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Later, Buddy; Private Thread
Topic Started: Feb 4 2011, 06:17 PM (5,494 Views)
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((Marty J. Lovett continued from And As If It Couldn't Get Any Worse))

What have I done...

That was the only sentance going through young Marty's head as he ran headlong through the woods, blithely ignoring his best friend's attempts at slowing him down.

Back by the shack, when Michelle had them all by hostage, Marty had originally seen it as an act of heroism when he'd shot her back then. He'd actually done it! He'd actually managed to do something useful for once! Joshua, Aston and the others might of died if he hadn't of saved them whilst he had the chance! He felt so energized and excited that he actually tried to help Aston out when she got injured by Michelle's crossbow bolt.

Then the reality sank in.

He'd actually killed someone. Someone who was, in all respects, unarmed. She'd already shot Aston in the arm by the time he mustered up the nerve to open fire, and seeing as that crossbow pistol thingey only HAD one shot she was technically speaking unarmed. Hell, she never even got around to actually killing anyone herself! So not only did he shoot someone who was unarmed, but he'd shot someone who in the eyes of the island was completely innocent! He was a murderer. A cold blooded killer. A pyschopath-in-waiting.

And Marty didn't enjoy it in the slightest.

I can't believe it... I can't believe I actually DID that! Oh god, my family. What must they be thinking of me?!? Natalie? Oh god, Natalie! Please don't tell me you were watching me at the time! No, don't be ridiculous Marty, mom and dad would never... Oh no, Mom! Dad! Oh god, they must hate me now! Jesus Christ, I've become a monster!

With no particular destination in mind, Marty continued running for felt like hours, dodging pass trees and crunching twigs underneath his feet as he did so. Eventually, he stopped and took a breather when he noticed that the woods directly ahead of him stopped all of a sudden. He couldn't tell at first, but after his vision adjusted to the darkness he could make out the shape of what looked like a fairground in the distance. A fun fair? Why the hell is there a fun fair in the middle of the island? Fuck it, who cares. Maybe they have a haunted house or something I can hide in, along with all the other evil demons and monsters...



((Joshua Krakowski continued from And As If It Couldn't Get Any Worse))

Just as Marty was about to walk right into a dangerzone, he stopped suddenly and he turned his head to find none other then Joshua Krakowski running in his direction. The living anachronism stopped the moment he spotted that Marty had finally decided to slow down, taking the opportunity to catch his breath after running nonstop for so long. Jesus, who'd if thought Marty'd have enough energy to keep runnin' like that for so long! I feel like my feet are gonna fall off any second now!

For what felt like a good couple of minutes or so, the two just stood there staring at each other, barely a couple of metres between them. They both knew that one of them had to break the silence eventually. Say something of value that might help to ease the tension.

Eventually, it was Joshua who broke the silence...

"So, uh, hey! Um... What's the hurry?"

...Only for it to be replaced with even more awkward silence.

"Um... Nevermind, forget that I-"

"Nah, its okay Joshua. I was just... Fuck, I have no idea what the hell I was thinking."

"Its cool Marty. Can't really blame you for running after you'd... Um, no wait, that's not what I meant. I mean... Oh Jesus."

"Like I said, its okay Joshua. Thanks... Um, thanks for not telling everyone......"

"No problem. I didn't want to give everyone the wrong idea, man. I mean, Michelle DID kinda deserve it, right?"

They stood there in silence for a moment longer, neither of the two boys particularly sure as to where the conversation was heading.

"Then again, I guess it won't really matter once the announcemen-"

"Once again, good morning, kids!"

WOAH, speak of the devil...

Marty and Josh listened with intensity as Danya began to list out the names of all their fellow classmates who hadn't been as lucky as they had been. Nothing particularly special at first. Another Maxwell kill here, another Reiko kill there. Hearing Clio Gabriella's name was somewhat surprising, given the fact that she was one of the top killers at the time. Inevitably, Michelle's name was mentioned amongst the deceased, along with Marty being addressed as the killer. Apart from that, and the fact that Ben Powell's luck had apparently run out as well, there was nothing particularly special. Damn, poor Ben. I knew we should have payed more attention to him...

Once the announcement had ended, Josh and Marty looked back at each other with a confused look on their faces.

"Well... At least he mentioned that it out of self defence, right?" Joshua joked.

Despite his seemingly endless state of depression, Marty couldn't help but chuckle weakly at that joke. Even if it wasn't entirely appropriate in the situation they were in.

"Anyway, uh... Hey, is that a fun fair?"

"Uh, yeah, I guess... Want to go check it out?

"Sure, why not!"

With this in mind, the two boys made their way over to the fair, which from the looks of things was somewhat smaller then they had first guessed. It was, in all respects, a perfectly ordinary fun fair. There were a couple of old rusty rides, like an old carousel and a red and gold Ferris wheel. There was even a hall of mirrors standing alone against the backdrop of the surrounding woods. It could have passed for your average everyday fun fair if it wasn't for the telltale signs of conflict which littered the area. The most obvious being the dead body lying outside the hall of mirrors, surrounded on all sides by countless shards of glass and mirror. Not to mention the headless dead guy lying bang straight in the middle of the fairground.

Naturally, this somewhat put the two boys off going anywhere closer.

"Uh... Hey, wanna sit down on carousel?"


Tired and weary from their long trek, Josh and Marty sat down on the carousel, thankful to finally get the opportunity to get off their feet. It was at that point that Joshua realised that he'd been holding on to the can of beer he found in his bag the whole time, prompting him to open it and take a swig. The alcoholic beverage, whilst somewhat warmer then Joshua was particularly comfortable with, tasted incredibly good compared to the lukewarm water Joshua had been surviving on the past few days.

"MAN, that's good! Say Marty, you want a sip?"

"Uh, yeah, pass it over..." Marty replied, taking the can that Joshua passed him and taking a brief swig of it himself before passing it back.

"Heh, man... It feels like it's been a week or somethin' since we've had the chance to properly hang out."

"That's probably because it nearly HAS been a week Josh."

"...Really? Huh, now you mention it, I guess you're right... Yikes, wow, we have been here a long time haven't we?"


"Damn... I wonder if we'll ever get out of here?"

"I... Kind of doubt it Joshua."

"...I see."

"I mean, lets face it, neither of us really stand a chance do we? The only reason we're still alive is 'cause we've both been lucky enough to avoid all the tougher players. Not that it really matters... Sooner or later, we're going to end up as nothing more then another tick to add to some sick fuck's slowly growing kill-list. Who knows, if we're lucky, Danya might make a genuinely humorous remark about our otherwise meaningless deaths. I mean, Jesus, when you really think about it neither of us matter in the slightest in the grand scheme of things do we? We're just cannon fodder. Extras. Redshirts whose soul purpose is to die in order to make the bad guy look cool. Not exactly much of a fate, is it?"

Joshua thought for a moment before replying to Marty. As much as he hated to admit it, ever since the day he failed to protect Everett from being beaten to death by Janet, deep inside he knew that Marty was pretty much right there. The chances of either of them actually making it to the end was practically nil. Neither of them were particularly special, or badass or even willing to do what it takes to win.

Nevertheless, that didn't mean that he COULDN'T think of an optimistic view on the situation he and Marty were in.

"Well... Yeah, can't really say I disagree with you on that. Still, its not ALL bad being minor characters in the grand scheme of things. I mean, I kinda like being relatively unimportant. Have you SEEN the kind of shit the winners of the previous games had to go through? I mean, Dodd got freakin' RAPED for crying out loud! And Bryan? He just dropped off the face of the earth! And Rizzolo? Well, the guy was a total asshole, 'nuff said. Look, the point i'm trying to make is, sure. We ain't exactly that important. And sure, chances are neither of us are gonna make it all the way to the end. Believe it or not, I've kinda grown to accept that by now. But the thing is, if theres one thing I know as a guy who loves to watch movies is that its not the main character who the audience cares about. OR the main character's girlfriend. Or, hell, sometimes they might not even care about the bad guy! Its always the little people they remember about. You know, like Boba Fett from Star Wars. Or, uh, silent Bob from Dogma! Hell, even Scruffy the janitor from Futurama had a whole bunch of fans! So whose to say nobody cares about us? Hell, who knows, maybe we've got like Facebook fan groups or something. Seriously, i've seen a ton of them in the past for previous games. They can be kinda creepy sometimes... Anyway, point i'm trying to make is, its not a popularity contest. Sure, most of us ain't gonna have the same effect on the game than Liz Polanski, or Neil Sinclair back in the last one, but hey! I'm not like it's gonna make much of a difference in the end, right? Besides, we've already made it this far... Not many people can claim to have survived this long, you know?"

There was a slight pause for a moment as the two sat there in silence, broken only by Joshua passing Marty the can of beer again. The short haired boy took another long swig of the beverage, relishing the taste for as long as he possibly could. It was almost an entire minute until Marty spoke up again.

"Well... Have to say, that's a pretty optimistic view on an otherwise pretty damn depressing situation"

"Yeah, well, never hurts to see the bright side of things right?"

Not even Marty could resist a smile upon hearing that. Heh, good old Joshua. Nothing ever seems to dampen your spirits, does it? Not even when all hope seems lost, you seem to find the bright side of things. Guess it wouldn't hurt to learn how to do that once in a while...

For a moment, Marty and Joshua almost forgot that they were still in the middle of Survival of the Fittest. That they were surrounded on all sides by vicious killers who were perfectly happy to kill them if it meant that they would be one step closer to freedom. That so many of their friends, people they'd grown to know and love, were now lying dead and unattended. But at that moment in time, the two friends felt as if they were finally back home in St Paul, sharing a drink whilst chatting about the latest comic books and stuff.

And, possibly for the last time in his entire life, Marty was actually happy for once.
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"...I'm tellin' you Marty, somewhere out there is a picture of Danya and George Bush on a boat with the biggest damn catfish you've EVER seen!"

"And i'm telling YOU Josh, that you've not been the first guy to suspect that Danya's being funded by the government..."

"Well, yeah, but that doesn't mean I'm wrong does it?"

Marty chuckled to himself as he drank the last drop of beer from the can Josh had brought along with him, crushing it in his hand and tossing it back onto the carousel. Neither of the boys had any idea how long it had been since they had decided to sit down and chat like old times. Not that it really mattered. Marty was perfectly happy enough to just sit there and chat for the rest of eternity if he could get away with it. For the first time on the island, he wasn't panicking. Or afraid. Or even angry! He was actually happy for once. Despite all the crap the island had thrown at him for the past couple of days, he was genuinely content with himself.

After a minute or so of silence, Joshua cleared his throat as he prepared himself for a difficult question he'd been tempted to ask for ages by that point...

"So, um, Marty... What was it like?"

"What was what like?"

"You know, um..."

"Oh... THAT...... Well, I didn't enjoy it if thats what you were wondering."

"Ah, okay. Sorry, I didn't mean to bring that up..."

"Its cool Joshua, I don't blame you for asking. To be honest, at the time, I was actually kind of excited. I mean, for once, I was actually doing something useful you know? I wasn't cowering away this time. Hell, I even tried to help out Aston despite what a massive bitch she's been the past couple of days!"

"Heh, yeah. I hate to admit it, but she can be a LITTLE harsh sometimes..."

"Yeah... Like I said though, I was actually starting to feel like I'd actually done something USEFUL for once! And then..... Well, then it just hit me. The fact that i'd actually just killed someone. Shot someone right in the back. Surprisingly, I didn't feel so heroic after that. The rest is, well, history. Once it struck me that I'd pretty much crossed the point of no return, I kind of just... Ran. No idea what I was thinking at the time. I guess I was just afraid at the time that once you all found out that i'd become a killer, you'd all......... God, I don't know."

At that point, Marty buried his face into his hand, conflicted as to how he should be feeling at that particular moment. Should he be upset that he'd been reduced to killing his own classmates in order to survive, just like every other player on the island? Or should he be just be glad that he and Joshua was still okay for now, even if it was pretty inevitable that they were both going to kick the bucket eventually. After what felt like an entire minute, he felt Joshua place his hand on his shoulder in an attempt to comfort him. Followed soon by some surprisingly serious words of comfort from someone who Marty was used to cracking jokes all the time.

"Hey, its okay man. You don't have to beat yourself up over it. You were just scared, thats all. Sure, I don't exactly think that shooting her in the back was the best way to solve the situation, but you did what you felt was best at the time. And hey, in the end, you DID end up saving us didn't you? Besides... We're buddies, remember? Best friends 'till the end, right? And I don't care what Danya says, nothing'll ever change that."

He paused for a moment, waiting for some kind of reply from Marty. At first it seemed as though that wouldn't be the case, prompting Joshua to remove his hand from Marty's shoulder. Then, just at it seemed as though his little speech hadn't had any effect, Marty began to talk again.

"You're.... You're right Joshua. I know I may seem a bit of a downer. And that I tend to be a bit abrasive sometimes. But you know what, we ARE friends aren't we? In a way, I never really realised that until now. I've always appreciated your help Joshua. You've always been there whenever I've needed cheering up, or when I need a boost of self-confidence to keep me growing through the day. And whilst I've never really shown any appreciation of it before, I just wanted to say... Thank you. Thank you for everything you've ever done for me. Like you said, we're buddies. Best buddies in fact. And nothing is going to change our friendship, not even whatever this damn island has waiting in store for us next. Like you said Josh, friends 'till the end right?"

A warm smile appeared on Joshua's face, the kind Marty had grown to like after everything the two had been through together. "Yeah, friends 'till the end..."

For a moment, it seemed as though things were finally looking up for the two boys. That nothing in the world could possibly ruin that moment. That they could take on the rest of the island together, that their friendship was stronger then anything the island could throw at them. That they still had a fighting chance at finding a way off the island together, and give Danya an epic kick to the balls whilst they were at it...

...Fate, as it seemed, had other ideas.

"...Anyway, we ought to head back before-"

"OK you two. Hands where I can see them. We want weapons, supplies and information. You gonna make this easy? Or do I have to waste ammo on you both."

The two froze on the spot almost instantly, turning their heads slowly in the direction of the voice to find themselves staring down the barrel of a gun in the hands of none other then Quincy Jones.

Quincy?!? Oh god, oh shit! SHIT! Not now! This is too soon damnit!

Marty just couldn't believe his luck... Just as things were finally starting to look brighter, some ass-hole had to come along and ruin things for them. The last thing he wanted right now was to deal with an established killer like Quincy. There wasn't a doubt in his mind that Quincy was planning on killing them both on the spot, regardless of what they told him. Why shouldn't he? It wasn't as if it would be considered a pointless act to commit at this stage in the game... Why not reduce the competition some more after pumping them of the information he was looking for. What the hell DID Quincy want to know anyway? Was he looking for someone? Someone who killed a friend of his maybe? Whatever it was, Marty was convinced that he was going to kill them both after they were of no more use to him...

This isn't fair... Fucking Quincy. Couldn't he go threaten someone else? Maybe someone who deserves it? Why us? Why did he have to find us?!? Its not fair! ITS NOT FAIR DAMNIT! ITS NOT...

... Joshua? What are you...

At that moment, Joshua suddenly stood up and raised his hands in front of him, motioning Quincy to lower his gun...

NO! Joshua, don't! He'll kill you! Oh god, JOSHUA!

"Woahwoahwoah, its cool man! Take it easy! We ain't got any weapons or supplies on us or anything! We'll tell you whatever you wanna know, just... Just put the gun down, okay? You don't have to do thi-"
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"Sit the fuck back down!"

"GAH! Okayokayokay! I'm sitting I'm sitting..." Joshua replied in a flustered manner as he sat back down the carousel, his hands still raised in a weak attempt at looking harmless. Shit, Quincy really means business doesn't he? That look in his eye... Jesus, I better be more careful from now on.

Despite already telling him that they were unarmed, Quincy still as it seemed felt it was appropriate to frisk them and take their bags nevertheless. It wasn't until that point that Marty realised that neither he nor Joshua actually brought any stuff along with them apart from a can of beer. Marty had left the gun he'd shot Michelle with back by the shack when he ran to Aston's aid, and the thought of bringing his bag along with him hadn't crossed his mind at all. He was too scared at the time to think things through, too scared to realise that something like this could happen pretty much at any moment.

It was at that point when Quincy mentioned Tiffany that Marty and Joshua spotted the blonde girl standing right next to him, holding up a golf club in her delicate hands. Joshua vaguely recognized her from around school somewhere, whereas Marty recognized her almost instantly as one of the few girls to have ever tried to actually hit on HIM for once. Tiffany Chanders? She's with Quincy? God damnit, I just got away from one psycho bitch to find myself at the mercy of yet ANOTHER psycho bitch...

As Tiffany went about frisking Marty, Quincy explained that he was looking to know who else they'd met, what they were carrying, and ESPECIALLY if they happened to come across someone by the name of "'Licia". 'Licia? As in Felicia? Felicia Carmichael? Why would he... Wait weren't they, like, an item or something? Jesus, all this just 'cause he wants to find his girlfriend? Huh, can't blame him I guess...

"You say the right words, and you get to walk out of here. If not ... you get to say hello to my little friend."

...On second thoughts that does sound kinda extreme, given the circumstances. Like the Scarface quote though...

Humorous Scarface quote or not, it was clear from the way Quincy addressed them that he dead serious at that moment. Neither of the two boy's doubted for a second that the man really WOULD try to kill them if they tried anything, after all Quincy had already killed before hadn't he? Someone who was probably in the same situation they were in at that very moment... This left them in a very sticky situation. As it happened, they both knew fine well that barely a mile or so away Aston and Anna were waiting for them in a shack along with their bags and some decent weapons. On the one hand, they could lie and say that neither of them had come across anyone over the past few days who wasn't already dead or long gone by that point. However, if they did that there was always the chance that either Quincy or Tiffany would be able to see through their lie, and then they would have to face the consequences for doing so. On the other hand, if they told them about Aston and Anna, he'd undoubtedly decide to pay them a visit himself...

Well, so what? What have THEY ever done for me? I mean, firstly, Aston was the one ruined my hiding place in the first place. THEN she started yelling at me for blowing off some steam! And then later, after I fucking saved her ass despite her calling me an idiot AGAIN, she starts yelling at us all whilst we were trying our best to help her out despite our lack of knowledge on how to use a first aid kit! You know what, fuck her! She could go to hell for all I care! Fucking ungrateful bit........

........Jesus Marty, LISTEN TO YOURSELF! You can't condemn someone to death just for being human! Sure, Aston is irritating as hell, but she's still a living thing damnit! You weren't exactly a calm and levelheaded guy yourself, were you? She's scared and pissed off at Danya, just like the rest of us. And besides... Anna's with her as well, and Anna hasn't done anything wrong at all! If you tell him about Aston, Anna'll get found out as well. You'd have her blood on your hands, hell you'd have both of their blood on your hands unless you do something about it. Quincy ain't that bright, and neither is Tiffany as far as I'm aware, so it shouldn't be too hard to trick them. Tell them that we saw Felicia on the other side of the island or something...

Only problem now is, does Joshua have the same idea? I'd speak to Quincy myself if I wasn't such a damn coward... He's not going to tell them about Aston and Anna, that's obvious. The thought wouldn't have even occurred to him to rat them out, the kind-hearted lug. But what will he say about Felicia? Will he even mention her? Joshua, for the love of god, don't mess this up!

After a brief moment of silence, the only sound being Tiffany going from checking Marty's pockets to checking Joshua's, the living anachronism took a deep breath before finally opening his mouth. "Well... When you put it that way......"

"Okay, what's this?"

Joshua and Marty's eyes widened as Tiffany retrieved the jutte from Joshua's belt, waving it in the air in front of them. The short haired boy bit his lip nervously as sweat began to trail down his head. Oh shit! Damnit Joshua, why the hell didn't you mention that you had a jutte on you!?!

"W-What? Oh, that! That's the metal... Stick-thingey I got assigned as my weapon. Completely forgot I still had it on me..... Uh, if its any c-consolation, its totally useless by the way. Barely even a weapon, really, I mean. Its not like you can actually KILL anyone with it or anything, especially people with big intimidating guns aimed right at me..."

Marty could tell from the sweat on Joshua's brow that he realised just how much danger he was really in right now. He was lucky enough that Quincy hadn't decided to shoot him on the spot right there for not mentioning about the jutte in his belt, but both of the boys knew that from here on out Quincy was only one ill-fated comment away from blowing them both away on the spot.

"*Gulp* Anyway, uh... Who've we met? Well, um, I-we kind of came into contact with R.J Lowe pretty early on, but that was ages ago and he could be anywhere by now. We, uh, also kinda bumped into Rachel Gettys the other day by the river. She was hobbling around on some kind of walking stick the last time we saw her... Apart from them though, pretty much everyone else we've met are already kinda dead..."

Okay, so far so good... Should I mention about Felicia as well? Probably should, seeing as he'll probably ask if I've seen her anyway......

"...And I'm, uh, sorry but neither of us have any idea where Felicia is. Last time I saw her we were all just about to get on the coach and stuff. I wish we could help you out there, I really do, but......"
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"Uhhh, well, um... Yea-uhhh....."

That was all Joshua could come up with as a reply to Quincy's claim that they were both keeping information from him.

In all fairness, that WAS exactly what they were doing. But the fact that Quincy managed to see through Joshua's bluff either meant that Joshua was really bad at lying, or Quincy as it seemed wasn't quite as dumb as the two boys first suspected. The fact that he didn't believe that Joshua had honestly forgotten about the jutte as well didn't help things, especially seeing Joshua did genuinely forget that he still had it on him.

Okay, think Josh think! Hmm, maybe, you could tell him that the reason you lied was 'cause we didn't want to reveal the location of an escape group in the swamp or something? Yeah! Maybe we could give him a false lead, and convince him to head in the opposite direction to where Aston 'n' Anna are hiding! Hell yeah, that sounds like a great ide-

"You've gotta know more than that. But it looks like you need some encouragement."





A few minutes ago, Joshua and Marty had been sitting on the carousel together, sharing a can of beer whilst reminiscing on the days before everyone was trying to kill each other to survive. Now Joshua was lying on the floor, with a bullet lodged in his right kneecap, and all Marty could do was stand there with a terrified expression on his face.

His knee had just... Well, Marty hadn't any idea how to describe it really. One second it was fine, the next there was a deafening sound as the gun went off shortly followed by a burst of blood and flesh as the bullet impacted Joshua's knee. After which, he fell to the floor, screaming in agony as he clutched the bloody injury with his hands in a feeble attempt at stemming the blood flow. Marty too was screaming at this moment, having jumped to his feet the second Joshua was shot. Tears were already flowing down Marty's face with abandon, brought on my a mixture of shock at the sudden turn of events and concern for his friend's well-being...

...But most of all, Marty was angry at that moment. Angry that Quincy had found them. Angry that Quincy had crippled his only friend in the whole world. Angry that Danya had put them on this damn island to begin with.

And he didn't hide it for one second.

"...WHAT THE HELL QUINCY!!! Jesus fuck man, YOU JUST SHOT HIM! What the FUCK is wrong with you!?! He told you the truth, everyone else we've met are dead you stupid asshole! Daniel, Ben, Carol, Michelle all of them, DEAD! And its all because of selfish dickheads like YOU fucking things up all the time! If it wasn't for dumb-assess like yourself fucking shooting everyone you meet, we might actually stand a chance at finding a way out of here! But no, because of fucking fucktards like you, we're all doomed to die here like fucking lab rats! You think Felicia is gonna want you back after you've slaughtered half the island looking for her? Well, do you!?! You stupid fu......"

As Marty continued his mindless tirade against Quincy, all Joshua could think about at that moment was the fact that getting shot in the knee hurt far more than he'd ever imagine it to.

Jesus... Oh god, oh Jesus Christ this hurts.... Oh Jesus, I knew getting shot in the knee would hurt like a bitch, but DAMN! My leg feels like its on fucking fire here!

Joshua clenched his teeth in pain, his heart pounding nonstop as blood continued to flow freely from his injury. In all the excitement, the hairband he was using to keep his hair back in a ponytail fell off, causing his long hair droop down loosely about him. His breathed in an out in a rhythmic fashion, a horrified look on his face as Joshua slowly came to a realisation...

...He was already dead.

He wasn't quite dead YET, but the fact remained that getting shot in the knee was a pretty crippling injury. No matter how he looked at it, he couldn't see any way out of this situation that would end with him still alive. It was only a matter of time until Quincy would get sick of Marty and decide to silence him permanently. A quick pull of the trigger was all that he'd need to do, and Marty - His best friend in the entire world - would be dead.

...It was at that point, as Joshua lay there injured and in tremendous pain, that he realised what he had to do.

I... Its over for me. Even if me an' Marty were somehow able to get away from here, i'd just drag him down. Hell, i'll probably slowly bleed to death anyway. Couldn't treat a frigging crossbow bolt to the arm, let alone a goddamn bullet to the knee. As much as I hate to admit it, i'm pretty much a goner by this point.....

.....But Marty? He can still make it. He still has a chance out of here. Its too late for me... But perhaps it ain't too for Marty to survive.

Slowly, despite the indescribable pain in his knee, Joshua managed to prop himself up onto his left foot as his hands pushed him up from the floor, as if he was about to take part in some Olympic event, with Quincy and Tiffany too busy looking at Marty to notice him.

Only got one shot at this... One chance to save Marty.... One chance to do some good in this game.......

A smile appeared on his face as the living anachronism accepted his fate. He wished that he still had the chance for some parting words with Marty. Something along the lines of "I'm glad to have been your friend" or something like that. But, considering the situation, that seemed somewhat impossible without revealing what he was doing. He'd have enough time to tell Marty to run, and that would be about it.

Well, least this way i'll be going out with a bang, eh? Better to die saving someone's life rather then as a burden dragging them down...

.....Well, no time like the present. Adios Marty. Its been awesome whilst it lasted...

On that note, with all the strength he could muster, Joshua pushed himself up with his left foot and hands, practically pouncing in Quincy's direction. Things seemed to be going in slow motion as he neared closer and closer to Quincy, whose gun at the time was still trained at Marty. However, seeing as he wasn't quite close enough to actually get to Quincy from where he was starting from, he was forced to put his weight onto his injured leg in the process. A pain unlike anything Joshua could have ever imagined shot through his body at that moment, but nevertheless he ignored it. Adrenaline was pumping through his veins. A look of confidence was in his eyes. And his fist was clenched and ready to show Quincy what happens to people who shoot him and threaten his best friend.

And within this brief moment, Joshua did have enough time to shout out one sentence before his fist collided with Quincy's face..........

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A few minutes ago, Joshua and Marty were quite possibly the happiest people on the entire island.

Now though, it was safe to say that they were amongst the least.

For just a brief moment, Joshua felt energized as his fist collided with Quincy's face. Like he was actually being the hero for once, rather than just uselessly standing by the sidelines without a clue as to how he could help. That he was making up for all the many times when he'd failed to protect his fellow classmates. Such as when he wasn't there in time to save Everett from being beaten to death, or when he was helpless to prevent R.J from shooting Eva in defense. And, most recently, when he failed to break up the fight between Aston and Michelle. Hell, that time, Marty had been the one who finally manned up and took action. So for just this brief moment, Joshua could finally take satisfaction in the fact that he was actually doing something useful for once.

That moment however was quickly shattered when he felt the hard blunt edge of a golf club smack him in the back of the head, quickly followed by the butt of Quincy's rifle slam into the side of his head and knock him to the floor in a heap.

To say that it hurt would have been... Well, a vicious understatement to say the least. Even with the sudden rush of adrenaline running through his veins, Joshua couldn't help but cry out in pain as he fell onto the floor, his vision a blurry mess as his brain reacted to the blows inflicted upon it twice in a row. A headache unlike anything Joshua could have ever dreamed of tore at his mind, blocking out all of his senses for just a few seconds. The pain of the injury inflicted upon his knee almost paled in comparison so what he was feeling at that very moment, which Joshua would have compared to being on the verge of unconsciousness if he'd actually been given the chance to do so.

And all the while, Marty just stood there with a stunned expression on his face.

It had all happened so fast... One second, Marty was yelling unintelligible insults at the bastard who'd just shot his best friend in the kneecap, the next Joshua had bolted from where he was lying down and actually punched Quincy in the face!

Marty couldn't help but wince as Joshua put pressure down onto his bad knee, almost as if he could feel the pain that must have been coursing through Joshua's body at that very moment. And then, barely a second later, Joshua told Marty to do one thing he didn't feel like doing for once.

Joshua told him to run.

If anyone else had been in Joshua's position, Marty would have done so within a heartbeat. It was the most sensible thing to do in that situation, not to mention the most pragmatic. There was nothing else Marty really COULD do other then get himself killed...

...And yet, the idea of abandoning Joshua to his fate shocked Marty more than anything else this island could have thrown at him.

No... No, I-I can't! No, fuck this shit, I can't just LEAVE him! Not after I let Carol die because I was was too much of a pussy look for her! This isn't fair! It wasn't supposed to happen like this damnit, IT WASN'T!!!

It was at that moment that it truly hit Marty that, no matter what he did now, Joshua fate was sealed. Even if Marty somehow managed to scare away Quincy and Tiffany, or someone like Aston ran in and shot the two of them on the spot, Joshua was dead. That gunshot to the knee was more than enough to cripple him for the rest of the game. Even IF Marty managed to save him now, it would have only been a matter of time before Joshua died because of his injury anyway. As much as Marty hated... No, LOATHED to admit it, the only chance he had at living would be if he followed Joshua's final demand and ran now whilst he still had the chance.

And deep down, Marty knew that he couldn't let down Joshua by going against his last wishes.

With hot tears soaking soaking his face, Marty grabbed the jutte Tiffany had dropped and ran. Even if he was to be forced to abandon his friend to die at the hands of a psychopath like Quincy, he'd be damned if he was going to let them get their hands on his friend's weapon.

And from there on, Marty ran. Ran away from the danger that had befallen them. Ran away from the danger that was now about to kill his only friend in the entire world. and abandon him to his fate like some kind of dog. Abandon the one person who'd shown him kindness back at Bayview, the one person who Marty could have honestly called his friend. The one person who Marty genuinely trusted in the entire world other than his sister.

And all the while, despite telling himself over and over again that he was only doing this because Joshua had specifically requested it, he'd never felt more like a filthy coward in his entire life.

((Marty J. Lovett continued elsewhere...))

In all the confusion, and despite being on the edge of unconsciousness, Joshua could still see out of the corner of his eye that Marty had done as he'd asked and run. Run to live for another day. Live with the possibility that he might actually be able to make it off the island in one piece after all.

With what little strength he could muster, Joshua managed to pull off a faint smile as he watched Marty disappear into the distance. He'd actually done it in the end. He'd actually been the hero and saved his best friend's life. Sure, he was going to die any second now, but at least he could die knowing that he'd finally been able to do the right thing.

Peace out Marty... I don't think I could've have asked for a better frie-


Joshua barely had the chance to finish his last thoughts before Quincy pulled the trigger, the bullet hitting Joshua squarely in the side of the head and killing him almost instantly.

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((Marty J. Lovett continued from Requiem for a Rock Star))

It must of been a good hour or so since Marty had left the mines far behind him, and already he was beginning to get tired.

Tired of having to drag this shovel alongside him. Tired of having to walk nonstop for what felt like hours on end, desperately preying that he hadn't accidentally gone in the completely wrong direction.

But most of all, Marty was tired of life.

Sure enough though, it wasn't long until the young boy spotted his buddy lying just where he had left him by the carousel. Only, he looked different to how Marty was used to seeing him. His skin was paler, and his was surrounded by a dried pool of blood. Most notably though was the hole in the side of Joshua's temple. The hole which had been caused by a bullet from Quincy's gun.

A part of Marty had hoped that Joshua survived. After all, he didn't actually see the gunshot that had supposedly killed him. Maybe Quincy had missed? Maybe it was just a warning shot? Maybe there was still a chance that they could both make it off the island together after all...

But, after listening to the announcement, and seeing Joshua's corpse with his very own eyes, any shred of hope Marty had of there being any possibility of a bitter-sweet ending was shattered. A part of him felt sick looking at his corpse. A part of him wanted to run off, try to find some hole for Marty to hide in or some rock to hide under.

Nevertheless, Marty knew what he had to do. And, with a deep sigh, he began the long and painful process of digging a shallow grave to bury his friend in.

It took a while, but eventually he'd done it. He'd managed to dig a decently sized grave for his best friend. It wasn't exactly as good as he imagined it would be in his head, but for all intents and purposes, it was a lot better then the resting places the rest of his classmates had. A part of him wished he could actually go out and look for the body of Carol as well, give her a decent burial. But, even Marty knew that finding her again would be nigh impossible.

Besides, he hadn't any intention of leaving his Joshua's side ever again.

After he'd finished digging the grave, the young boy then closed his eyes as he rolled his friend's body towards it. After all, he didn't want to have to look at Joshua's injuries any longer then he had to. Eventually, the corpse fell into the shallow hole which Marty had dug, landing right onto his back. Now that the first stage was done, it was time to put the soil back on top of him.

But first, Marty felt it was appropriate to say a word or two.

"Well... Here we are buddy. To be totally honest with you, I didn't think either of us would make it this far. Who'd of though, huh? I was SURE that I'd be dead within the first couple of days. But... Here I am! Alive and well."

He took a deep breath before continuing, wiping something from his eye as he did so.

"Still, can't say I'm glad that I managed to make it this far... I mean, god. So many people are dead now. Daniel... Carol... You..... Was any of it even worth it? Did ANY of this mean anything at all? So many dead, just so some asshole can live. Lucky bastard. In a way, we're all already dead aren't we? I mean, whoever wins this is going to be pretty much dead anyway, inside aren't they?"

At that point, Marty laughed briefly. It was a joyless laugh though, one which have any happy intents behind it.

"God, look at me, talking to a corpse. Man, I must look crazy or something... Well... So long Joshua."

On that note, Marty emptied the pile of soil over Joshua's grave, burying him beneath the earth. He stood there for a moment, watching over the grave he'd just dug, taking the opportunity to think back on all the good times he'd shared with Joshua over the years. Like the time they went to see Iron Man at the cinema. Man, they laughed so hard that day...

Still, within a few moments, the nightmare would be over. All the pain he'd been through, the depressing announcements, the constant killing... None of it would ever matter again.

And that was when Marty started digging the second grave.
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It took a while to dig, but before long Marty had managed to create a second grave right besides Joshua's.

His grave, to be exact.

By the time he'd finished digging, the young boy was covered head to toe in dirt and sweat. His black and white shirt was now stained brown from all the filth he'd gotten on him, and his uncut fingernails were almost black from the amount of soil that had gotten underneath them. To make matters worse, he'd grown wiry and tired from the vast amount of effort he'd put into preparing this grave, especially seeing as he'd had little to no rest after digging Joshua's.

Not that it really mattered. Not that anything would really matter anymore. Within a few moments, Marty wouldn't have to worry about having to survive. What was the point of delaying the inevitable, anyway? If anything, he was saving someone the trouble of killing him themselves. Besides, he'd much rather die on his own terms then at the hands of some sadistic dickhead. At least this way it was guaranteed to be quick and painless... At least, he hoped it would be anyway. Marty hadn't any idea how painful getting your neck blown apart could be. From all he knew, it could be the single most excruciating experience of his entire life. Still, he didn't really have much else of a choice. Hanging looked WAY too painful for him to consider, and jumping off a cliff was something that freaked him out too much to try... No, lying down in the grave and pulling his collar was definitely the most efficient way he could think of pulling this off.

His only worry was that somebody wouldn't have the decency to finish the job by filling the grave with soil afterwords. Oh well, he was going to be dead anyway, so why should HE care?

Then again, his family.....

With a deep sigh, Marty shoved the shovel deep into the pile of dirt he'd built up right next to the grave, preying that the next person who passed by would get the hint. Then, he stepped into the shallow hole he'd dug for himself, which was barely a couple of feet deep. All he had to do now was lie down and pull his collar. Ridiculously simple, really, how it was for him to end his life. He could have saved himself the trouble by just pulling his collar days ago, ending his torment before it could even begin.

Still, before then, he had one or two things he wanted to say to the camera first...

"Hey... I... I don't know if you're watching this, mom and dad. Heck, to be honest, a part of me kinda hopes that you aren't. Must be a hundred more interesting things going on out there for the cameras to be focusing on me all of a sudden. Still, I... If you ARE watching this, I just want you all to know that..... That I really DO love and appreciate all you did for me over the years. And... And i'm sorry that I never showed that I cared. But I did, I REALLY did! And... And i'm sorry that I never got my act together in time."

As much as Marty fought hard not to burst into tears on the spot, he couldn't help but wipe a tell-tale wetness from his eyes.

"And... Natalie, if for some reason you're watching this too, I want you to know that I always loved you. More than anyone else, really. And... And I hope you'll not make the same mistakes I did. I want you to enjoy your life to the fullest. Don't let the bad parts overshadow all the many, many good ones. Promise me that you'll do this... Please, just for me."

A faint smile appeared on Marty's face. The young boy knew that he was finally ready to do this. Finally ready to do what was necessary...

"Oh, by the way... Danny, if you're watching this right now, I just wanna say that its YOUR fault i'm here in the first place. If you hadn't of placed the blame on me after you and your jackass 'friends' ruined the school theatre, then I might not have moved to St Paul in the first place. So yeah, go fuck yourself."

Having said everything that was needed to be said, with tears flowing freely down his cheeks, Marty lay on the dirty floor of the grave he'd dug and grasped onto his collar. It wouldn't be long now, just one simple tug away from oblivion. Who knows, maybe on the off-chance there was some kind of afterlife where he cold hang out with Joshua for all eternity or something. Marty doubted that would be the case, after all even if there WAS an afterlife it wasn't likely to be as simple as it looked in the movies.

Alright, just count down from ten, then pull back as hard as you can. S-simple, really...

Okay, 10..........











..........Oh god damnit Marty. Okay, from the top. 10....... 9....................

Wait, what was that?

Marty heard something.

A voice to be exact.

Someone calling out to someone else.

His eyes flashed open as stood up from where he was laying down, his eyes darting about the area in an attempt to figure out where he'd heard the voice. It wasn't just any old voice either. It was Anna's. Only, it sounded more concerned then usual. Which considering everything that had happened over the past few years must of meant something pretty bad was going on...

A part of Marty wanted to just ignore her and go along with his original plan. After all, why should he concern himself with other people anymore? He was going to die momentarily anyway, so why bother? There was no way Anna was going to survive anyway...

And yet, for some reason, Marty found himself leaving the grave and heading through the carousel, looking past all the wooden horses into the distance where he saw Anna Chase aiming her gun at none other then Nick Reid...

...Nick Reid... Wait, wasn't he one of the players? And a pretty good one at that, according to the announcements. How many had he killed so far... Three? Maybe even four? Marty hadn't exactly kept track, but he knew for a fact that he was someone to worry about.

And, from where Marty was hiding, he looked as though he was on guard... As if he was preparing to charge at Anna and run her through right there on the spot!

Oh shit, ANNA! Oh god, theres now way she'd have the heart to shoot him... Holy shit, she's... She's going to get herself killed! He's going to run up to her and run her through! And theres nothing I can... Do.... About... It.......

As Marty stood there, looking over the scene, his hand touched the metal jutte that had belonged to Joshua. The one thing he had to remember him by... What would Joshua do in this situation, knowing full well that an innocent person's life was in danger?

He wouldn't just stand around and watch, thats for sure.

He'd of gone right in a be a hero, that's what. He'd scare off Nick, show him whose boss, and save the girl whilst he was at it. But Marty? Marty would just stand there with a slack-jawed expression on his face as he watched yet another innocent person die at the hands of some psychopath.

Just like how he'd let Kevin die...

...No. Not this time. I'm not going to let someone else die just because i'm a coward! I'm tired alright... I'm tired of running, tired of hiding... But you know what I'm gonna do instead?

I'm gonna stand and fight, thats what!

With adrenaline flowing through his frail bones, and holding his jutte as if it were some kind of dagger, the young boy crawled slowly along the side of the fun fair until he found himself looking past some aisles at Nick, who was still readying himself to attack Chase. At least, to Marty it looked as though he was readying himself. In all the excitement, Marty failed to consider that it might of all been a simple misunderstanding. That perhaps there was the slim possibility that neither Chase or Nick had any intention of attacking one another.

Nevertheless, with his new-found confidence, Marty felt for sure that he could do this. That he could finally prove his worth to humanity. In many ways, he'd never felt more convinced in his entire life that he could actually do something useful for once. It was too late for him to be the hero of SOTF, not after all the crap he'd let happen to other people already... But damnit, he was going to try.

Alright Reid... Lets do this!

And, on that note, the young boy let out a primal roar as he charged towards Nick with his 'weapon' raised. For the first time in his entire life, he felt like he was actually being the hero for once. That he was finally redeeming himself after letting Carol and Joshua die. Not this time though. This time, Chase was going to live. There was no way in hell he was going to let Nick kill her, not in a million years.

Who knows, maybe this was it. Maybe there was still hope he could make it off the island after all. After all, Liz Polanski managed to figure out a way to get the collars off, so perhaps he could as well. Perhaps they all could! Perhaps they could all-SHICK!!!

Then, it was all over.

In all the excitement, Marty failed to move out of the way as Nick turned around and reacted to Marty's fatal charge, extending his sword out as Marty ran up to him. The young boy barely had the opportunity to even see the sword before it plunged right into his chest, impaling his heart.

Marty was dead before he even realised it. No last words, no final thoughts...

Nothing at all except a smile on his face as he died truly believing that he was finally doing some good for once in his entire life.....

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