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V4 BKA/BDA Voting, January '11
Topic Started: Jan 30 2011, 11:34 PM (3,692 Views)

BKA: Tabi Gweneth for the killing of Clio Gabriella

Last time the two girls encountered each other, Clio was the top dog and Tabi was pretty much the damsel in distress. I didn't have much hope for her doing anything interesting back then. This killing transformed her from that scared little girl into someone who could potentially mean business later on in the game.

BDA: Geno for the death of Richard Han

I'll admit it, this death made me laugh. It was novel, having him falling from one location into another like that. As well as that, his final words are what really stood this death out. This death will be remembered for a long time yet.
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My BKA vote this month goes to Tabi Gweneth, for reasons that maybe not everyone else will agree with, but whatever. I loved this kill not because of who she was killing (that really didn't play much of a factor in my decision) but of the way the scene was handled, by all three involved. It was an emotion-filled scene, and definitely my vote for BKA this month.

For BDA, what do you get if you mix a humorous death concept with good writing and a huge dollop of originality? You get my vote this month, Richard Han/Geno. Not much can be said that hasn't already, but the sheer originality of this death, as well as the circumstances and the way it was handled (I loved him falling into a separate thread, thought it was a great touch.) Make this this month's winner for me.
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Feb 2 2011, 05:30 AM

BKA/BDA Tabi Gwenith/Clio Gabriela

What everyone else said. This was a really good, well-written scene, and surprising for Tabi.
DQed for inadequate reasoning.

Otherwise, thanks for voting, everyone. Now closed.
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