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Pretty Handsome Awkward; Open; Morning of Day 5
Topic Started: Jan 10 2011, 11:49 AM (4,116 Views)
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A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.
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Teo rubbed the sleep out of his eyes as Nick shook him awake. He was already up as was Gracie. Few words were passed between the three companions during these pre-dawn hours as they wordlessly packed their gear up and checked their surroundings. Gracie has marked a possible move on the maps they all possessed and it seems like Nick had already agreed to move there. The cell phone tower. A good place to hole up which wasn't this sawmill.

Teo wasn't one hundred percent sure why they were moving locations; this area seemed quite secure, but Teo was glad. Something about the area made him feel uncomfortable. Whether it was the knowledge that people had died here or the ominous look of the abandoned gear and logging equipment he didn't know but nonetheless he was glad to be moving again. He made a mental note of the outline of the rooms as he left and took another swig from his water, hopefully the group would find more packs. He didn't like the dead bodies but eating bread for the last few days had made him ravenous. Teo was well aware of the fact it wouldn't go away but he was somehow hoping he would happen across a feast. A futile dream.

Either way since Nick would be on the announcements when the sun came up Teo was sure there would be more blood spilled. They had to ensure they were kept fed. The numbers were dwindling which meant those who were left were either smart, tough or just plain lucky. He couldn't do much about the last one but he could ensure the group was top in the first two categories.

As they left the sawmill Teo took one last look at the building and murmered to Nick.

"You know, years from now only a few people will remember this ever happened. In a few decades no one will even care. We'll be just like that sawmill. Abandoned and forgotten.

((Teo Weinstock continued in...))
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