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Where House?
Topic Started: Jan 22 2011, 12:59 AM (1,878 Views)
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((Gary Griffith continued from False Hope))

This time, Gary couldn't keep up his pace even for a ten minutes. He made so much runs in the last few days, he barely had any strength in his legs, especially without some proper rest.

So he just slowed down, started walking and marched through the forest once again. Rachel probably didn't even think of following him, which was good. Crazed killer or not, she meant trouble, especially because Death really liked following Gary ever since the very first day.

And speaking of the first day... After several more hours of walking, Gary stepped out of the treeline, only to see... A warehouse. The very same, he woke up in after being knocked out by the terrorists. The memory was still fresh. He met Trevor Duncan, a bit weird fellow, but ultimately a good guy, as he tried to defend Gary from Simon Telamon, even if it was just a misunderstanding. According to the announcements, Trevor was dead already. Yet another victim of Gary's curse. Then, there was Teo and Nick. A pair of killers, trying to finish off both Gary and Simon. Surprisingly, Gareth never heard about anyone of them killing anyone yet, but their threats sure looked real, and they were the cause of the first of many sprints in Gary's adventure during those last five days.

And there he was again. The first full circle made. Maybe out of curiosity, and maybe out of exhaustion, Gary slowly approached the building. There was a chance, that no one was inside at the moment, so maybe he could rest there for a bit. A slim chance, but always a chance... Unfortunately, as he was close to the doors, he heard a female voice coming from the inside. To stay completely on the safe side, Gary took the position by the doors from the outside and listened. There was no way he was going to end up in the middle of a possible argue...
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