughts would be primo dumb though. Hence her totally casual banter about expecting the cavalry to arrive. Danya would fall for it, guaranteed, because Danya was stupid and assumed the same of everybody else.

"I dunno. Maybe they dropped some teachers on the island; I think I remember reading they did that in one of the early runs, like the non-televised ones. But we should probably stay away from the road down there, just in case. You uh, want to stop for lunch or something?"

Andrea had gone through the bag they'd picked up from Max Neill a while back, and while there'd been nothing in the matter of weaponry or other interesting stuff, they had grabbed his assigned food and water along with some protein bars and candy. She'd harbored some hope of an secret drug stash or something equally illicit, but apparently their late Student Council President had been as wholesome as he'd seemed. He was no Andrea Vanlandingham, that much was certain.

"Hopefully we can keep finding supplies. That's, uh, especially recently that's one of the things they do to make sure you don't hide out the whole time, cause you'll run out after a few days. And back in like, the first season there were nowhere near as many kids, so the game didn't last as long."
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